Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Review - - Beachside Beginnings

Beachside Beginnings
by Sheila Roberts
Moonlight Harbor - Book 4
Publisher: MIRA
Release Date: April 21, 2020
Reviewed by PJ

Moira Wellman has always loved makeovers—helping women find their most beautiful selves. Funny how it’s taken her five years with her abusive boyfriend, Lang, to realize she needs a life makeover. When Moira finally gets the courage to leave Lang, the beachside town of Moonlight Harbor is the perfect place to start over.

Soon Moira is right at home, working at Waves Salon, making new friends and helping her clients find new confidence. When she meets a handsome police officer, she’s more than willing to give him a free haircut. Maybe even her heart. But is she really ready for romance after Lang? And what if her new friend is in hot pursuit of that same cop? This is worse than a bad perm.

PJ's Thoughts:

What better place to start over than Moonlight Harbor, where new friendships and new beginnings await? I've grown to love this little town and the characters who call it home, and Moira is one of my favorites. I loved watching her evolve throughout the book, gaining strength and confidence while  slowly taking back her life after escaping an abusive relationship. Roberts handles Moira's situation with care, acknowledging its gravity without abandoning hope or giving us a story that is all darkness and no light. Beachside Beginnings contains the author's signature humor and warmth, along with more than a few quirky characters, while also layering in substance and emotion. 

Moira is due some good romance and blushing police officer, Victor King is the man for the job. He's so darn adorable and exactly what Moira needs in her life. She needs friends too and Moonlight Harbor is filled with interesting women ready to step in. It's going to take a village to bring Moira back to the strong, confident woman she was before her ex ripped apart her life, and the friendships she forms in this small town help her do just that. I love that Roberts' takes that street both ways by also taking us along on the journeys Moira's new boss and new friends are traveling. It was satisfying to see these women come together to help one another become their best selves, address difficult situations in their lives, overcome fear to take the first tentative steps into the next chapters of their lives, and triumph over the obstacles standing in the way of their happiness...which, as they learn, can sometimes be themselves.

This is book four in Sheila Roberts' Moonlight Harbor series.  You don't have to have read the previous books to enjoy this one but, if you have, it's fun to catch up with ongoing characters and story lines, especially a certain pastor and the woman who loves him, and a certain motel owner whose heart is being pulled in two very different directions.

Moonlight Harbor is a great place to lose yourself for a few hours and Beachside Beginnings is an empowering, heart-tugging way to do it. 


  1. Great review thank you, I'm looking forward to this

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  3. Thanks for the lovely review. I love the sound of this book.

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  4. I am enjoying this series. Looking forward to reading the latest edition.

  5. Another great review PJ. Thank you!!

  6. This is a new to me author. I read an excerpt from this book recently and Moira was a relatable woman. Sheila Roberts had a video release event on Facebook last night. She seems like a sweet lady. I will be looking for this series. Something nice and uplifting is perfect for the current times.