Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Review - - Every Duke Has His Day

Every Duke Has His Day
by Suzanne Enoch
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date: September 19, 2023
Reviewed by PJ

Michael Bromley, Duke of Woriton, has a passion, but it’s not for chasing ladies or gambling till dawn. No, his is the far more dangerous pursuit of the science of chemistry. He may be a tad eccentric, but he can navigate a society ballroom, and manage a polite conversation—if he must. He’s certainly capable of taking care of his aunt’s perfectly behaved poodle, Lancelot, while she’s on holiday.

Elizabeth “Bitsy” Dockering, third daughter of a viscount, is enjoying her second, spectacular Season in London. She is a Diamond of the Season and is adored by all—and especially by her precious black poodle, Galahad. To everyone else, however, Galahad is a demon dog. So much so that Bitsy’s most insistent beau and particular victim of Galahad’s bad manners, has hired a thief to steal the dog, clearing the way for his suit.

But none of them can plan for a chaotic encounter in the park, resulting in lost notes, a soaking in the Serpentine and an accidental dog swap…and Lancelot being kidnapped instead of Galahad! Determined to locate the dog, Michael isn’t thrilled to be saddled with a flighty female insisting on helping—except that Bitsy has a great deal more sense than he expected. And a sharp tongue to match. Still, what’s a scientist to do but continue to pursue an outcome, however unexpected it may be? But chemistry is all about attraction, and this is one formula with some hilariously romantic results.

PJ's Thoughts:

In the mood for a madcap adventure with grins around every corner? That's what Suzanne Enoch brings in her newest historical romcom. It's an absolute delight.

Michael and Elizabeth (he calls her that so I will too) are so much fun. I love their banter, their chemistry, the friction that masks pesky feelings. There's much more to each of them than first appears on the surface. He's a reclusive (possibly mad?) grumpy scientist. She's a sunshiny (featherbrained?) social butterfly. Oh, but wait. There are layers - hidden layers - to these two that begin to surface. Oh, the possibilities. Enoch presents each of them with all of their particular quirks without making them seem like a caricature. I love how they each gradually bloom over the course of the story as they traverse London in search of the missing dogs. 

I should take a moment here to make two things clear. First, if you're a fan of Enoch's steamy historical romances, you should know that this is a different type of story. There's emotion, and attraction, but no steam. The primary focus here is on the adventure and comedy. There is a happily ever after, actually two, but it's the endearing kind. I call it romance light. Second, to save you the anxiety I experienced, you should know that no dogs were harmed in the telling of this story. That's a bit of a spoiler but if you're like me, you'll enjoy this book much more if you know that up front. 

The secondary cast of the book is pure gold with a soft-hearted thief, Michael's meddling staff, and, of course, the dogs leading the way. The villain is superbly drawn. It's such a pleasure to watch him taken down, especially Michael's part in it. 

To wrap things up, if you're looking for a fun, lighthearted romp through Regency London with intriguing characters, misadventures, pitch-perfect comedic antics, lovable dogs, and happy endings for pretty much everyone (except the villain), pick up a copy of Every Duke Has His Day. It's a treat. 


  1. I loved this book. And I think one of the best laughs - the man with the black "doodler". Lovely characters, fun plot, what's not to love? Thanks for the review.

  2. This sounds really cute! I will check it out!

    1. Hi PJ, it's me. Sorry I entered as
      anonymous! LOL

  3. This book sounds like great fun. Right now, romance light works for me. Things have been crazy and this type of romp is just what I need to settle in with for a good read. Thanks for the review and the recommendation.

  4. Living in a household with two Standard Poodles, I feel I must read this book soon! Thanks for the review. I enjoy Suzanne Enoch's books and this one looks like a winner.

  5. Sounds very good. Thank you for the review