Thursday, February 8, 2024

Coastal Magic Spotlight Review - - Must Love Bees by Sasha Summers

Must Love Bees
by Sasha Summers
Honey Acres - Book 2
Publisher: Canary Street Press
Release Date: January 23, 2024
Reviewed by PJ

For a cheerful beekeeper and her reclusive new neighbor, love is the sweetest surprise…

Astrid Hill can calm a hive full of restless bees, but she has no idea how to make her gruff new neighbor smile. Charlie Driver intends to hightail it out of Honey, Texas, as soon as he’s sold his aunt’s property, and Astrid worries her family’s adjoining honey business may be affected. But however aloof—and annoyingly attractive—Charlie may be, his daughters are too adorable to ignore.

Charlie would rather untangle a line of computer code than deal with people, and the stress of single parenthood isn’t helping. Yet Astrid has a knack for overcoming his resistance to this quirky small town and her beloved bees. What if his girls become attached, only to once again lose someone precious? Then again, in love, the more you risk your heart, the sweeter the reward…

Includes the bonus novella, Honey Ever After!

A wedding on Hill Honey Farms means family, honey and laughter. For this special day, all the Bee Girls are home—but that’s not the only surprise... A brand-new baby beekeeper will be joining the family!

PJ's Thoughts:

I'm not sure why Sasha Summers didn't land on my reading radar before now but this error has been corrected and will not occur again. I've already downloaded the first book in this series, The Sweetest Thing and preordered the third book, Honey, Be Mine (June 25, 2024).

I was completely charmed by Honey Hill Farms, the Hill family, bee whisperer Astrid, new arrival Charlie, and his adorable daughters. I loved how fully developed these characters were, even Charlie's daughters, young Nova and tween Halley. Both were integral pieces of the plot, helping to move both the story forward as well as the growth of  Astrid's and Charlie's characters, and their own in the process. 

There was a lot of fun and charm in this story and a sweetly satisfying romance, but a surprising depth of emotion as well. Charlie, in particular, was a fascinating character. I enjoyed the gradual evolution of his character without sacrificing the neurodiversity that made him unique, especially in the growth of his relationship with Nova and Halley as well as his slow-burn romance with Astrid. I wanted to be besties with Astrid. She really is the nicest person in town. I loved how she interacted with Charlie, appreciated him once she got to know him, how the gradual deepening of her feelings for him occurred because of the whole person he was, not in spite of it. Unlike his estranged family who - yes, I cheered - got exactly what they deserved.

The supporting Honey Hill Farms cast brought everything together in a warm, welcoming hug of affection and acceptance. I adored them. I wanted to spend the day baking with them. I even wanted to help tend the bees...and that's something I never expected to say in this lifetime. I was fascinated with the honey bee knowledge I gathered from this book, especially the organic manner in which it was delivered. It left me - someone who has always been afraid of bees - actually feeling affection for them and wanting to know more. As for the delicious recipes (all using honey) in the back of the book? I plan to make them all! 

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  1. I wish I could join everyone - this sounds like a wonderful event. Must Love Bees sounds like a lovely story ----very sweet -----did you see what I did there? Thanks for the review - and I hope we get to hear about the Coastal Magic convention.

  2. I just got this book as gift, so excited read!

  3. This sounds like a sweet series and an author I will enjoy. I was hoping we would be going down to Florida to visit my husbands brother, we are overdue a visit. Would have been perfect to incorporate Coastal Magic in the trip. Unfortunately the serious illness of a family member here at home is keeping us close for the foreseeable future. Maybe next year.

    1. Patricia, hope your family comes through the serious illness and the patient and all of you do well. Take care and God Bless.

    2. Thank you. Sadly, the illness is terminal and the patient is younger than he should be to have to face this. We shouldn't lose our children.