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Guest Author -- Elizabeth Amber

Dane, The Lords of Satyr begins a new trilogy about three half-satyr/half-human brothers, within Elizabeth Amber’s erotic historical paranormal series, The Lords of Satyr. Dane is an RT Book Reviews Top Pick in the June issue (4.5 stars), a Night Owl Romance Top Pick, and has garnered numerous 5-star raves. The first novel in the series, Nicholas, is now in its 8th reprinting and her other satyr novels are enjoying multiple printings as well. Please join us in welcoming Elizabeth Amber to The Romance Dish!

Thank you for having me as a guest today, Romance Dish! I’m looking forward to chatting with visitors. Now, on to the blog, excerpt, and giveaway... ~ EA

Make Me A Matchmaker

Like Evangeline Delacorte, the heroine in Dane, The Lords of Satyr, I would have made a good matchmaker. I can’t read people’s auras as she can. But I love being around people who are in love. I enjoy introducing friends that I think might click with each other. I like hearing how couples met; hearing every detail about their weddings.

Academics and counselors attempt to succeed in their matchmaking via questionnaires and profiles, which match partners who have compatible personality traits. Evangeline (Eva) does her matchmaking through observation and instinct. The daughter of a fey mother and a satyr father, she is gifted with the talent for matching suitable partners by studying the behavior and qualities of their auras in proximity. But some clients are particularly difficult. Some clients lie. Some are not what they seem.

When Eva first meets Dane in his ancestral olive grove on Aventine Hill, it’s a Calling night. A time when the satyr change physically in a carnal ritual devoted to the Roman god of wine. (The satyr are the followers of Bacchus in mythology.) Dane’s passions are riding high. But his aura fluctuates wildly, confusing and terrifying Eva. The attraction between them is strong. For she is not what she seems either. There has never been a female satyr in all of history. Until her. There are many who would seek to use her if they knew.

Dane is newly arrived in Rome from ElseWorld, on a mission to locate his missing younger brother. The two of them mysteriously disappeared years ago, as young boys. Though Dane reappeared a year later, in ruins of the Roman forum, his brother remains lost. And the secret of his whereabouts is locked within Dane’s mind, hoarded by an alternate personality.

It’s now the 1880s and the forum digs are in high gear. Discoveries made there threaten to expose the satyr and their kind. By hiding what they are, they’ve managed to live among humans throughout Italy for centuries. But things are changing. Dane and his two remaining brothers must entrench themselves in Roman society as thoroughly as possible. And that means taking human wives.

Who better to find a human wife for Dane, than an ElseWorld matchmaker? He thinks it will be a simple matter. He’ll ask the matchmaker, ask for an uncomplicated wife, and she’ll present him with one. But when he visits her, he encounters her strange household, which includes a greedy pixie, a gimlet-eyed maidservant, and two orphan fey children as well.

Sometimes love begins with a sweet, piercing romantic attraction. Sometimes love begins with sex. It can blossom out of a close friendship. The attraction between Dane and Eva is immediate and explosive. For their own safety, each are compelled to find and wed a human mate. Still, perhaps they can also find a way to have each other. Perhaps…

You can read the blurb and an excerpt at:

To celebrate Elizabeth's new release, Kensington has graciously offered a giveaway of two copies of Dane, The Lords of Satyr to random commenters on today's blog.


  1. Hi All

    This book sounds so different from anything I have read but very interesting sounds like a great adventure finding a lost brother and a wife whoo hoo

    Have Fun

  2. I love this series! And obviously so do all the reviewers, judging by the great reviews. Congrats on another great release!

  3. Awesome post! Please don't count me into the contest! I just wanted to say Hi and give my support. This book rocks!

    Good luck to all!


  4. Andrea, thank you again for giving me the opportunity to hang out at The Romance Dish. What could be more fun than dishing about romance on a rainy day?

    Thanks for stopping by, Helen. I loved writing Dane's multiple personalities. A member of my enewsletter group who is familiar with this illness said it was a sensitive and accurate portrayal, which was good to hear. I hope you enjoy Dane if you get a chance!

