Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Review & Giveaway - - The Cowboy Whisperer

The Cowboy Whisperer
by Sabrina Sol
Publisher: Forever
Release Date: November 28, 2023
Reviewed by PJ

When a champion equestrian butts heads with a sexy, brooding cowboy, the heat between them sizzles.

After her last disastrous competition went viral, Olympic hopeful Veronica del Valle spent three years healing – and hiding. Finally ready for another shot, Veronica agrees to train at an under-the-radar, family-run ranch in tiny Esperanza, California. The living accommodations? Sparse. High-end equestrian equipment? Zero. What Rancho Lindo does have is stable manager Tómas Ortega, a brooding, handsome cowboy who offers Veronica unsolicited advice during her training sessions. Advice that, infuriatingly, turns out to be right every time.

The only thing Tómas cares about are his horses and saving his family’s ranch—and not their new boarder, who makes it clear she’s not happy with his stables. So he’s shocked Veronica offers to pretend to be his girlfriend when Tomas’s ex comes back to town. All she wants in return is some after-hours training. He soon realizes Veronica is nothing like he imagined, and the harder he falls, the more he worries, because Veronica’s Olympic dreams will eventually take her away from Rancho Lindo – and from him.

PJ's Thoughts:

I do love me a cowboy. Make him a broody Mexican-American cowboy with strong family bonds, a special connection to horses, and a once broken, now wary heart and I am all in. Plus, bonus, he has brothers!

Sabrina Sol has created an enjoyable contemporary romance with two main characters who have both been hurt by love. I enjoyed their journey from adversaries to lovers, with a fake relationship that gradually grows into friendship, thrown into the mix. Veronica and Tómas each have flaws, familial complications, and emotional baggage that make them both realistic and relatable. Each has an emotional journey of growth to complete individually as well as part of a couple. Sol guides them through it with a deft hand. The banter between them is lively, as is the initial friction that morphs into an undeniable attraction. They're opposites in many ways but alike in others, sharing commonalities, such as their love of horses and of family. I could feel the feelings that slowly grow between them even when they are at odds. 

I really enjoyed the Mexican-American representation of both families in this book. Sol has included traditions, (drool-worthy) food, and Spanish language that give the characters and their storylines a rich cultural authenticity. It brought them to life for me, eliciting a deep appreciation for their history as well as their present-day lives. 

The Cowboy Whisperer is the second book in this series but stands well on its own. Even though the lead couple from book one, Second Chance at Rancho Lindo, feature prominently in this book I never felt lost or confused for not having read their story. However, once I met them I knew I'd be diving into their book too. I hope we'll continue to see the evolution of both couples' relationships as the series moves forward. 

Have you read books by Sabrina Sol?

Do you enjoy reading romances with strong cultural representation?

How do you feel about cowboys, whether present day or historical?

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Thank you to Forever Romance for the generous donation of a print copy of The Cowboy Whisperer for today's giveaway. 



  1. Great review! I haven’t read any books by Sabrina Sol, but they sound interesting! I do enjoy
    reading romances with strong cultural representation. I’m not normally a big cowboy reader, regardless of time period, but I have found a couple of cowboy books that I enjoyed.

  2. No I haven't

    Rose Ward

  3. I haven't read books by Sabrina Sol but will now. I enjoy romances with strong cultural representation as they are meaningful and very interesting. Cowboys are my heroes. They give me hope since they have old fashioned and important ethics, morals and principles. Historical and contemporary cowboys are fascinating to read about.

  4. I've not yet read anything by Sabrina Sol. I appreciate stories that are true to different cultures and give us some insight into traditions, etc.
    Westerns, both historical and contemporary, are favorites. Though not all live up to it, the cowboy ethic is something I admire. They aren't afraid of hard work and have an appreciation and respect for the land and what populates it.

  5. I have not read any of Sabrina Sol's books - yet. I love when books have strong representation of the characters' culture - it adds a great deal of depth to the story. I do like stories featuring cowboys, both contemporary and historical. Cowboy ethics have a wonderful sense of honor, hard work, loyalty, and respect.

  6. I Love anything cowboy. This book sounds great