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Review & Giveaway - - The Heiress's Daughter

The Heiress's Daughter
by Anne Gracie
The Brides of Bellaire Gardens - Book 3
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: May 21, 2024
Reviewed by PJ

Heiress Clarissa Studley yearns to be loved for more than her fortune. Warmhearted, but plain and shy, she wishes to marry, but has two firm rules: no rakes and no fortune-hunters — her father was both, and she’ll never forget the misery he caused.

So, when Race, Lord Randall, starts to pay Clarissa attention, she knows she must keep him at a distance. Attractive and charming he might be, Race’s reputation precedes him and she’s observed first hand his flirtatious ways with London society beauties. But Race sees a beauty in Clarissa that others cannot, and for the first time in his life, he is truly in love. And when a rival for Clarissa's affections appears — a handsome, wounded war hero, heir to his great-aunt’s fortune — Race becomes desperate as Clarissa seems tempted to make a safer, tamer choice.
Can Race convince Clarissa that his love is true and that she can trust him with her heart? And can Clarissa put aside her unhappy past, and follow her heart, despite the risk of loving a rake?

PJ's Thoughts:

One of the things I most enjoy about Anne Gracie's books is the relationships, especially the families formed. Whether biological, by marriage, or chosen, her family units are treasures that leave me sighing with delight and eager for return visits. In The Heiress's Daughter, we're treated to all three within the lush, private area of Bellaire Gardens. 

Of course, comprising those family units are Gracie's characters and developing those characters is another of her many skills. I love the time and care she takes to bring them to life, giving them layers and intricacies that make them feel so very real. Clarissa and Race (who are first introduced in book two of this series, The Rake's Daughter) are excellent examples of that. How could I not love both of them, and especially love them together? If Clarissa's back story did not tug at my heart, I would have no heart. What that woman was put through by someone who should have loved, encouraged, and supported her. To become the kind, generous, loyal woman she is in spite of the treatment she received is testament to the special person she is, one worthy of the great love she feels is beyond her reach.

And then there's Race: handsome, flirtatious, liaisons scattered in his wake, and not a fortune hunter. In other words, a rake, just as Clarissa's father had been. But, is he really? There are so many hidden layers to this character and I'm here for all of them. He falls first. He falls hard. And he's willing to put in the work to convince Clarissa of his genuine feelings for her, which is not easy. It's safe to say I fell just as hard for him as Clarissa eventually does. I love his kindness, his humor, and his steadfast determination to bring Clarissa to the point where she sees - and believes - the beauty that makes her precious to him. Did I mention how much I adore this guy? 

If you enjoy character-driven stories with plenty of humor, feel-good emotion, family dynamics, and happy endings, look no further than Anne Gracie's The Heiress's Daughter. It's an absolute delight. 

This book stands well on its own but I enjoyed it much more for having read books one, The Scoundrel's Daughter and two, The Rake's Daughter first. Reading book two gave me a much better understanding of Clarissa, her back story, and her relationship with her sister (heroine of book two) while reading book one allowed me to better enjoy the characters from that book as well as the events in their lives that play out in The Heiress's Daughter. For more information about books one and two, click on the titles to read my reviews. 

Have you read Anne Gracie?

Do you have a favorite book or series by her?

Have you ever lived in or visited a group of homes with an internal shared garden?

Clarissa has a fondness for roses and even makes creams and rinses using them. Do you garden? What are your favorite flowers to grow or simply enjoy?

One randomly chosen person who posts a comment before 11:00 PM, May 22 will receive a print copy of The Heiress's Daughter.

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  1. Almost any of Ms Gracie's books are my favorites. I have enjoyed every book I have read by her.

    When I think about shared gardens, the ones that come to mind are community gardens shared by many people who would not have a garden without the community. But, of course those are not the luxurious ones described in this series of books. Inside I enjoy my African violets. Outside I started planting wildflowers, but unfortunately when they bloom I will no longer be here. Thanks for the lovely review. I know I will enjoy this book when I have a chance to read it.

  2. Annie Gracie's novels are memorable and special. All are a beautiful escape for me from life's difficulties. I enjoy gardening and plant Spring flowers. Pansies, tulips and many more. Communal gardens give me hope and are lovely. I have visited several in my home city and people worked hard and enjoyed the beauty.

  3. I do enjoy Anne Gracie's stories, but haven't read the recent ones yet. I'm not a gardener but do enjoy visiting them, especially in the spring when the flowers bloom. It would be wonderful to live in a house that connects to an enclosed garden.

  4. I have read many of her books. I really enjoyed her "Marry" series. I love looking at flowers (I am allergic to some of them). I now have Gerber Daisies out my window. I love the bright colors they come in.

  5. I love Anne Gracie's books but I cannot choose a favorite! I love the description of the homes with the shared garden and would love to visit a place like that. As far as gardening goes, I have a small herb and veggie garden (well, really fruit since I mostly grow tomatoes and peppers). We have a lot of deer and other wildlife in my neighborhood, so most of the things I plant are sampled or devoured by the deer. Luckily, we have a small field of wildflowers so we don't have to go without the beauty of flowers.

  6. I love Anne Gracie's books but have fallen behind and not yet started this series. I am a totally ignorant and bumbling gardener, but I have managed to keep alive a rose bush planted by the previous owner that grows miniature roses, usually only about the size of a quarter or smaller, that are the most beautiful shade of peach. They smell magnificent, and they often continue to bloom very late in the season.

  7. I have read a few of Anne Gracie's books, but it has been a while. No real favorites. As I remember, her character development and the flow of the story is well done.
    I am intrigued by the mention of the shared garden. I have stayed in a house with a shared courtyard but I don't believe I have visited any with a shared garden. I have been spending the past couple of weeks trying to dig the weeds out of my gardens. I got a late start and they have taken over. All the different gardens I put in 30 years ago are a bit hard for this 70+ year old to keep up with. I love when the peonies and irises come out in the spring and they are my favorites. I wish they lasted longer.. They have been lovely this year, even through the weeds. Sadly, we have had some storms with heavy downpours and hail. They pretty much beat my flowers down. The peonies took the biggest hit because the are so large and heavy. The roses took a bit of a hit, but they are doing well this year. I didn't notice until yesterday how much damage the hosta around the porch took from the hail. I did get one bed under the trees (the hardest one to work because it is on such a steep slant) weeded and planted. It took about 100 impatient plants to fill the bed, spread about a foot apart. It looks so pretty when it fills in. I have enough left to do the bed under the other tree once I get it weeded. Luckily, that one has more perennials filling space. Then it is on to my 120 foot long bed and the 3 large beds near the house. I enjoy it, but it is a lot of work...and expense.

  8. No, I have not had the pleasure of reading her books yet. Also, no to the third question as well.

  9. I have a few of her books on my TBR and have heard good things, but haven't had a chance to try them myself yet. I don't think I've enjoyed a shared garden before--I'm assuming it's like a shared courtyard?

    I'm sadly terrible at plants, but love tulips!