    Sue! Thank you so much for the congrats on Dane's release. Much appreciated. I'm glad you're enjoying the satyrs. I am too. Two more to go after Dane.

    Brande! So good to see you, m'dear. For anyone who doesn't know, Brande has a fabulous blog and was kind enough to do a Q&A to celebrate the release of Dane. Thank you again, Brande...You rock! Check her out at

    I'll stop by again throughout the to the post office.

    ~ Elizabeth A

  5. Hi Elizabeth! Welcome to The Romance Dish. This looks like a terrific series. I'm looking forward to reading the books. Since this is a trilogy within a series, would you recommend that I start at the beginning of the series?

  6. Great excerpt. I love Elizabeth's Satyr series!!! I can't wait to read Dane, Bastian, and Sevin. Thanks for the contest opportunity too!

    deb ;0)

  7. I'm just popping in to show some support and love to Ms. Amber! Her books rock and this one will be no exception!!!!
    Wishing everyone good luck in this!! Dane is on his way to my house.. hee heee... And I cannot wait!!!!

  8. Good morning and welcome to The Romance Dish, Elizabeth! So glad to have you with us today. Congrats on your newest release! It sounds super sexy. *g*

    I'm also intrigued by a trilogy within a series idea. I have a question: How did you come up with all these sexy names?!

  9. Hey, Helen! It does sound different, doesn't it? And in a good (delicious) way!

    Hi, Sue! Yes, Dane has gotten some great reviews!

    Welcome to the blog, Brande! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  10. Hi and welcome, Deb830! Love your avatar! :)

    Hey, Cecile! Hope you enjoy Dane when he, er, the book arrives.

  11. Great post. I am a newbie to this series.I just have Nicholas. But can't wait to read the others and get my hands on Dane's book.

  12. Welcome to the blog, elaing8! Hope you enjoy!

    I know, Karyn! I do believe that Elizabeth has some of THE best covers. Yummy!

  13. PJ, thanks for the welcome. I love the name of this blog btw. Dishing about something always sound like fun to me. So, if you're like me, you'll begin with Nicholas and read them in order Nicholas, Raine, Lyon, Dominic, Dane. But they're all stand-alones, and can be read in any order. I hope you enjoy them, m'dear!

    Hi Deb, good of you to come visit us and dish about the satyrs. I'm so glad you're enjoying the books. Readers like you are what keep me writing! xox

    Cecile, I just got back from mailing Dane. He is VERY anxious to land in your mailbox. Hugs.

  14. Thanks, Elizabeth! I'm somewhat anal about reading a series in order so I'll be starting with Nicholas then moving on down the line. Lots of good reading ahead! :)

  15. I appreciate the congrats, Andrea. So glad to be here!

    A trilogy within the series seemed the best way to describe these 3 books, since they're related to the first 4, but they've moved to a new time and place: 1880s Rome during the forum excavations. Nicholas and the other previous books were set in 1823 Tuscany. I love wine and olive country obviously. :o) And there's something about Italian men...

    My editor has only vetoed one name in all the series so far. The names are particularly important since they are also the titles.

    Elain, I'm so glad you enjoyed Nicholas enough to want to read more. The next book, Raine, features a hermaphrodite heroine. Just as I tried to treat Dane's multiple-personalities with sensitivity in my new release, I tried to do the same with Raine's heroine, Jordan in book 2. Hope you enjoy it.

    Karyn, that's so good to hear. Thank you for the good wishes! I was in love with my premise too, which is important if you're going to write multiple books about it. I would have grieved bigtime if Kensington hadn't published it. I feel really lucky.

    I'll check in later in the day. Wishing you all good luck in the giveaway and I appreciate you stopping in!

  16. Enjoy that Nicholas cover, PJ! I know I do. LOL Since the satyrs worship the Roman god of wine, I did some giveaways when Nicholas released where I wrapped his cover flats around bottles of wine, so they covered the labels. These were VERY popular. I kept one bottle and it's decorating my bookshelf even now.

