Friday, March 1, 2019

Tour Review - - It's Getting Scot in Here

It's Getting Scot in Here
by Suzanne Enoch
Wild Wicked Highlanders - Book 1
Publisher: St. Martin's
Release Date: February 26, 2019
Reviewed by PJ

London socialite Amelia-Rose Baxter is nobody’s fool. Her parents may want her to catch a title, but she will never change who she is for the promise of marriage. Her husband will be a man who can
appreciate her sharp mind as well as her body. A sophisticated man who loves life in London. A man who considers her his equal—and won’t try to tame her wild heart...

Rough, rugged Highlander Niall MacTaggert and his brothers know the rules: the eldest must marry or lose the ancestral estate, period. But Niall’s eldest brother just isn’t interested in the lady his mother selected. Is it because Amelia-Rose is just too. . . Free-spirited? Yes. Brazen? Aye. Surely Niall can find a way to soften up the whip-smart lass and make her the perfect match for his brother for the sake of the family.

Instead it’s Niall who tempts Amelia-Rose, despite her reservations about barbarian Highlanders. Niall finds the lass nigh irresistible as well, but he won’t make the mistake his father did in marrying an Englishwoman who doesn’t like the Highlands. Does he have what it takes to win her heart? There is only one way to find out...

My thoughts:

What a terrific story to launch Enoch's newest trilogy about three rugged highlanders who must travel to London, to their estranged English mother's home, and marry English brides in order to protect their Scottish home. To say they're unhappy about the circumstances would be a massive understatement. But these handsome, kilt-wearing, fish-out-of-water highlanders may be in for big surprises. 

I fell for this entire family, Scots and English alike, but, in this book, it's Niall who fully captured my heart. The youngest brother, he has the dimmest memories of the mother who left him and his brothers in Scotland with their father when she fled back to London with their baby sister. Perhaps that's why he seems to be the one most likely to allow her back into his affections or maybe it's just that he's always been the peace keeper in the family. I admired his loyalty to his brothers but also appreciated that he followed his heart, though the aforementioned loyalty, and heart, are sorely tested when the woman he's falling for is promised to his older brother. I liked his wicked humor, his tenderness, and his sensuality. 

Man, did I feel for Amelia-Rose. I would imagine she's like many of the young women in London at that time. She has a mind and wants to use it, has an opinion and longs to express it, a wonderful, sarcasm-tinged sense of humor that aches to be set loose, but her dragon of a mother, not to mention society at large, view her only as a tool for opportunity. Her only value, in their opinion, is to bring a title into her family and money to the man who deigns to wed her. No wonder she falls hard for a man who delights in her being her true self. I liked her so much and loved her chemistry with Niall. They have such fun together, not only their hearts but their minds are involved in their relationship. I loved that they "got" each other. 

Of course, there are many obstacles to a happy ever after for our couple, the unwanted betrothal to Niall's brother being only one, but Enoch deftly guides them around, over, and through each one. Though I do have to admit, I had no idea how she'd overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacle at the end of the book (but, of course, she does!). It's Getting Scot in Here is a fast-paced story with humor, family conflict, witty banter, tender romance, sensual love scenes, and a satisfying depth of emotion. It kept me eagerly flipping pages from beginning to end. The family dynamics are well developed and believable while the characters themselves are vividly drawn. I can't wait to find out more about Niall's brothers and their younger sister. And, I do hope their grouchy, Scots father will re-enter the picture at some point!

How do you feel about fish-out-of-water stories?

Do you enjoy kilt-wearing, highlander heroes?

Have you read any Suzanne Enoch books? Do you have a favorite?


A native and current resident of Southern California, Suzanne Enoch loves movies almost as much as she loves books, with a special place in her heart for anything Star Wars. She has written more than forty Regency novels and historical romances, which are regularly found on the New York Times bestseller list. When she is not busily working on her next book, Suzanne likes to contemplate interesting phenomena, like how the three guppies in her aquarium became 161 guppies in five months. Some of Suzanne's books include Barefoot In The Dark, It's Getting Scot in Here, Lady Whistledown Stirkes Back and The Legend of Nimway Hall.


  1. Fish out of water stories are such fun and kilt wearing highlanders make my heart beat a little faster. I have read this author and enjoyed her stories but do not have a favorite. Have been reading wonderful things about this story and love the unusual situation that brings the brothers to London.

  2. I've read quite a few of her books. Love kilt-wearing Highlanders. Love a fish-out-of-water story.


  3. I like a kilt wearing highlander that is a fish out of water. They tend to not care and act accordingly.

  4. Kilts are absolutely wonderful - especially when they are on a strong Scot. I do like fish out of water stories. And I do like Ms Enoch's books. In fact, upstairs in my book room some of my first keepers in the romance genre are books by her. I enjoy her humor and her character development.

  5. I read my first Suzanne Enoch book this week, It's Getting Scot in Here, and I loved it. I loved the mixture of snark, fish out of water, and real people. I fell in love with Niall and Amelia-Rose. Like you I felt for Amelia-Rose, especially the way most people were treating her. Those kilt wearing Highlanders, sighhhhhh!!! This will definitely not be my last book by Ms. Enoch.

  6. I enjoy seeing how the "fish out of water" characters react and adjust to the situation. It sounds like in this case they took it as it came and with a sense of humor.
    Medieval Highland stories were the first romance books I read and they are still a favorite. The character of the Highlands and the people that live there is something special.
    I have several of Suzanne Enoch's books in myTBR mountain and hope to get to them soon.
    Patricia Barraclough

  7. I've read her books for awhile now and loved everyone of them. I also Love reading about Highlanders. My favorite reads. They had such loyalty to their people and the land. Thank you for featuring Suzanne . Looking forward to reading it.
    Carol Luciano
    Lucky4750 at aol dot com

  8. yes and yes :) I never play favorites - love them all!!

  9. Love highlander stories and I enjoy fish out of water story lines. I have read several of Suzanne Enoch's books. I enjoyed A DEVIL IN SCOTLAND featuring Callum MacCreath, the hero returns after a long absence, 10 years in Kentucky.

    johnslakeat usa dot com

    Laurie G

  10. I love reading about Highlanders. I've always enjoyed Suzanne's books and have this on my list.

  11. I love reading Suzanne's books read them all. What an imagination for the story lines. I would love to meet her someday. I feel she would be so much fun. Becky