Saturday, April 11, 2020

Review - - Sexy Scot

Sexy Scot
by Cecilia Mecca and Julie Johnstone
Highlanders Through Time - Book 2
Publisher: Altiora Press
Release Date: March 31, 2020
Reviewed by PJ

When his older brother disappears before his eyes, Greyson McCaim is determined to find him—even if he has to travel back in time. Because it turns out their “crazy” father was right: their mother didn’t leave them willingly. She’s a time traveler, and someone pulled her back to her original home in medieval Scotland. Now Rhys is there too while the other McCaim brothers are stuck in modern-day New Orleans. They keep reciting the chant that sent Rhys back, and it finally works—but only for Greyson. Miserably unprepared for medieval life, he is saved by fate’s choice to dump him at the feet of the uncle he never knew he had. The two set off to learn what happened to Greyson’s mother and brother, but their mission is derailed when they encounter an earl’s daughter in need of help.

Marian is sent from the only home she’s ever known to marry a stranger—a Scottish noble with a poor reputation. But her fear of the unknown is soon replaced by a completely different terror when her traveling party is viciously attacked by reivers. The Scot who saves her is unlike anyone she’s ever met—his accent is strange, his words stranger, and he’s completely oblivious to etiquette. And yet this man awakens something in her, as does her newfound freedom from her father. 

Greyson’s secret opens a whole new world for Marian, and her love makes him a stronger man. But Greyson’s family is at the center of a conspiracy that promises to change Scotland forever, and from the perspective of history, he knows it doesn’t turn out well. Can Greyson and Marian possibly find a happy ending?

PJ's Thoughts:

Between my love of time travel romance and my fascination with Medieval Scotland, I could not be more excited about this new collaboration between Cecilia Mecca and Julie Johnstone. Book two, Sexy Scot, follows second brother, Greyson McCaim's journey into the past as he attempts to find both his missing mother as well as older brother, Rhys. 

I love a fish out of water story. In most of the books I read, it's the heroine who finds herself out of her comfort zone but, in this book, it's our 21st century hero who is hurtled back in time and I couldn't be happier. Between his clothes, speech, and strange views, especially in regards to women, fitting in is a constant struggle. Navigating the slippery slopes of Medieval Scotland is no easy task but Grey is up for the challenge. Watching him slowly claim his heritage, the respect of his clan, and the Medieval woman at his side was thoroughly enjoyable. 

Marian may start out as an innocent, sheltered Medieval lady, little more than a bargaining chip in the political maneuverings of men, but she becomes much more. It was immensely satisfying to watch her grow into a woman unafraid to make difficult decisions and go after what she wants. I have no doubt she will be able to hold her own in modern-day New Orleans...if she and Grey ever make it there.

There are two more McCaim brothers waiting for their stories and I cannot wait to find out what happens. Will Ian and Reikart travel 700 years into the past to join their mother and brothers? Will their father recover? Will any of them make it back to present-day New Orleans? Will they want to?  This series has me hooked and I can't wait to discover all of the answers.

I definitely recommend reading these books in order. Books  one and two, Sinful Scot and Sexy Scot are now available. Book three, Seductive Scot will be released April 23. I already have it pre-ordered. 


  1. I love the review of this, and have added these books to my "wish list".

    1. Hope you get the chance to read them, Diane.

  2. Thanks so much for the review. I am not always a fan of time travel, but you have shown me that this series and this book are terrific and I will enjoy them.

    Take care - everyone stay safe.

    1. I'm really enjoying them but, admittedly, I'm a fan of time travel. ;-)

  3. Oooh! Scottish time traveling. I will have to check this out.

    1. And all four books coming out in consecutive months. Win! :)