Thursday, June 1, 2023

Review - - The Cafe on Amelia Island

The Cafe on Amelia Island
by Hope Holloway
Seven Sisters - Book 2
Publisher: Hope Holloway
Release Date: June 2, 2023
Reviewed by PJ

A hearwarming sisters saga full of hope, humor, and heart...

Tori Wingate knows that spending the entire summer on Amelia Island running the family-owned Riverfront Café means she’s falling right into the arms of a new man for a brief romance. But the more she realizes that all she wants to do is sail into the sunset with the handsome doctor…the more life proves it has other plans.

Her sister Raina is not only looking at the end of a marriage and the start of a life she never imagined, she’s charged with recouping money that has disappeared from the Wingate Properties accounts. And while widowed Grace struggles with the challenge of being a single parent to a unique child, patriarch Rex Wingate faces his own trials on the road to recovery.

When the clouds roll over the café on Amelia Island, the Wingate women learn over and over again that the bond between seven sisters is as strong as steel, as gentle as an ocean breeze, and as lasting as their family legacy.

PJ's Thoughts:

Hope Holloway continues to pique my curiosity and touch my heart with this second book in her new Seven Sisters series. I enjoy that in each book we learn more about the Wingate family while delving a bit more deeply into the lives of a few of the main characters. With so many family members, keeping the primary focus on a few each book eliminates what could be mass-character confusion while also giving readers the opportunity to begin the introduction process with the remaining sisters. Kind of a main attraction/coming attraction combo. 

I enjoy how Holloway seamlessly weaves together the many threads of the series, infusing the storylines with emotional depth, realistic challenges, surprise twists (I did not see it coming!), humor, and the steadfast support of family. Her characters are so well developed and relatable that I feel as if I know them all. I'm invested in their happiness and I can't wait to discover where their journeys will take them. 

As with Holloway's prior series, the books in Seven Sisters build upon one another. I strongly encourage reading them in order. 


  1. I have read Ms Holloway's books and I enjoyed them very much. I know how well she develops her characters, they are interesting, entertaining and generally would make good friends. Thanks for the review.