Friday, January 12, 2024

Review - - A Sure Duke

A Sure Duke
by Christi Caldwell
The McQuoids of Mayfair - Book 3
Publisher: Montlake
Release Date: January 9, 2024
Reviewed by PJ

Alexandra Bradbury and Dallin McQuoid are neighbors who couldn’t be more different. She’s prim, mindful, and skittish of social improprieties. Dallin is slightly scandalous, boisterously charming, and unbothered by gossip. On an unexpected night of magic forged under the stars, they discover what they do have in common. Could theirs be a rare love match that might last forever?

But everything changes in a heartbeat: a death in the Bradbury family, financial ruin, and Alexandra’s betrothal to a wickedly wealthy marquess. Alexandra is expected to do what’s best for her family, regardless of her heart.

Until another crisis arises, and the dutiful daughter must embark on a journey with the waggish lord across the street to prevent a catastrophe for both of their families.

Along the road, will their stars finally align?

PJ's Thoughts:

Christi Caldwell's stories never fail to touch my heart and she's done it again with A Sure Duke, the third installment in her The McQuoid's of Mayfair series. I love this unconventional family. Cheers for lots of children for (hopefully) future books!

There's much to love about A Sure Duke. Meet cute? Check. Road romance? Check. Only one bed? Check. Grand gesture? Check! Caldwell uses all of the above to infuse this story with charm, adventure, a bit of spice, visible yearning, and some angst. Alexandra is, after all, being forced to marry someone else. She gave me two lead characters who captured my heart and had me cheering for them as obstacles to their happy ending kept piling up. There are some terrific family dynamics on both sides. I especially enjoyed the slowly evolving relationship between Alexandra and her mother as well as the one between Alexandra and her middle sister. And, of course, it was great fun to watch Dallin's sisters, Myrtle (The Duke Alone) and Cassia (The Heiress at Sea) take him to task when the situation warranted as well as give him their full love and support when his happy ending appeared an impossibility. I adore the sibling dynamics in this series. 

I have nothing concrete on which to base these feelings but I find myself wondering if the disinterested man Alexandra was being forced to wed isn't quite the villain he's portrayed to be. His father, the Duke, certainly, but I have this gut feeling that there may be hidden layers to the son. Of course, I could be totally off track but I'll be watching to see if Caldwell has future plans for him. 

In the meantime, I'll be over here imagining Dallin and Alexandra living their best lives together, exploring the world under starlit skies, until it's time for the next McQuoid sibling to find love.

For readers new to the McQuoids, A Sure Duke stands well on it's own. You can easily jump in here or for a more complete understanding of the McQuoid family dynamics, read the books in order. They are (1) The Duke Alone (click for review), (2) The Heiress at Sea (click for review), and (3) A Sure Duke. Whichever way you go, you're bound to be entertained. 



  1. I am with you about this book, Alexandra and Dallin, the fabulous McQuoid family. And I love a good villian redemption and I, too, wonder if Alexandra's intended is not quite the villuan here!

    1. I'm eager to discover if Caldwell has plans for him.

  2. Thanks so much for the review and recommendation. I do enjoy her books, but haven't read one in a while. I like the sound of these characters and this series. I will have to look for them all and start reading.

  3. As always, I appreciate your review and insights. I believe I have a book by Ms Caldwell on my Kindle, but have not read it yet. Thanks again. You make me want every book you review.

    1. She's a very prolific writer with a great backlist of books.