  17. These are fabulous books. I look forward to reading Dane's story. A book has a special twist, I think, when a matchmaker meets her match.

  18. I love Elizabeths books! she rocks i found this post very interesting

    count me in please

  19. Oh, I just love the premise of this story. So excited over this next trilogy and set of brothers. Followed you here, Elizabeth, from your yahoo group.

    Boy, wouldn't it be fun to be like Eva and be able to read people's aura? You could win at cards because you could read if they were bluffing. Just sayin. *grin*

  20. This sounds like an interesting read. Count me in for the awesome giveaway.


  21. I'm looking forward in continuing this series.

    Tracey D

  22. Elizabeth, congratulations on the new release! And I know you've heard it before, but those are the HOTTEST covers! Sounds fabulous and I'm sure you've got another hit on your hands!

  23. Thanks to all who have stopped by today! I think we're all in agreement that Elizabeth's covers are some of the best out there! LOL

  24. Thanks to all who have stopped by today! I think we're all in agreement that Elizabeth's covers are some of the best out there! LOL

  25. Thanks to all who have stopped by today! I think we're all in agreement that Elizabeth's covers are some of the best out there! LOL

  26. Nancy, thank you! I love your thought about a “matchmaker meeting her match.” :o) I’m so glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the Lords of Satyr so far and I hope you enjoy Dane as well.

    SiNn, much appreciated! Glad you came by to dish with us.

    Armenia, great to see you! Thanks for visiting and I’m happy you found the link in the e-newsletter. Oh, yeah, I’ve thought about that as well. How great would that be to be able to read someone’s emotions. You’d know if a guy really liked you or was lukewarm or worse. That would’ve saved me some tears in high school and college! And it would be a lovely gift at the poker table for sure. :o)

    Hi Artemis, and thank you for the congrats on the release and the RT review of Dane. My agent called me from RT with the news. I think it was in the issue they were giving away at the convention, which worked out well. Kate Douglas sent me an extra copy of the June issue with the review, which was so sweet of her. I’m thrilled. My family and friends aren’t part of the romance world. So when things like this happen they’re happy for me, but don’t really know what it means to me in the same way as romance readers do. So thank you, thank you for understanding and being supportive! xox

    Anna, I hope you enjoy Dane if you get a chance. Thank you for visiting The Romance Dish ladies and me!

    Tracey, hi, so good to hear from you again. You are a sweetheart and 2/3!

    Anna, I really appreciate that. I’m in awe of you. Loved your Untouched and am looking forward to reading My Reckless Surrender after I finish writing Bastian. That yellow cover of MRS stands out on the shelves and you stand out as a truly wonderful author! I’m gushing, but I can’t help it.

    Andrea, thanks again. This has been fun. The site is gorgeous.

  27. Sorry I'm so late Elizabeth! I must say your covers are very HOT!! *g* I look forward to reading this series.

  28. Ooh, Elizabeth, mutual admiration society going on! Thank you so much! What a lovely message to get! Good luck with Bastian (love the names in your books too - they're just luscious!).

  29. Gannon, no problem. Good you could make it! Thanks for enjoying the covers and I hope you enjoy the books as well if you get a chance. xox

    Anna, thank you!

  30. This book sounds intriguingly awesome. Love Kensington anyway so this is sure to be a winner.

    Was recommended to The Romance Dish by Anna Campbell so am thrilled to enter my first contest on this inaugural visit!

    Take care,

  31. Hi Jessica. I’m sure Kensington would be happy to hear that. Publishers spend a lot of time and effort on covers, and they designed some awesome ones for this series. Which is your fave? The German ones are gorgeous as well. I lucked out with some great designers.

    MariElle, so cool that Anna Campbell told you about Romance Dish. Welcome, and thank you for your kind words about the excerpt. I love Kensington, too. They have been wonderful to work with.