Thursday, April 25, 2024

Review - - Fake It till you Make It

Fake It Till You Make It
by Siera London
Publisher: Forever
Release Date: April 23, 2024
Reviewed by PJ

When Amarie Walker goes for something, she goes big—including starting over. Leaving her cheating ex and entire D.C. life in the rearview, she crash lands in a small town with no plan, no money, and no job. An opening at the animal clinic is the only gig for miles, no surprise considering the vet is a certified grump. If Eli Calvary ever cracked a smile, Amarie might faint on sight from shock. At least his adorable golden retriever appreciates her fabulousness…and shares her love of daily treats!

When Eli took over his late father’s practice, he quickly discovered the clinic was facing foreclosure. So there’s no time for social niceties, especially not flirting, even with someone as gorgeous, bubbly, and business-savvy as Amarie. Yet when Eli needs to invent an investor on the fly, it’s her name that comes to his lips. Now, for the sake of their furry clients, Eli and Amarie hustle to save the clinic, trying to ignore the nonstop sparks between them. Because while their partnership may be fake, their connection already feels way too real.

PJ's Thoughts:

Do you enjoy small-town, grumpy-sunshine romance with plenty of humor, family dynamics, emotional depth, steamy chemistry, and a strong sense of community...not to mention adorable animals? If yes, I recommend adding Siera London's Fake It till you Make It to your spring/summer reading list. 

I loved the differences between Amarie and Eli. He's all follow the rules, we don't need a computer, I work better alone, and if it was good enough for my dad it's good enough for me. She's social media, TikTok live streams, what's the good of computers if we don't use them to make life easier and more organized, and here, let me help you with that. It kept things lively, for sure. The banter between these two had me laughing out loud many times, especially when Eli's matchmaking mom also got involved. 

While the humor in the book is plentiful, I was happy that the author also took the time to explore the hidden layers within these two. Emotionally impacted by earlier relationships and experiences, both romantic and familial, they had lessons to learn, confidence to restore, trust to build, and healing to occur before they'd be ready to move forward, whether individually or together. I loved how they brought out the best in one another, how they encouraged and helped each other though, admittedly, Eli was slower to accept that help. He had some pretty strong walls that needed to be knocked down. My heart ached for how some people in Amarie's life had let her down. It made her evolution all the more cheer worthy. 

The first few chapters were a bit slow and the ending (pre-epilogue) felt a bit rushed but, overall, this was a fun read with characters I happily cheered for, villains I actively jeered, and a family - and townspeople - I hope to see more of in future books. There are, after all, two more Calvary brothers in need of a happily ever after. 


  1. Sounds good thank you

  2. Thank you for the review. This sounds like an enjoyable read. Rushed, unsatisfying endings are a pet peeve of mine. I am glad to heare there is an epilogue to smooth things out.

  3. Thanks for the terrific review. I like books with humor as well as stories which show love which brings out the best in the parties.