Monday, February 26, 2024

Review - - The Single Dad Project

The Single Dad Project
by Naima Simone
Rose Bend - Book
Publisher: Canary Street Press
Release Date: February 20, 2024
Reviewed by PJ

He’s the best mistake she ever made…

Back in Rose Bend after a work trip that went wrong, Florence “Flo” Dennison craves the kind of distraction only a searing fling with a gorgeous stranger can provide. And she gets it—in an encounter hot enough to leave scars. But satisfaction turns to shock when Flo realizes her one-night stand is leading the restoration project she’s been hired to photograph. And his sweet little girl has decided Flo’s her new bestie…

Single dad and architect Adam Reed wants stability for his daughter, and he’s sure that Flo—young, ambitious, beautiful—isn’t looking for that. But when his nanny bails and Flo helps him out, it becomes impossible to keep their distance. Now, navigating tangled family ties and her own trust issues, Flo has to decide if one wild night can become so much more.

PJ's Thoughts:

It's a good thing I got my gym workout in before I started reading an ARC of Naima Simone's The Single Dad Project because by the 8% mark I was totally hooked. Figured I might as well toss my Monday to-do list to the side because not a single thing was going to be accomplished until I finished this book. 

Much like the other books in the Rose Bend series, once I was immersed in their lives, these characters refused to let me put their book down until I turned the final page. Even then, the characters continued to live in my mind. Simone filled their journey with steam, humor, endearing moments, emotional turmoil, complicated family dynamics, unexpected friendships, heart-tugging romance, and a whole lot of "yes, please, may I have more?"

I loved the family dynamics in this book that played out alongside the romance between Flo and Adam. It added texture, conflict, and unexpected layers to their journey as a couple as well as their individual evolution. And I absolutely adored Adam's young daughter, Jussy who pretty much steals every scene she's in, along with hearts. 

If you haven't yet visited Simone's Rose Bend, The Single Dad Project is a great place to jump in. Then go back and read the rest of the published books - and novellas - in the series because, yes, they are all that good.


  1. Sounds vg. I have read a few of the books in this series and have enjoyed them.

  2. Another new to me author. Not sure how I miss all these terrific writers. Thanks for the review. I am a sucker for family stories which include wonderful kids. It sounds as though I need to check into this series and this author. It does sound like a wonderful story.

  3. Thank you for the review and recommendation. Children and pets both add to a story because, in their own way they reveal much about the character of those they interact with. This sounds like an enjoyable read.

  4. A new author for me, sounds wonderful!