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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stock Up Saturday Reviews

Just Like Heaven
By Julia Quinn
Publisher: Avon
Release Date:May 31, 2011

Things that make me smile: laughing babies, warm hugs, ice cream cones on a hot summer’s day and a new Julia Quinn book.

Honoria Smythe-Smith and Marcus Holroyd, Earl of Chatteris, have known one another for most of their lives. He’s the best friend of her older brother, Daniel; an unofficial member of her family. She’s the pesky younger sister of his best friend, the one who has tagged along behind him since the age of six and the one he has secretly looked after since Daniel left for the continent. Their roles are set and neither has viewed the other any differently until one fateful day when Honoria, desperate to find a husband, sets a trap for the man in her sights and catches Marcus instead.  But roles, and perceptions, are not easily set aside.

He didn't want to look at her face and think that her eyes were the exact color of the grape hyacinths that had just begun to pop up all over the landscape.  They came each year at this time, and he always thought - just for a moment before he pushed it away - that they were her flower. But not the petals; they were too dark.  Honoria's eyes matched the younger part at the base of the flower, where the color hadn't quite turned blue.

His chest had grown tight; he tried to breathe.  He really didn't want to think about the fact that he knew that, that he could look at a flower and pinpoint the exact spot on the petal that matched her eyes.

It will take a life-threatening illness and a meddling Lady Danbury (I love that woman!) to finally bring these two endearing characters to their senses.

Just Like Heaven is not packed with action or adventure or steaming sensuality. It’s not filled with over-the-top angst nor dark emotion. It’s a delightful, heartwarming story of two likable people finding love where they least expect it. It is amusing and endearing, with the wonderful banter for which Quinn is known. And it made me smile. A lot!

Sometimes I want the thrill of an emotional roller coaster ride but other times I prefer the simple joy of sharing an afternoon rocking on the verandah with a good friend. Marcus and Honoria filled my heart with the joy of their friendship and love. Thank you, Ms. Quinn, for a lovely afternoon with good friends.



  1. I really want to read this but I have burnt myself out on historicals for a while. I just can't seem to get into them these days. I am mostly reading paranormals but really hope to get back to historicals soon, cause they are piling up on me.

  2. Love the review, PJ! I finished this book last week and it was just the sweetest thing! :) Julia Quinn never disappoints me.

    And I also love Lady Danbury. ;)

  3. You are so right about a new Julia Quinn book. I'm smiling already.

  4. Your review reminds me anew of what a terrific read Just Like Heaven was. I can't wait to see what JQ does with the rest of the series.

  5. June, sometimes I have to take a vacation from a certain genre too. I hope you'll be able to return to historicals soon. This one really is a delight!

  6. Trisha, isn't Lady Danbury a hoot!

    I also love how JQ wove scenes from Bridgerton books into this one - like the one with Colin. For me, any scene with Colin Bridgerton in it is a good one! ;-)

  7. Marybelle, glad we brought a smile to your day! :)

  8. Janga said, I can't wait to see what JQ does with the rest of the series.

    Me too!

  9. Loved this one. I am a JQ fan from way back. I wanted more as always, she really needs to write faster. Cannot wait to see what happens with the other Smythe-Smiths.
    Oh yes, loved the Bridgertons, wanted more of them too! Romancing Mr. Bridgerton was my favorite but I loved them all.

  10. I can't wait to read this one, PJ. I love JQ's books, and I've been waiting for the Smythe-Smith's stories. :-)

    Thanks for the great review!

  11. Julia Quinn has been my introduction to romance and she's been an auto-buy ever since I picked up "The Duke and I." I will obviously pick up this book.

  12. great review:)
    I've soooo been meaning to read Julia Quinn but haven't made it to any of her books yet since I just found Julie Ann Long and Jennifer Ashley.

  13. Great review! I would love to read this books, I have been hearing a lot of good things about it.

  14. PJ

    This is one I am really looking forward to reading I love Julia Quinn's stories

    Have Fun

  15. Thanks for the review, PJ! Like most of you I have been waiting for the Smythe/Smith sisters stories (say that three times real fast, talk about alliteration!)and I'm so glad that Julia Quinn included Lady Danbury and The Bridgerton's in the book(s.)

  16. Great review, PJ! I loved this book! I started it right before vacation and finished it on the drive up. I agree with Trisha--it was just the sweetest thing! :)

  17. I absolutely LOVE Julia Quinn's books. As far as I'm concerned, she a totally awesome author. The humor and just that something "extra" that I can't quite seem to put my finger on is so intriguing. Can't wait to read her latest masterpiece!

    Connie Fischer

  18. I loved this story. The "old" Julia Quinn is back! The last 3 or 4 books have been okay, but JLH is a delightful read.

  19. P.S. ROMANCING MR. BRIDGERTON is my all-time fave book of any author!

  20. Thank you for another excellent review. I love the cover of this book. It is simply lovely. I do like action and intrigue in the books I read, but every now and then, I like to just sit back and enjoy watching two people discover the hidden treasure that lies in another person. This sound like it will be perfect for just that.

    Have a great weekend.