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Review & Giveaway - - The Love Remedy

The Love Remedy
by Elizabeth Everett
The Damsels of Discovery - Book 1
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: March 19, 2024
Reviewed by PJ

When a Victorian apothecary hires a stoic private investigator to protect her business, they learn there’s only one way to treat true love—with a happily ever after.

When Lucinda Peterson’s recently perfected formula for a salve to treat croup goes missing, she’s certain it’s only the latest in a line of misfortunes at the hands of a rival apothecary. Outraged and fearing financial ruin, Lucy turns to private investigator Jonathan Thorne for help. She just didn’t expect her champion to be so . . . grumpy?

A single father and an agent at Tierney & Co., Thorne accepts missions for a wide variety of employers—from the British government to wronged wives. None have intrigued him so much as the spirited Miss Peterson. As the two work side by side to unmask her scientific saboteur, Lucy slips ever so sweetly under Thorne’s battered armor, tempting him to abandon old promises.

With no shortage of suspects—from a hostile political group to an erstwhile suitor—Thorne’s investigation becomes a threat to all that Lucy holds dear. As the truth unravels around them the cure to their problems is clear: they must face the future together.

PJ's Thoughts:

Elizabeth Everett returns to Victorian London with the first of a new series featuring intrepid women, social causes, a bit of mystery, and romance. Set within the same world as her Secret Scientists of London, The Love Remedy offers fans of the earlier series guest cameos and a connected adversary while also providing a great starting point for readers new to Everett's books. 

I enjoy getting to know Everett's characters. These are layered, complex individuals with relatable challenges and flaws. I appreciate that she doesn't make things easy for them, taking them through various obstacles that elicit growth and change. Thorne, in particular, undergoes an evolution that is necessary for him to realize some self truths and move forward. Same for Lucy, her relationships with her siblings, and her acceptance - and celebration - of her whole self. Two of my favorite characters are Thorne's 9-year-old daughter, Sadie and apothecary customer Mr. Gentry. Both are given the time and attention needed to fully develop these important characters who bring humor, poignant emotion, and surprising wisdom to the page (Sadie's participation in the "Grand Grovel" is pure gold). I adored both of them. I don't know if we'll see Lucy's brother or sister again in future books but I would have liked a bit more development of them and especially the interactions between them and Lucy considering the complexities of their actions.  

Something else I enjoy about Everett's books is her willingness to address the social issues of the time, in particular women's issues, some of which women still face today. She meets them head-on, unapologetically, through her characters, their personal experiences, and the services they provide, especially to the poor. 

Fun fact: It's amazing the historical trivia one can learn while eavesdropping on characters working in an apothecary shop. It keeps things lively while providing a source of humor, education, and possible answers to Jeopardy clues. Why yes, I did know that crocodile dung was once used to make medicinal salves. ;-)

I'm looking forward to returning to Victorian London for more stories in Elizabeth Everett's The Damsels of Discovery series. 

Have you read Elizabeth Everett yet?

Do you enjoy Victorian "workplace" romances or do you prefer the ballrooms of the Regency period?

Have you ever answered a Jeopardy clue correctly because of the romances you read? (I have!)

One randomly chosen person posting a comment before 11:00 PM, March 21 will receive a print copy of The Love Remedy

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  1. I have not read Elizabeth Everett yet. I enjoy the Victorian workplace romances. I have never answered a Jeopardy question correctly because of a romantic book that I read. Susan Campbell. steveac@bellsouth.net

  2. Yes! I read her previous series and loved it. I also enjoy learning about history while reading.

  3. This sounds like a terrific story and I thank you for the review. I hate to admit, this is a new to me author. I seldom dislike any time or place or situation in a story if it is well written. I am someone who loves character driven stories so place and time is not necessarily going to make a huge difference to me. I have recognized Jeopardy questions about authors I have read - they ask more Jane Austen questions than many authors. And yes, events have come up and I have known the answer. But, I generally know lots of the answers, I believe that is probably because they have lowered the quality of their questions.

  4. I read her first book and loved it! I have not yet read her other ones but plan on doing so. I have gotten Jeopardy answers correct thanks to romance novels. I really do enjoy workplace and other locations for historical romances - after all, not everyone was a member of the ton or able to attend all those balls.

  5. No I haven't read any of her books but I have enjoyed other similar books. I need to check this one out.

  6. I haven't read any of Elizabeth Everett's books yet, but since I very much enjoy Victorian workplace romances, I'll have to squeeze her in. The Love Remedy sounds intriguing. And OF COURSE romance books provide knowledge that help us shout answers to Jeopardy questions faster than anyone else in the room!:)

  7. I read The Secret Scientists of London series and enjoyed it. I am finding the Victorian historical romance a change of pace and looking forward to this book. Long-time Regency reader here, but since retirement I have begun reading other genres including "serious" works. When visiting my parents years ago, I answered a few Jeopardy questions from my reading.

  8. I really enjoyed Elizabeth Everett’s debut romance, but I haven’t read her other books yet — I need to catch up!

    I enjoy and prefer Victorian "workplace" romances — it’s nice to get a break from ballrooms.

    I don’t tend to watch Jeopardy but I have gotten some trivia night questions correct because of what I’ve read and learned from romances!