Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Review - - The Duke's Stolen Bride

The Duke's Stolen Bride
by Sophie Jordan
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: October 22, 2019
Reviewed by Santa

An urgent dilemma…
To save her impoverished family, Marian Langley will become a mistress. But she will not be just any mistress. Marian intends to become so skilled, so coveted, that she can set her own terms, retaining control over her body and her fate. Only one problem remains: finding a tutor…
A scandalous solution…
Other men deprive themselves of pleasure for propriety’s sake. Nathaniel, Duke of Warrington, would much rather be depraved. He slakes his desires with professionals who ask nothing of him but his coin. Marian’s proposal—that he train her without taking her virtue—is an intriguing diversion, until their lessons in seduction spin out of control.
And a most unlikely duchess…
When Marian is blackmailed into engagement by a man she despises, Nate impulsively steals her away. Though he never intended to take a wife, he can’t tolerate the idea of Marian forfeiting her freedom to another. But can he bear to give her what she demands—a real marriage?

Santa says...

The Duke’s Stolen Bride by Sophie Jordan is the newest addition to her The Rogue Files and it is another 5 Star for me. I have really enjoyed this series. We are introduced to our heroine, Marian Langley, in the previous books as governess and friend in the Duke of Autenberry’s household. She sent money home to her father and siblings but then her father fell ill and she returned home to care for him, staying after his death. Their circumstances quickly spiraled downward and she finds it more and more difficult to pay the bills and put food on the table.

And that is how she finds herself under a table, in a tavern, running from the coal peddler, one of many merchants she owes money to. As luck would have it the table she ends up under is the table of none other than a duke. A duke whose reputation precedes him. He is no other than the Duke of Warrington aka the Duke of Depravity. Marian intrigues him for no other reason than she lands at his feet, as any number of women do, but not for the usual reasons. He agrees not to give her away when the coal peddler storms in looking for her.

Marian’s problems don’t end there. She has a distasteful suiter who comes bearing gifts and keeps pressing his interest in her and if she does not agree to marriage to him he would be more than happy to press himself to her two younger sisters. Marian must come up with something more to do for her family. Tutoring and the sewing her sisters do are not enough to keep food on the table and their brother at Eton. 

Marion sees her only recourse is to become a mistress like the newly retired ‘widow’ who moved to their village a couple of years ago. Her friend, the widow Mrs. Ramsey, cautions her that it is not a lifestyle for everyone. But Marion is inexperienced and an innocent and would require some direction. She tells her of her encounter with the duke and decides to approach him to ask for his hand in her tutelage.

To say that Nathanial, the duke of Depravity, is shocked is an understatement. Once again, he is intrigued. An innocent wanting to be a sought after mistress. He reluctantly agrees and they set rules and requirements of their arrangement. Like never letting things go beyond kisses and caresses. What could go wrong? Love would never come into play - this a business arrangement. Its bounds are soon tested as her ‘suiter’ more aggressively plays his hand. The duke is left with little choice but to steal his bride.

Marian and Nate are a delight. I was rooting for them from the very beginning. I loved being introduced to the other Langley sisters. And I ask you, what English village wouldn’t be complete without a mysterious widow of unknown repute? I think you will enjoy this book as much as I did.


  1. You have made this review another that I would like to read. Thanks so much for letting me know that this is another book I MUST HAVE,

  2. Thanks for the review. This sounds like a good read!!

  3. This sounds delicious and FYI, I've just picked this up from the library.

  4. Thank you for the introduction to a book that I will likely enjoy. This is on my list for after the holiday books.