Thursday, July 11, 2024

Review - - The Inn on Amelia Island

The Inn on Amelia Island
by Hope Holloway
Seven Sisters - Book 7
Publisher: Hope Holloway
Release Date: July 12, 2024
Reviewed by PJ

After coming together following their father’s stroke, the Wingate women have found second-chance romance, faced trials and tribulations, and built wonderful lives on Amelia Island. Their father is fully recovered and healthy, their businesses are flourishing, and the whole family is bursting with love and laughter.

But as they fill Wingate House with wedding plans and celebrations, not everything is smooth sailing down the Amelia River. One final crisis threatens this unshakeable family, and it will test everyone and everything they hold dear.

Before the sun sets on their saga, the sisters must join forces and hearts one last time to earn a truly heartwarming happily ever after.

PJ's Thoughts:

Hope. Heart. Humor. Family. Faith. Love. 

Hope Holloway concludes her heart-tugging Seven Sisters series with another book that kept me reading long into the night. These characters have all found a place in my heart. I simply could not stop reading until I was certain each member of the Wingate family was happy, healthy, and safe. And, in The Inn on Amelia Island, those facts are not a certainty for most of the book. Holloway really had me on pins and needles with this one. 

I don't want to go into specifics because each reader who has become invested in this family should have the pleasure of watching events unfold as they read the book. So, I'll just say this. Unexpected people - and obstacles - find their way into the lives of several members of the Wingate family but as we've learned throughout the series, when someone in this family is threatened, everyone - and I do mean everyone - circles the wagons. I love seeing these characters, these couples, this family as a whole come together, strengthening their bonds, their love, their faith as they confront the many faces of adversity. I will not soon forget them.

If you enjoy family sagas that elicit laughter, tug at your heartstrings, and immerse you in the trials and celebrations of one very special family, I highly recommend Hope Holloway's Seven Sisters series. I also strongly suggest reading the books in this series in order (listed below). I'm already anticipating what Holloway will bring readers next while secure in the knowledge that I know I'll be seeing Amelia Island and the seven Wingate sisters again. These books are too good not to revisit when I need a little laughter and reading comfort. 

The Beach House on Amelia Island (book 1)
The CafĂ© on Amelia Island (book 2)
The Bookstore on Amelia Island (book 3)
The Florist on Amelia Island (book 4)
The Chocolate Shop on Amelia Island (book 5)
The Dressmaker on Amelia Island (book 6)
The Inn on Amelia Island (book 7)


  1. I have read a couple of books by Ms Holloway, but none of the Amelia Island books. They do sound terrific. Thanks for the review.

  2. Love family sagas! Need to check this out!!

    1. Yay, they are kindle unlimited!!

  3. I have one of the books from this series. I haven't read it yet and now will wait until I can get the entire series and binge read them. For me, a family and characters I can really invest myself in, that is the best of reading experiences.

  4. Another great book to put in
    my TBR pile. Thanks PJ