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Blog Tour Review - - The Daredevil Snared

The Daredevil Snared
The Adventurers Quartet - Book 3
By Stephanie Laurens
Publisher: MIRA
Release Date: June 28, 2016

Although he captains his own ship, as the youngest of four sons, Caleb Frobisher is still considered the reckless baby of the family by his older brothers and, as such, has been excluded from the more dangerous assignments taken on by his family in support of the Crown. Caleb is determined to prove that he has the skill and maturity to handle any mission on the table. The third leg of the government's covert plan to shut down an illegal diamond mine in Africa and rescue the kidnapped men, women, and children who have been forced into slave labor there should suit his purposes perfectly.

Traveling from England to Africa, Katherine Fortescue has settled into her new role as governess for a Freetown family when she disappears. Kidnapped by mercenaries and taken deep into the jungle, Katherine is held prisoner along with other men, women, and children who are forced to work a secret diamond mine. Katherine's role, along with cleaning and sorting diamonds, is to oversee the children of the camp and keep them in line. Outwardly, she appears to have accepted her captivity but underneath that calm exterior flows a deep determination to find a way out...for all of them. When the mercenary in charge agrees to allow Katherine to accompany a young boy outside the camp to gather nuts she encounters Caleb and members of his crew who have been secretly observing the camp.

Caleb's orders are to locate the mine then return to England where the fourth segment of the Crown's plan - a rescue - will be put into effect. Katherine and her fellow prisoners are determined to stay alive long enough to see that plan happen. Unfortunately, the sadistic mercenary running the camp is determined to see both of their plans derailed.

The Daredevil Snared is a much slower-paced novel than the one that precedes it though no less necessary. Think of it as more of a chess match than a sword fight. There are several new characters introduced and, in some ways, it feels like the introduction to a new series rather than the third installment. However, it does move the overall series arc forward and more information is revealed surrounding the mystery of those who are behind the kidnappings and the mine. In Caleb and Katherine, as well as their fellow prisoners, Laurens has created characters that intrigued me and for whom I came to care as I began to know them. And while the action is not as fast-paced nor the tension as "in your face" as the previous book in the series, the more subtle evil of their captor and the certainty of what awaits when there are no more diamonds to mine brings a chilling effect to this third story in The Adventurers Quartet.

The books in this series do not stand well on their own. Each book builds upon the previous one and I strongly recommend reading them in order.


Are you reading The Adventurers Quartet?

Do you enjoy historical romances set outside Great Britain?

Do you like trilogies or quartets with an overarching mystery that isn't solved until the end of the series?

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  1. I read "The Lady's Command" and was totally enthralled with it. The author portrayed the heroine as a strong woman who kept her femininity. Sometimes, when we read about "kick-butt" women, it's hard to remember that they are a woman.

    I am behind in the series but do hope to get caught up. Great story and great author.

    Series are nice but I prefer it if they can be read as a stand-alone novel. Yes, settings outside Great Britain are great. One of the earliest historical novels I remember reading took place in Jamacia on a sugar plantation. The explanation of making molasses and rum was fascinating. I really enjoy it when I learn something about a process in a novel. It shows great research on the author's part.

  2. I've not read it as yet. I will read historicals set anywhere and everywhere! No, I'd rather have each book be more stand alone.

  3. In answer to your questions:
    #1: No, I am not reading The Adventurer's Quartet
    #2: Yes but I am selective about the countries where the books are set. I prefer England, Europe and America and sometimes Australia. I'm not keen on books set in India and Africa.
    #3: No, I don't like books with an overarching mystery that isn't solved until the last book. The last time I read something like this, it was also by Stephanie Laurens. I went into the series with high hopes of an exciting and well-written quartet of books...handsome alpha heroes and smart, sexy heroines. I was so disappointed in what I read during that series, I actually felt it hadn't even been written by Stephanie. I decided right then that I wouldn't get sucked into this kind of series again.

    I'm reading more good things about this set of books so maybe I should drop my boycott and pick them up, but I just don't want to get stung again.

  4. I have not yet started this series. I usually prefer historical romances set in Great Britain, but I do occasionally read others. I am fine with the mystery continuing, as long as the love story for each couple concludes at the end of their book.

  5. I was not aware of this series, but will be getting it. I wait until the whole series is out before reading them. I like the variety in pace this book offers. Thanks for the review and letting me know about this series.
    It is nice for a change to have a series set in a foreign locale. It adds so much more flavor and possibilities for plot directions. It is nice to get away from the ballrooms and parlors of the Ton on occasion.
    I don't mind if the mystery is not solved until the end. It goes the author an opportunity to develop the plot more thoroughly and write side plots to enrich the series.

  6. I like your description of this book as a chess match where others in the series are sword fights. There's always a need for a slower, more thoughtful book to change up the otherwise fast pace of a series.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!