Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coming Attractions for July

July is going to sizzle here at The Romance Dish! You will not want to miss a minute of it!!!!

On July 2, Andrea provides us with a complete list of the new releases for July. I know there are a lot of books I am looking forward to reading.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Patricia Rice guest blogs with us on July 6. I bet she will give us a glimpse into her newest novel, The Wicked Wyckerly.

Debut author (and Romance Bandit) Susan Sey joins us on July 7 to dish about her debut novel, Money Honey.

On July 8, Andrea will give us a sneak peak at new releases for August in her Make Your Reservations monthly blog.

Join us on July 9 as we interview romantic suspense author Loucinda McGary. Loucinda’s latest release is The Wild Irish Sea.

On July 10, Trish Milburn/Tricia Mills dishes about the latest in YA novels in her Teen Menu blog.

Are you heading on vacation and need to pick up a few books to take on your trip? Be sure to check out our Beach Bag Reviews on July 12. These quick reviews are a great way to stock up on vacation reading material!!

On July 13, we interview contemporary romance author Marie Force. Maybe she will talk about her latest work, Fatal Affair.

And we sure can’t have a sizzling month without an equally sizzlin’ Hot Dish! The alarm will sound loudly on July 15 when Buffie announces this month’s Hot Dish.

On July 19, New York Times best seller Eloisa James spends the day with us. Eloisa’s newest novel, A Kiss at Midnight, looks like another winner!

Anna Campbell regales the joy of her latest read in her Second Helpings blog. It is always a treat to see what Anna is reading.

As most everyone knows, the Romance Writers of America National Conference will be held in Orlando, Florida, during the last week in July and all four of us Dishes will be there!! We will be cheering on all the authors nominated for the coveted Rita Award. And we want to share the experience with you . . . so from July 27 through July 31 we will be blogging LIVE from the conference. Be sure to stop by that week to read what we are seeing, hearing and thinking. It is going to be a grand time!

Of course, in addition to all the wonderful guest blogs we have going on this month, there will be a variety of reviews and blogs from the four of us.

Hope to see you several times during July!

~ Buffie


  1. I see a few of our Bandita buddies will be visiting in July. I'm super excited about Susan's debut release.

  2. I wish I were going to Orlando but you guys will keep us informed so I am happy. Cannot wait for the July releases!

  3. Excellent month ahead I look forward to it and especially the live blogging from the conference maybe one day I will get there.

    Have Fun

  4. Good morning, Dishes! What a fabulous July line-up *g*

    I can't wait to see you all in Orlando!!

  5. Great lineup for July, ladies! :) Can't wait for your reports from RWA!!!

  6. Cool events that are going to be coming. ^^

  7. Hey Jane! Yes, we love having some of the Romance Bandits visiting! Susan's book sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

  8. We will definitely keep you up to date on what is going on in Orlando, Dianna. We are all so excited!!!

  9. Oh, Helen, wouldn't it be great if you could just hide in one of Anna's suitcases and come? Wish you could!!! But don't worry, we will let you know everything, well maybe not everything ;-), that is going on!

  10. Thanks Beth! Looking forward to seeing you!!!

  11. Hi Lisa! July is going to be a wonderful month.

  12. Sure are, Jediskora, sure are!!!

  13. LOL @ Cheryl! I feel the same way. Every month seems to fly by. At work I am already working on September files, which really throw me off!! :-)

  14. Looks like it will be a great month.