Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Review - - The Asheville Christmas Cabin

The Asheville Christmas Cabin
by Hope Holloway and Cecelia Scott
Carolina Christmas - Book 1
Publisher: Hope Holloway and Cecelia Scott
Release Date: October 27, 2023
Reviewed by PJ

The first of a charming, heartwarming holiday trilogy that will whisk you away to a dreamy winter in the mountains. With sweet romance, strong family bonds, and an uplifting story of hope and joy, this is the perfect Christmas collaboration between two beloved women’s fiction authors!

When the Chambers sisters receive an invitation from their jet-setting aunt to spend the entire month of December at the family’s cabin in Asheville, North Carolina, they have one question -- why? The retreat, tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains, may be the site of many happy childhood holidays and summers spent enjoying the beauty of the area and each other…but it also holds sad memories. The sisters, and their aunt, have spent twenty-five years avoiding the cabin and renting it to strangers. Why would Aunt Elizabeth want her “dearest darling” nieces to put their busy lives in three different states on hold and spend a month in the mountains?

Eve, Angie, and Noelle, triplets born on Christmas Day, owe their very lives to their aunt, and they agree they must go. Once there, not only do they learn to let go of the past and embrace a bright future, they all start to see their lives in a new way.

Big city girl Noelle comes face-to-face with her first love...and feelings for this single dad are strong, tempting her with a small town lifestyle that she never imagined she’d embrace. Eve, a stressed-out mother of three, revels in the change of scenery and begins to learn the art of letting go of complete control. And when Angie’s rocky marriage truly cracks, she finds a new kind of joy with a connection to the past and a reconnection with her daughter.

Can one Christmas in Asheville change everything? Join these strong, funny, and loving women as the holiday spirit lifts them as high as the Blue Ridge Mountains, and promises a whole new life ahead.

PJ's Thoughts:

Individually, Hope Holloway and Cecelia Scott have penned some of my favorite series of the past few years. Together, these two authors have merged their talents to mix up heart-tugging holiday magic in a new trilogy that is not to be missed. 

Set in Asheville, North Carolina (these mountains are a character all on their own), Holloway and Scott have created a cast of multi-generation characters who engaged my interest and emotions, immersing me in the ups and downs of their lives, relationships, fears, and dreams with plenty of laughter, and a few other emotions, along the way. The steam is low but the emotion is soul deep as relationships are tested, long-held beliefs are challenged, new opportunities are presented, and romance is on the horizon if certain characters have the courage to take the leap. I'm all-in and eager to take this three-book journey with Eve, Angie, Noelle and the rest. As the triplets approach their 40th birthday, they all find themselves at a crossroads in their lives. I'm eager to discover which paths they choose, where those decisions take them...and if six-year-old Sawyer ever finds that elusive bear. 

The Asheville Christmas Cabin (27 Oct. 2023) is going straight to my keeper shelf (where I'm sure it will be revisited) and I've already marked my book calendar for the next two installments: The Asheville Christmas Gift (10 Nov. 2023) and The Asheville Christmas Wedding (1 Dec. 2023). 



  1. I have read 2 books by Ms Holloway and enjoyed both of them. This series sounds like books I would love. Thank you for the review and the introduction to a series I am sure I will enjoy.

  2. I will have to look for these books. We live not far from Asheville, and love heading up there and spending time in the surrounding mountains. These sound like three good books.