Friday, November 10, 2023

Review - - The Asheville Christmas Gift

The Asheville Christmas Gift
by Hope Holloway and Cecelia Scott
Carolina Christmas - Book 2
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: November 10, 2023
Reviewed by PJ

The forecast for Christmas is chilly with a chance of major life changes for three sisters who have been brought together by their aunt. The month in Asheville has already opened the women’s eyes to new possibilities, and each of the sisters must make major decisions this holiday season.

With her daughter joining the family at the cabin, Angie faces the fact that her marriage is over, but has no idea how or where to start again. Noelle can no longer deny that the boy she once loved is now a man she could love again…although it would mean giving up her big city life and exciting New York career. Eve and her husband discover an opportunity that would upend their comfortable lives, but might bring them immeasurable joy.

Can one Christmas in Asheville change everything? Join these strong, funny, and loving women as the holiday spirit lifts them as high as the Blue Ridge Mountains and promises a whole new life ahead.

PJ's Thoughts:

With perfect pitch and pacing, book two continues the journeys of triplet sisters Angie, Eve, and Noelle. When they made the decision to spend December at the family cabin they hadn't visited in 20+ years, little did they know how their lives would change. Now each sister is facing a crossroads, one that could change the course of the rest of their lives. 

I have fallen in love with these characters. Scott and Holloway have created complex women about to turn forty, giving them realistic and relatable challenges with which I could easily identify even if I hadn't walked their particular path. Then they surrounded them with supporting characters who add depth, humor, conflict, and love. I want to know them, hang out with them, comfort them in times of grief, and celebrate unexpected joys. 

These stories are filled with hope, heartbreak, family, faith, and the possibility of new beginnings, all woven together into a heart-tugging tapestry that had me laughing, crying, gasping with outrage, and sighing with delight. I'm already counting down the days until book three, The Asheville Christmas Wedding, releases on December 1. 

I enthusiastically recommend the Carolina Christmas trilogy and strongly suggest reading the books in order. Click here to read my review of book one, The Asheville Christmas Cabin


  1. This sounds like a cute one! I just got an email from acquaintances in Northern Arizona who recently went on a trip a lot like this story. Small world.
    Susan in AZ

  2. The proximity of Asheville to us draws me to this trilogy. Even more are the paths this family is traveling. Thank you for the review and the recommendation. This series is going on my wish list.

  3. Sounds great. Patoct

  4. I am a fan of Ms Holloway and what you wrote about the first book in this series makes me know I will enjoy the series. I have never been to Asheville but it does sound like a wonderful place to visit. As always thank you for the review.

  5. Sorry, I meant to add that this second book sounds lovely too.