Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Review - - Cajun Crazy

Cajun Crazy
By Sandra Hill
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: November 28, 2017
Reviewed by PJ

The last thing Simone LeDeux needs in her life is a man. Especially a Cajun man! Returning home to Louisiana from Chicago after kicking her cheating fiancé to the curb, the former cop is determined to focus all her energies on helping her mother rehab from knee surgery and opening Legal Belles with her attorney friend. So, of course, one of the first people she meets is her half-brother's new law partner, Adam Lanier. All it takes is one "darlin'" in his slow, Cajun drawl and Simone's lady parts urge her to forget all about her avoidance vow. 

Moving to the bayou after the death of his not-so-beloved wife, Adam Lanier has no interest in a relationship, confining his interactions with women to sex only and keeping them far away from his six-year-old daughter. His late wife's infidelity and sexual escapes have left him with trust issues and, because of a quick Google search, he's made some snap judgments about Simone. Let's just say those judgments don't go over well when Simone discovers what kind of person he thinks she is. 

In the way of small towns on the bayou, Simone and Adam are continually thrown together, causing their initial attraction to simmer but, more than that, they begin to like each other and become friends. Adam even includes his daughter in their budding relationship. Everyone in the bayou is urging a happy ending but Adam still has those trust issues, Simone has a lousy track record with Cajun men, and a roadblock involving Simone's sometimes dangerous career looms large between them. Will Adam be able to put the hope chest Tante Lulu makes for him to good use or will pride and doubt stand in his way?

I've been reading Sandra Hill for years, beginning with her time-traveling Vikings, and continuing with her Navy SEALS and sexy Cajuns. Her books never fail to make me laugh. Sure, some of her characters (Tante Lulu) are outrageous, at times leaning into caricature territory, and her humor can tend to the bawdy, but her stories have a lot of heart...and sizzle...and did I mention the humor? I enjoyed Simone and Adam's journey though there were times Adam tried my patience. He comes through in the end, though, for an intelligent man, it took him awhile to see the light.

If you're a fan of this series, you'll no doubt enjoy catching up with many of the characters from previous books. This story does stand on its own, however, if you're new to Hill's bayou, you may feel overrun by the plethora of secondary characters and how they fit into the greater scheme of all things LeDeux. One secondary character who stands out above the rest is Adam's precocious daughter. I don't know how long Sandra Hill plans to continue writing stories set in the bayou but I sure hope it's long enough for Maisie to grow up. I haven't had nearly enough of her!

Bottom line: if you're looking for a fun, light romp in the Louisiana bayou with plenty of sizzle and laughter, a bit of danger, strong women, and sexy men, you can't go wrong with Cajun Crazy

Have you read any of Sandra Hill's books? Do you have a favorite?

What's making you laugh these days?

I have a print copy of Cajun Crazy for one randomly chosen person who leaves a comment before 11:00 pm, January 4. 
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  1. Every once in a while a like something like this - it's fun to change it up once in a while!

  2. This book would be enjoyable and take me away. Thanks.

  3. Cajun Crazy sounds perfect for now. Need the distraction from reality.

  4. I have several Hill books in my TBR mountain I haven't read yet, but your review makes me want to move them up toute suite! (Luann McLane and Katie MacAlister books are in that mtn. too.) In the clever/funny category, Julie James books are definitely keepers, a number of Meg Cabot books have been fun, and I'm now onto Penny Reid books. Bet Me by Crusie and Hating Game by Thorne were utterly terrific.

  5. I've read a few of her books.

    My kids home from college are entertaining me for a few more days.


  6. I have not read any of Ms Hill's books. But, this does sound interesting. I have known some Cajun men, and anything you can think about them, is probably true....really lovely and charming when they want to be charming.

    Right now, I am rereading some Susan Elizabeth Phillips. She and Julie Garwood from the past lift my spirits every time.

  7. I haven't read any of her books but this one sounds interesting. The thing that has been making me laugh is this video about 2 Scotsmen who get on a virtual elevator. There are no buttons and they have to say in English what floor they want to go to. It is just hilarious.

  8. I've not read Sandra Hill and this does sound interesting. Thanks for the review.

  9. Sandra Hill's books all sound good. I have been reading reviews and comments on them for several years. I have several of her books in my TBR Mountain and can never seem to get to them. There are some from all of her different series. The excerpts I have read are just the style of writing I enjoy. I really need to dig one out and read it.

  10. I love these Cajun books. I discovered Sandra Hill years ago. Fun, well-written stories!! I don't think I can pick one over another. I enjoyed them all.

    Right now, I just finished a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book, First Star I See Tonight, which I enjoyed. About to start either a Carly Phillips or the new one by Rachel Gibson.

    Happy New Year!