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Sneak Peek Excerpt & Giveaway - - Threat of Danger

Threat of Danger
By Dana Marton
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Release Date: June 5, 2018

Jess Taylor and Derek Daley were in the throes of first love in a small Vermont town when they were kidnapped by a serial killer. They escaped his clutches—but not the trauma of the unsolved crime. With their lives changed forever and their romance cut short, they went their separate ways to exorcise their fears.
Jess is living on the edge as Hollywood’s hottest stuntwoman. It’s no longer terror thrumming through her veins. It’s adrenaline. Derek is a former Navy SEAL spinning his ordeals into heart-pounding bestselling thrillers. But when Jess is called home on a family emergency, she must face the past—and face the man she left behind, who is just as haunted and, like her, still so much in love.
Now, as an old flame reignites, Jess and Derek are taking advantage of second chances and putting their bad memories behind them. But here, in the quiet town of Taylorville, a killer is getting a second chance as well.


Common sense said to walk away. She’d worked hard to make a life for herself in LA that worked for her.

Screw common sense. He stepped forward and reached around her, looped his fingers around her slim wrists, and tugged her hands from her pockets. Then he took those hands and drew her closer to him.

“Derek . . .”

“I wasn’t sure if you’d ever come back.”

“I’m only back temporarily.”

“Is that how you left things with Eliot?” That she’d be going after him soon? His mouth tightened at the thought.

“He had to go. He had meetings scheduled with directors. And new equipment coming in that he has to test and make decisions on before the next shoot.”

When she talked about Eliot, she talked about the business. That gave Derek hope. Sounded like they’d parted as friends and colleagues, not as lovers who couldn’t wait to reunite.

Two and a half weeks left, at the most. He knew her shooting schedule from talking with Zelda. About eighteen days more before Jess had to report to the set. So why in hell was he wasting time?

He dipped his head and brushed his lips over hers. He’d gotten lost once in the Iraqi desert for three days. He hadn’t been as thirsty for water back then as he was now for a taste of Jess.

When she didn’t protest, he pulled her fully into his arms and kissed her.

The point of no return. He needed to find out if things could still work between them. He wanted her, and he could no longer pretend that he didn’t.

Her body was firm, but her lips were soft and silky, as sweet as Zelda’s prizewinning angel food cake. As sweet as the old Jess. Except, this new Jess, she was a woman. She had the power to bring Derek to his knees.

He’d told her that he would give her whatever she needed from him. He hoped she’d figure out that he was what she needed. He was going to have to help her reach that conclusion.

He breathed her in. She smelled like redemption. Like maybe he could have a do-over and get it right this time.

She stood still in the circle of his arms. Undecided. Wary.

Better than a sharp knee in the balls, but Derek wanted more. He nibbled her lips and licked the seam, tasting her.

She tasted like a whole new world opening up. She tasted like the blank page of a book before he’d written the first word, the possibilities limitless.

Was the story of his life written on her heart? Was the story of her life written on his?

Too early to tell. But he wanted to find out. Letter by letter, word by word, sentence by sentence. If only she’d let him.

She did let him in, let him deepen the kiss. Progress, but this was just the opening of her lips, not the opening of her heart. Still, Derek wouldn’t have been a good SEAL if he didn’t grab every advantage, no matter how small. And, really, the kiss could not be called small by any measure.

As he swept into Jess’s mouth, he felt his boundaries expand. Need rushed in, and filled him like water flooding into a torpedoed submarine. He sank onto the seabed of things he always wanted but never believed he could have. Jess’s forgiveness . . . and more.

All these years, he’d thought her forgiveness was all he wanted.

He’d been stupid.

He wanted thisJess. And he knew in that moment that he was going to do whatever it took to get her and keep her. Eliot couldn’t have her, no matter how handsome he was, or how much they had in common, or how hot women thought it was that the guy was some grandmaster of stunts.

Derek wasn’t going to let Eliot have Jess. He didn’t care if the guy jumped out of a burning helicopter, tied hand and foot, with a ticking bomb in his backpack, and got an Oscar nomination in every single category for the performance.


Are you a fan of second-chance romance?

Have you read any of Dana Marton's books? Do you have a favorite?

Do you get as excited as I do over the prospect of a heroine who takes control of her life and goes head-to-head against the forces threatening her?

One randomly chosen person who leaves a comment before 11:00 PM (eastern), May 29 will receive the Dana Marton tote bag (shown below) and a book from my conference stash.  

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  1. Dana is a new author to me but I do love a heroine who takes charge of her own life and is independent

  2. I absolutely adore independent, head strong heroines! And I have loved all of Dana's books...awesome reads! And as far as being a fan of second chance romances....yes, yes, YES! Sometimes we let good things go that fortunately come back around a second time. :)

  3. I am a fan of second chance romance and enjoy seeing how the characters work through past issues, estrangement or even the drift apart. This is a new to me author. It has been such a pleasure to see more heroines written as capable women or growth to capable women so that they can deal with what they must. However, I am not averse to a hero who can and will help fight battles if needed.

  4. love second chance stories

    I am familiar with her books


  5. Dan Marton's books are captivating and enthralling. Second chance stories are wonderful and strong heroines make me proud.

  6. I enjoy all of this author's books for many years. She is so talented. A brave heroine makes toe story come alive and second chances are so meaningful.

  7. Dana is a new author to me. I do love second chance romances. Bravo to the heroine who takes control of her life.

  8. I have read quite a few of Dana's books. Flash Fire is a favorite of mine.

  9. I love second chance romances! I have several of her books waiting on my kindle but haven't read them yet. I do like strong heroines. This one is going on the to buy list.

  10. I have never read her. And yes I do like 2nd chance romance.

  11. I have read and enjoyed Dana's Agents Under Fire series. Threat of Danger sounds like another of her books I'd like to read.


  12. I know who Dana is but haven't read any of her books that I own. I do enjoy second chance romances.

  13. This sounds like a good suspense. I have read her books, but they have been from her Harlequin Intrigue books. My favorite was The Spy Who Saved Christmas. Kids at risk and reunions are favorite blot themes.
    I do like second chance stories. Everyone deserves a second chance if they haven't done something really terrible to cause the breakup.
    I have read another excerpt from THREAT OF DANGER and Jess is definitely her own woman. She is fearless with her stunts and appears to be a very self-assured woman.

  14. I love second chance romances and heroines who refuse to simply be damsels in distress! I don't have a favorite Dana Morton book though.

  15. No favorite yet, but I do enjoy second chance stories & heroines who take charge of their lives.

  16. I love second chance romance. I've never read Dana before buying after reading the excerpt I'm putting this on my TRL.
    Carol Luciano
    Lucky4750 at aol dot com

  17. I love it when the female lead has confidence and strength of body & character - something we should all strive for.

  18. I love second chance romance. Dana Marton is one of my favorite authors! I've loved every book of hers that I've read, but my favorite is Flash Fire.

  19. I love Dana's books and have several of them. This book has all the elements that I love in romantic suspense.

  20. I love all of Dana Martons books.

  21. I love all of Dana Marton's books and have been a loyal fan for years. She is a wonderful author and a special person. My favorite book is always the one I am reading. I own most of her books and am anxiously waiting Threat of Danger and also the third book of the Hardstorm sage.

  22. I am a huge fan of Second Chance. I haven't read any of Dana's books but I have a few on my TBR.

  23. I love Dana's books. One of the reasons that I love reading romances is that female characters actually have a big role in the books (unlike movies,,,,

  24. This is one of my favorites by Dana. Such a good read.