Monday, December 11, 2023

Review & Giveaway - - Technically Yours

Technically Yours
by Denise Williams
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: December 5, 2023
Reviewed by Santa

Eight years ago, he fell in love with a stranger he couldn’t have—today, she’s back in his life and the sparks between them threaten to set her career on fire.

Pearl Harris has learned the hard way to be careful in work and in love. She has the chance to make lasting change at OurCode—a nonprofit aimed at inspiring high schoolers to code—but a recent scandal puts its reputation at risk. Further complicating things, Pearl didn't expect the one man she never stopped thinking about to join as the newest member of her board of directors.
Cord Matthews fell for Pearl when they met in an elevator eight years ago. She’s just his type: smart, capable, and makes him laugh, but when she broke his heart, he decided love wasn't for him. When they reconnect after years with no contact, Cord is tempted to consider breaking his ban on serious relationships. But going public with a romance between them might derail Pearl’s career and the progress she’s made at OurCode.
While Pearl and Cord are both hesitant to trust their feelings and take a risk, it soon becomes impossible to keep ignoring the electricity between them. Cord is a skilled programmer, but a workplace romance might spell disaster for both of them--and love isn’t easily debugged.

Santa Says:

Technically Yours by Denise Williams is a five star book that put a smile on my face from page one. We meet our lead characters at the end of their relationship. Pearl leaves Cord in an effort to shield her heart. Cord is devastated and, in turn, closes off his heart. Fast forward a number of years and we find that neither has truly moved on. Even at this early stage of the book I found myself hurting for them both. 

But fate has other plans for them and places them once again in each other’s spheres. Cord and Pearl both come from the world of technology. Cord owns his own company that created a successful app. Pearl works for an organization that brings young people into the world of code writing giving them opportunities to learn how to code. They're mentored by a professional in the field giving them an entry to the world of computer science. When the director of the organization is caught up in a scandal involving a board member Pearl is asked to be an interim director and Cord is asked to step in as a board member and youth mentor. 

Second chance romance. Check.

Close proximity. Check.

Only one tent. Check. 

As you can imagine, and try as they like, Cord and Pearl are still potently attracted to one another. They are to act as professionals. How hard could it be to keep their hearts and hands away from each other? No matter that Pearl’s sister’s kid who is staying with Pearl ended up paired with Cord. Pearl’s sisters are no help. And their sisterly banter was one of my favorite parts of the book, too. 

Denise Williams is a new author to me but I can already tell that I will be glomming her backlist and looking forward to any new books that would be coming out. For me, Technically Yours was a delight to read. It was filled with all the twists and turns of a well written romance with a warming happily ever after. 


Thanks, Santa! This one sounds like a fun read. 

Readers, Berkley has graciously provided us with a print copy of Technically Yours for today's giveaway. So tell me...

Are you a techie? 

What's the last book you read with twists and turns that kept you eagerly flipping pages?

One randomly chosen person who posts a comment before 11:00 PM, December 13 will receive the print copy of Technically Yours.

*U.S. only

*Must be 18


  1. Not a techie. And in a reading slump right now.....sort of out of everythng. Thanks for the review and introduction to another new to me author.

    1. Hope this book helps with your reading slump!

  2. I am a retired computer network engineer, so yes, I am a techie! I love stories that are in the STEM world, so this book has been on my radar and I am looking forward to reading it. Trivia fact: I volunteered for a number of years for a group with a goal of getting middle school girls interested in a STEM career.

    1. I love when art imitates life! I am not a techie but my husband has worked in computer security for the past twenty five years or so. He has volunteered in his company's mentorship program for both adolescents and adults. Hope you enjoy this book!

  3. Not a techie but love reading and learning about it. This book sounds captivating, unique and a real escape. The Manor House was filled with twists and kept me reading until I finished the book.

  4. I've heard so many great things about Technically Yours! I'm a tiny bit techie, but used to be more so. I honestly can't think of the last book I read with a lot of twists and turns.....maybe I need more variety in my reading.

  5. Most definitely not a techie, but Technically Yours sounds like the kind of book I'd love to get lost in. I recently (finally!) read Nora Roberts's Chronicles of The One trilogy, and I was completely caught up in all the twists and turns.

  6. I am not a techie. Christmas Prents by Lisa Unger has some very good twists.

  7. This sounds cute! I think I used to be more techie than I am now, LOL! The last really involved book I read? Maybe Everina Maxwell's Ocean's Echo?

  8. This sounds great! I’m not a techie, but Denise Williams has a way of writing that makes me interested in things like tech in a way that I wouldn’t be normally!
    The last book you read with twists and turns that kept you eagerly flipping pages was The Witchwood Knot by Olivia Atwater - highly recommend!

  9. No, I am not good with technology.
    Twists and turns
    Vanessa Kelly’s The Highlander’s Holiday Bride -murder to solve