Saturday, June 12, 2010

Review -- Tempting the Marquess

Tempting the Marquess
The Weston Family - Book 2
By Sara Lindsey
Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Release Date: June 1, 2010

Like most young ladies, Olivia Weston expects to get married and start a family. She has no illusions of a love match, despite her fancy for romantic novels because she doesn’t think any man can compare to the heroes she reads about. But before she marries, Livvy would like a little adventure. As readers learned in the first book in the series, Promise Me Tonight, Olivia missed her first London Season to be with her pregnant sister, Isabella, at her Aunt Kate’s family home in Scotland. While there, Livvy discovered an old diary belonging to Kate’s stepson’s late wife. She was fascinated by what she read and wanted to satisfy her curiosity about the undoubtedly grief-stricken marquess. After Izzie safely delivered her baby, the family prepared to return to Weston Manor in Essex. Livvy was not ready to return home, so she asked and was granted permission to travel with her aunt, Kate, and cousin to Castle Arlyss in Wales to spend Christmas with Kate’s stepson, Jason Traherne, Marquess of Sheldon and his young son. However, once she arrives, the marquess is anything but cordial to Livvy. In fact, his first words to her are: “Who the devil are you and what are you doing here?” Not at all what Olivia expected! And then while attempting to protect her young cousin, she promptly gets trampled by one of the marquess’s large dogs and the man becomes insufferable.

“I must apologize, Miss Weston. I rescued both dogs from a particularly vicious bear-baiting and while they generally act like overgrown lapdogs, Red in particular still responds badly to hearing the word A-T-T-A-C-K.”

“Oh,” Olivia gasped. “I’m so sorry. I had no idea.”

“Obviously, or you would not have said it. Of course, you shouldn’t be here in the first place, and if you hadn’t been here, the incident never would have occurred, but I apologize all the same. Now, you look like the missish sort who will insist a doctor be sent for, but I give you leave to prove me wrong.”

She stared, astounded not only by his sheer audacity but by his ability to insult not only her but her entire gender in one breath.

Olivia knows that she will have her hands full with getting through to him, but she is up for the task. And I love that she holds her own when verbally sparring with him.

Jason has his reasons for not wanting the interfering young woman in his home. Very personal reasons. And despite their heated first meeting, Jason believes that his stepmother brought Olivia to tempt him. Regardless of his misgivings (and the fact that Olivia does make him lust), he enjoys ribbing her as it’s the most fun he has had in years. He tries to remain his usual gruff and cynical self but it becomes increasingly difficult as Livvy is so alluring. She makes him feel things that he hasn’t felt in a long time and disrupts the order he normally craves in his life. I enjoyed watching her ruffle his feathers! But when Jason discovers the truth about why Olivia is there (along with other truths), can he overcome the past and take a chance on love again?

Tempting the Marquess is the second entry in Sara Lindsey’s Weston Family series about siblings blessed (or cursed, depending on your point of view) with Shakespearean names. I enjoyed this story and its extremely likable characters, even though Livvy does something rather silly towards the end of the book. Ms. Lindsey’s writing is solid and her “voice” reminds me a bit of Julia Quinn’s. If you’re a fan of historical romance with a slight gothic feel, look no further than Tempting the Marquess. I, for one, am enjoying the crazy antics of the delightful Weston family and can’t wait for the next installment!



  1. Love the review Andrea I have this one on order and the first one on the TBR pile I need to get to it LOL

    Have Fun

  2. Great review, Andrea. I'm going to have to pick up the first book before I read "Tempting the Marquess."

  3. Ooh, good review, Andrea! I really liked this book and just finished it last night. It goes on my keeper shelf. I have #1 in my TBR pile and don't know why I didn't read them in order. I like the hero's stepmother. I'd like for her to find another HEA in another Weston book. I read the blurb for Hal's story and it sounds good, too.

  4. Great review, Andrea! Like Jane, I love Aunt Kate and there's gotta be someone out there for her, lol. I also liked Jason's brother-in-law Charles, and would love a story for him too.

    Jason and Olivia's story was really great. I loved how she helped him heal, though Jason did it kicking and screaming the whole way!He definitely frustrated me and had some anti-hero moments. But I like how they both come full circle at the end, learning to forgive each other, and trust in their love and committment. They're both not perfect, and they came come through any rough patch in the future.

    However, I felt that one of Jason's redeeming traits is his obvious love and devotion to Edward. What a sweetheart of a little boy! It made me melt, how fast Olivia and he bonded, and how he wanted her to be his new mama. AAWW.

    Is it just me, or is Charlotte the ultimate scene-stealer? lol.

    I loved learning all about Welsh holiday traditions in this book too.

  5. Thanks, Helen! I think you will enjoy this one. Did you read the first Weston Family novel, Promise Me Tonight?

  6. Thanks, Jane! Even though this one can stand on its own, I think reading the previous book first would definitely enhance your experience. I hope you enjoy!

  7. Thanks, Deb! You should definitely read the first one as you will get to know Hal a little bit better since he is the hero's best friend. I can't wait for his book!!

  8. Thanks, Lisa! Oh, I just adore Kate, too! And Charles. I'm wondering if he will be one of the twins' love interest? I believe he might be young enough. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

    Lisa said: He definitely frustrated me and had some anti-hero moments.

    Yes!! And despite that, I still liked him. I give major kudos to Sara Lindsey for that.

    And Charlotte was indeed a scene stealer! She reminded me of my daughter! LOL

  9. Great review, Andrea! I love Sara's writing. Both of her books are on my keeper shelves and I'm eagerly anticipating more Weston stories in the future.

    I really hope she gives Kate an HEA somewhere along the line. I imagine Charlotte could do some major scene stealing in that story! I wonder if Sara has any plans to write Charlotte's story when she grows up. That's one I'd love to read!

  10. Thanks, PJ! I, too, hope Sara gives Kate her own HEA...even if it's a secondary romance in a future Weston novel.

  11. I still have the first book on my TBR pile so I will read them both while I'm playing "couch potato" recovering from knee surgery. *g*

  12. Another great review, Andrea! I have been looking forwared to reading this series by Sara. Hopefully one day I will get to it :-)

  13. This will be the perfect time to "meet" the Weston Family, Gannon! Enjoy! And feel better soon!

    Thanks, Buffie! You would really enjoy this series. :)

  14. Good review. I really liked the first book in the series and look forward to reading this one.

    For some reason, I thought Aunt Kate and her stepson were contemporaries. During Book One, I thought there were hints that these two would be paired off. Obviously that's not the case. Kate definitely should have her own HEA.

  15. I hope you enjoy it, Penfield!