Thursday, January 23, 2020

Review - - Blame It on the Billionaire

Blame It on the Billionaire
by Naima Simone
Blackout Billionaires - Book 3
Publisher: Harlequin Desire
Release Date: February 1, 2020
Reviewed by PJ

It was a night filled with secrets, lies…and soul-stealing passion. And now the blackout that turned lowly executive assistant Nadia Jordan and start-up billionaire Grayson Chandler into insatiable lovers leads to a proposal Nadia can’t refuse. As she steps into Grayson’s privileged Chicago world, will his matchmaking mother and vengeful ex destroy her dreams? Or will her fake fiancĂ© make those dreams a reality?

PJ's Thoughts:

I don't know why I haven't read Naima Simone before now. I've certainly heard about her, had friends recommend her books, meant to pick one up. I guess it's always been one of those too-many-books-too-little-time situations. But then, Harlequin sent me an email, asking if I'd like to read and review Blame It on the Billionaire. It's like the universe was telling me I'd waited long enough and needed to read this author. Now. You know what? The universe was right. Simone's well-developed characters, fast-paced plot, steamy chemistry, and emotional depth kept me immersed in the story and cheering for this unlikely couple from beginning to end. 

I couldn't get enough of Nadia. While all the characters, both primary and secondary, are vividly rendered and well-developed, and I loved Nadia and Grayson as a couple, Nadia is the highlight of this book for me. Strong, nurturing, confident, and protective of those she loves, she's put her dreams aside to raise her younger brother, working hard to move them away from their toxic southern hometown and ensure his dreams are fulfilled. She's someone I'd want in my corner, as Gray slowly comes to realize. I love how she defends him against those who should have his best interests at heart, but don't. She may have been the poor, neglected child of a woman of ill repute but the woman she's grown into can hold her own with a billionaire businessman and the elite Chicago society into which he was born. Did I mention how much I loved this character?

It's been a while since I read a Harlequin Desire and Naima Simone's Blame It on the Billionaire was the perfect opportunity for me to dip my reading toes back into their delicious, steamy goodness. This may have been my first Simone novel but I guarantee it won't be my last. In fact, many of her titles are currently on sale for $2.99 and $3.99 in e-book format. Excuse me while I venture off to download Simone titles to my reader's heart's content. 

One more thing. While this is the third book of a series, it stands well on its own. 


  1. I haven't read her either and now I need to go pick up this book.

  2. I loved it. And I've downloaded five of her titles since finishing this book!

  3. I've followed her but haven't read her. Sounds like I need to check out her books. Thanks PJ!!