Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Review and Giveaway - - Britches Get Stitches by Elicia Hyder

Britches Get Stitches
by Elicia Hyder
Music City Rollers - Book 2
Publisher: Inkwell & Quill, LLC
Release Date: March 18, 2019
Reviewed by PJ

Best revenge on a cheating man?
A dozen eggs.
A stolen dog.
And a night with his very best friend.

After a two-year struggle to conceive ends with her husband getting another woman pregnant, Grace "Britches Get Stitches" Evans is taking out her frustrations on the roller derby track. Full-contact violence and absolutely no cheating men? Best divorce-support group ever. 

With the help of her teammates, Grace is reclaiming one piece of her broken heart at a time--starting with the family dog, which she lost in the divorce. When the dognapping ends with a call to the police, the best revenge shows up at her door in the form of Officer Jason Bradley. He's hot. He loves animals. And he's her ex-husband's best friend. 

Then her ex does the unimaginable, threatening everything she has left as well as the new life she's started to build. Only Grace isn't the woman he kicked to the curb anymore. Derby has taught her a priceless lesson... 

How to hit back.

My thoughts:

I am having so much fun getting to know not only the sport of roller derby but also the community of friends Elicia Hyder has created within her Music City Rollers contemporary romance series. These women are so real, so relatable, and so easy to cheer for. I love how they empower one another, pick each other up when life knocks them down, and give one another a nudge - okay, a swift kick - when necessary, to get them back into the game. I want to hang out with them, go to their bouts, and jump up and down in the audience. I'm not getting anywhere near that track, though I have incredible admiration for the women who rock this sport.

Hyder has given Grace a multi-layered personal journey to travel following her (now ex) husband's betrayal. Her evolution is all-encompassing and I was there, encouraging her, at every step, as she rediscovers her passion for life...and love...along with her confidence, her strength, and her self-worth. It's a journey filled with laughter, anguish, devious revenge, more laughter, a few tears, and a sigh-inducing, dog-loving, hero who not only captured Grace's heart but mine as well. The supporting cast is all that and more, especially the college intern at Grace's shop, a snooty senior citizen customer with surprising depths, Grace's family (loved them but I would never accept an invitation to dinner!), and Bodhi, the adorable dog who might turn her into a felon (but it would be worth it). 

If you're looking for a fun journey with plenty of humor, heart, and female empowerment, I enthusiastically recommend Elicia Hyder's Britches Get Stitches. I don't know how many more books Hyder has planned for the ladies of the Music City Rollers but I know I'll be there for each and every one!

Have you ever watched roller derby?

Have you attended a live bout?

Do you roller skate? 

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  1. I've only watched a couple of movies about roller derby. I've never attended a live bout. I roller skated in my youth and loved it. A few years back, my friend and I took our little kids skating and it was terrifying. Somewhere in my adulthood, I've become very afraid of falling. I don't like riding amusement park rides anymore and I used to love them. It is very sad and I don't know where that person I was, went. But this sounds like a great book to read about something totally out of my element.

    1. I was a decent ice skater in my youth but I never got the hang of roller skating. My youngest brother tried to teach me to roller skate when I was in my late twenties. It was not pretty. lol

  2. I used to go see the Naptown Roller Girls in Indianapolis all the time. The bouts were great! I love how all of the girls have creative names. The ones I remember the most were Jane Ire and Dora the Destroyer. We haven't been to any bouts in our new city, but it's on the to do list. As for rollerskating...only when I was a kid!

    1. I've never been to a live bout but my late husband and I enjoyed watching it on TV back in the 80's. It was a lot of fun. And yes, love those creative names!

  3. I roller skates as a kid, but as I've aged my balance has gotten worse and worse. Now I'm afraid of breaking a hip! The book sounds like a hoot!

  4. In the distant past, I have watched roller derby on TV. But, it has been awhile. I know that the women are physically strong and from what you say, emotionally very strong too.

    I have all the co-ordination of a rock. When I was a kid, I tried to roller skate. Since bleeding is not a favorite of mine, I stopped trying to learn. I am better off as I am now.

  5. Used to watch roller derby when they showed it on TV all the time. I used to roller skate but health issues has stopped me. The book sounds like a lot of fun.

  6. I used to watch but haven't in a long time. Now I'm too old and uncoordinated to consider participating in.