Friday, September 29, 2023

Review - - Kiss and Spell

Kiss and Spell
by Celestine Martin
Elemental Love - Book 2
Publisher: Forever
Release Date: September 26, 2023
Reviewed by PJ

A witch without a spell

All Ursula Caraway wished for was to live happily ever after in her hometown of Freya Grove. The self-proclaimed Jersey Shore Witch Princess was set to begin her perfect life—until a twist of fate changed everything. Now, she's telling fortunes to the lovelorn, selling crystals at the local psychic shop, and reclaiming her missing magic. Ursula desperately wishes to shake up her life—so much so, that she’ll do just about anything. Including befriending a very cute, very enchanted prince.  
A prince in search of a kiss 
Prince Xavier Alder needs to find The One, but his lack of social skills has made that a challenge—and being cursed by the Faerie Queen isn’t helping either. So when Ursula, eager to believe in magic again, agrees to help Xavier find a perfect, curse-breaking kiss before Midsummer, it’s the ideal opportunity for them to get what they want. So long as they don’t let their mutual (and inconvenient) attraction get in the way.

PJ's Thoughts:

Prince Xavier may be trying to break the Faerie Queen's unwelcome enchantment but I'm the one who is thoroughly - and happily - enchanted by Celestine Martin's town of Freya Grove and the mystical beings who call it home. 

I'm a pretty pragmatic person so when I can lose myself in the premise that witches, Fae princes, and mischievous gnomes are living side by side in a small New Jersey town, that's a sign that the author has created something special. I loved these characters, sympathizing with the obstacles facing them, sharing their frustrations with family expectations, cringing over awkward moments, and cheering them on to what was clearly what both of their hearts desired. 

Martin has created a main couple who engaged my emotions (Xavier is so endearing and how could I not cheer on Ursula's heartfelt efforts to atone for past actions) along with a well-developed supporting cast that brings conflict, complex relationships, humor, unexpected matchmaking, and opportunity for growth to the main couple while also introducing potential future lead characters I hope we'll be seeing more of in books to come. I'm on board for many more visits to this fascinating place and fun, magical, emotional journeys to love...along with - I hope - a glimpse or two of Ursula and Xavier's happily ever after.   

Give this one a try. It has my enthusiastic recommendation. 

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  1. Thank you for the review and recommendation. This sounds like fun. A little suspension of disbelief every so often is good for us.