Friday, March 17, 2023

Review & Giveaway - - The Good Luck Cafe

The Good Luck Cafe
by Annie Rains
Publisher: Forever
Release Date: March 14, 2023
Reviewed by PJ

Moira Green is perfectly content with her life. She has a rewarding career and plenty of wonderful friends, including the members of her weekly book club. Then everything in her life goes topsy-turvy when the town council plans to demolish the site of her mother’s beloved café to make room for much-needed parking. Moira is determined to save her mother’s business, so she swallows her pride and asks Gil Ryan for help.

Moira and Somerset Lake’s mayor were good friends once, the kind who could laugh at everything and nothing at all. Until one night changed everything between them. And now, with Gil supporting the council’s plans, Moira is forced to find another way to save Sweetie’s—and it involves campaigning against Gil. Going head-to-head in a battle of wills reveals more than either of them are ready for, and as the election heats up, so does their attraction. But without a compromise in sight, can these two be headed for anything but disaster?

PJ's Thoughts:

Reading an Annie Rains book feels like a cozy visit with good friends. I know before I even turn the first page that I'm about to be immersed into a town I want to visit, populated by people I want to meet. 

In The Good Luck Cafe, change is coming to Somerset Lake with 911 dispatcher Moira and mayor Gil at the center of it. I enjoy a second-chance romance, especially one with complex issues to overcome, and boy howdy, do these two have issues. Their story starts a bit slow but picks up the pace a few chapters in. By that time, we know a bit more about each of them, including Moira's secret and Gil's unrequited feelings. It explains a lot about Moira's dating reticence and Gil's steadfast honor and support. It's going to take a fair amount of growth on both their parts to reach their HEA. Good thing character growth is something at which Rains excels. I have to admit, I wasn't sure about these two at the beginning of the book but they ended up being one of my favorite Somerset Lake couples. 

As always, the main couple is surrounded by a rich secondary cast who add plenty of humor, and emotion, to the story. I love the friendships among these characters as well as the families. Gil's brother, Doug is a particular favorite with an empowering and heart-tugging storyline of his own. Fans of the series will undoubtedly enjoy seeing favorite couples from earlier books progressing in their own relationships while readers new to Somerset Lake should have no trouble starting with this book if they wish. Though fair warning, once you meet the other couples there's a good chance you'll be buying their books as well. 

Have you read Annie Rains?

I adore the cover of this book. It would definitely grab my interest on a store shelf. What draws your attention to a book?

Tell me about the book you're reading now. 

I have two copies of The Good Luck Cafe to give away, a print ARC and a print finished copy. Post a comment before 11:00 PM, March 19 for a chance to win one of the books. Two people will be randomly chosen. 

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  1. Judy Kentrus "The Director" series...mystery of four childhood friends now adult, trying to find out what happened and the the continuing threats from when they were all 16-17 yrs old . very good!

    Kathleen Bylsma

  2. I just finished Maggie Moves On by Lucy Score and will be starting The Secret Daughter by Kelly Rimmer. I love all of Annie Rains books and look forward to reading this one! I am always drawn to books with bright colorful covers.

  3. Great review! Sounds very good, thank you

  4. Just started Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan. She is a new author for me - this is a contemporary romance and I’ve previously read more Regency and historical fiction, I love the cover artwork - not a fan of the “bodice ripper” or “seductively posed couple” book covers. The cover catches my attention but I always turn to the inside front cover or back of a book to read the blurb. The blurb or book summary is what I use to determine my interest - the blurb/summary of this book catches my interest.

  5. I have read Annie Rains before and I love her books. I am reading Don't Back Down by Sharon Sala, I'm a long time fan of hers and this book is great! The cover definitely attracts me and determines whether I'll check out the back cover. Thanks for the chance to win this books.

  6. I believe I have read one of her books and yes - covers like this grab me - always . I finished reading Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe … loved it

    1. Why is this anonymous … well it’s me - Hope

  7. I have not read her yet. I also love the cover. I love fun books with scenes like that one. The book I am currently reading, The Walking Bread by Winnie Archer, has a really cute detailed cover.

  8. A cover will first draw my attention to a book, but more important is the author and the blurb (especially if I am not that familiar with the author).
    I don't believe I have yet read Annie Raines, but this sounds like the type of small town setting and character interaction and situation I enjoy.
    I am just starting THE CONFIDANTE by Christopher C. Gorham. It is non-fiction and will fit in nicely with all the new WWII novels coming out.
    Patricia Barraclough

  9. I’ve read one of Annie Rains’ novellas in the back of one of Jeannie Chin’s books, and enjoyed it. She seems to write in that small-town sweet spot! I’m currently rereading Julie James’s Something About You, and enjoying Cameron and Jack all over again :)

    As for covers, this one looks lovely!


  10. I've only read one of Annie's books but I loved it and do have others on my TBR and wish list.
    I admit a good cover absolutely draws my attention to a book, but it will only keep it if the story sounds interesting. I am currently reading Kait Nolan's Cowboy in a Kilt - talk about cover's drawing your attention.

  11. This book was recommended to me by my best book friend. On her recommendation, I now have to read it. Looking forward to another great read.

  12. I don’t believe I’ve read any of Annie Rains books. I do like her cover! It looks like a painting and a beautiful place to visit.
    I like covers with beautiful settings and real people. This painting cover I like too. I’m not a fan of cartoon characters.
    What draws my attention to a cover:
    Bright colors , pretty dresses, beautiful scenery, a handsome couple or person
    Currently I’m reading
    and enjoying Dee Stewart and Erin Nicolas’ stories! Both were new authors for me. I’m also reading several Betty Neels books that I hadn’t read before.

  13. First, thanks for the review. This sounds like a book that is exactly what I like to read. Right now I am reading Shana Galen's Lady and the Scamp. It is second in a series, and I really enjoyed the first one.
    Annie Rains is a new to me author. And yes, I love the cover, so free and easy and relaxed..
    I generally look at covers, but mostly look at authors. Is it an author I love, or one who has been recommended to me? Or maybe I read about the author On Romance Dish.
    At one time, I absolutely focused on historicals, but Cindy Kirk dragged me into a century where there are autos and phones and not so many petticoats. I found I liked the new and improved and I have found many authors who write about current people and I enjoy their work.
    Thanks again, this review really grabbed my attention for a new to me author.