Friday, May 5, 2023

Review - - Falling Hard for the Royal Guard

Falling Hard for the Royal Guard
by Megan Clawson
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: April 27, 2023
Reviewed by PJ

Despite living in an actual castle, happily ever after is evading Margaret ‘Maggie’ Moore.

From her bedroom in the Tower of London, twenty-six-year-old Maggie has always dreamed of her own fairy-tale ending.

Yet this is twenty-first century London, so instead of knights on white horses, she has catfish on Tinder. And with her last relationship ending in spectacular fashion, she swears off men for good.

And then a chance encounter with Royal Guard Freddie forces Maggie to admit that she isn’t ready to give up on love just yet… But how do you catch the attention of someone who is trained to ignore all distractions?

Can she snare that true love’s first kiss… or is she royally screwed?


PJ's Thoughts:
If you're a royal watcher, history buff, romcom lover, or just enjoy a charming, original, and humorous tale, Falling for the Royal Guard is a book I recommend adding to your reading list.
Did I want to toss Freddie into the Thames a few times? Yes, but there were also other times when I wanted to hug his sweet self. Did I think Maggie needed a good therapist? Also, yes but who wouldn't after what she'd been through? Was I tempted to sneak a foul substance into the tea cups of her boss and co-workers? Of course. Or wish a dreaded tropical disease on her jerk of an ex? Well, that goes without saying. But did I also adore Freddie's fellow guardsmen, Maggie's dad, the other wardens, and the raven woman? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. All of Clawson's characters are so well developed, flaws and all. It makes them realistic and relatable, people I can cheer - or jeer - with untethered enthusiasm (I did a lot of both). Did I root for Maggie and Freddie through the sweet and the sour? Yes, I did. Both had some growing to do, and challenges to overcome, before they could claim a happy ending but I never gave up on them. Through the laughter (and there was a lot of laughter), tears, poignant moments, sweetness, screwups (Oh, Freddie, how could you?), and unexpected resolution, I was right there nudging them on. 
Just as important to this story as the characters was the setting. Who knew families actually live in the Tower of London? I didn't. The author of this novel however knows it well. The daughter of a Yeoman Warden (Beefeater), and girlfriend of a member of the Royal Guard, Megan Clawson lives in the Tower of London, just like Maggie. She walks the moat, talks to ghosts and ravens, and revels in the history of the Tower, also like Maggie. It lends an unassailable authenticity to her book and characters. It's no wonder that I could vividly picture each detail - haunted dungeons, hidden staircases, secret rooms, and more - in my mind as I read Clawson's descriptions on the page. And it pushed the Tower to the top of my must-see list when I travel to London for the first time later this year.
If you're looking for a charming story bubbling over with humor, history, British traditions, quirky characters, cringe-worthy Tinder dates, and hard-won happy endings, give this one a go. I enjoyed it. 

Note: If you're on TikTok, check out the account of Megan Clawson London UK for historical tidbits and an insider's peek at life within the Tower of London. 


  1. I did know people live in the Tower of London, and I think it would be a terrific place to have a home. But, then I knew people lived there, so you already know I am weird. Thanks for the terrific review, and the reminder that even in some books, people are not perfect.

  2. How cool to live in the Tower of London. I think I would enjoy reading this book. I'm adding it to my want to read list.

    1. Sorry, I forgot to change it to my name. Bonnie K. .

  3. What fun. How exciting for her to actually live in the Tower Of London. I had no idea there were apartments. This does sound like a story that will be enjoyable. Good character development adds so much to any book.