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Tour Review - - The Highlander's English Bride

The Highlander's English Bride
by Vanessa Kelly
Clan Kendrick - Book 3
Publisher: Zebra Books
Release Date: May 26, 2020
Reviewed by PJ

Lady Sabrina Bell has never been so embarrassed in her life. Not only did her new suitor fail to appear for their morning rendezvous in Hyde Park, but a thief pushed her into the Serpentine. Being rescued by a burly Highlander just adds to her humiliation. Nor is he content with rescuing her just once. Even when Sabrina travels to Edinburgh as part of King George’s entourage, Graeme Kendrick is there, interfering, exasperating, and so very tempting . . .
Once notorious for being the most unruly Kendrick brother, Graeme now runs dangerous missions for the King’s spymaster. Yet nothing has prepared him for Sabrina. The only child of a wealthy earl, and the pampered goddaughter of the king himself, she is stubborn, impetuous, and far too good for him. He doesn’t deserve her, but he can protect her and then send her safely back home. But the bonny Sassenach has her own ideas—and a plan for seduction that no red-blooded Highlander could resist . . .

PJ's Thoughts:

I've fallen hard for Vanessa Kelly's rambunctious, loving, and loyal Kendrick clan. Would they drive me bonkers in real life? Probably. But, on the page, I can't get enough of these strong, sexy, overly-protective Highlanders and the women who throw their lives into a tailspin...and win their hearts in the process.

Graeme and Sabrina are so much fun. Talk about opposites attracting. Sparks fly from their first meeting and I had no doubt they were going to keep me well entertained. Graeme is all business, stubborn as a mule, and also thinks he's unworthy of her but upbeat, goodhearted, and very determined Lady Sabrina has her own thoughts on the topic and, well, we all know how that's going to end. It's a rollicking good ride filled with laughter, danger, witty banter, sizzling chemistry, a bit of a mystery, vanquishing enemies, plenty of rescuing - on both sides - and, of course, a heartwarming, sigh-worthy, happily ever after. 

Add in the meddling Kendricks (Most of them have a hand in the outcome of Graeme and Sabrina's relationship and Royal and Ainsley have a large role), a potential threat against the visiting king, smugglers, Sabrina's penchant for charging into the fray, and Graeme frequently landing in trouble while trying to keep her out of trouble, and it's a wild ride that checked all my happy reader boxes and left me eagerly anticipating my next visit to Scotland for more of Vanessa Kelly's Clan Kendrick stories. 


Q&A with Vanessa Kelly

Welcome back to The Romance Dish, Vanessa!

Thank you for having me, PJ! You know this is one of my favorite places to visit in Romancelandia. J

It's always a pleasure to host you, especially when we have a new book to discuss. The Highlander’s English Bride is the third book in your Clan Kendrick series. Please share with our readers what they should expect from this story.

When I was explaining this book to my editor, I described it as “Han Solo meets Emma Woodhouse.” So, expect a handsome rogue who never intends to settle down and a ladylike but take-charge heroine who knows exactly what she wants—the hero! Add in a suspected plot against the king (who just happens to be the heroine’s godfather), a spooky old castle in the Highlands (with very bad water closets), a kidnapping or two, Kendrick family hijinks, and quite a bit of smooching. Whew!

Those hijinks (and smooching) sure do up the excitement level of this book. 

Graeme and Sabrina are so much fun! I especially enjoyed how they both responded to the “rescue” scenes. What scenes were most fun for you to write in this book?

Those ones that you mentioned—I really enjoyed writing both scenes where Graeme is kidnapped and Sabrina must rescue him. Although she feels very much over her head, she relies on her wits—and her somewhat imperious manner—to carry the day. It was also quite hilarious to put this brawny, capable, and very independent hero—a spy to boot—into situations where he was forced to rely on a dainty but forceful lady to rescue him.

I am thoroughly enjoying this family and the Kendrick journeys to love. What can you share about future books in the series? If there are future books planned, do you have a publishing timeline?

There are three more brothers in this generation of Kendricks, and I’m planning a story for each of them. The next book is called THE HIGHLANDER’S IRISH BRIDE, and stars Graeme’s twin brother, Grant. That will be released next summer.

Your love of Scotland shines through in these books. What is it about the country that speaks to you?

My family is Scots on my paternal grandmother’s side. Her family hailed from Glasgow, where part of the Kendrick Series is set, so that was an attraction. But it’s so gorgeous a country, with a dramatic and interesting past, and I really love the history and traditions of the clans. Such great romantic material!

We’re always looking for new books and new authors to add to our buy lists. What books, or authors, have you been enjoying lately?

I’ve been doing a lot of re-reads, particularly Georgette Heyer. Her books are so brilliantly comforting at a time like this. And of course I’m a big fan of Minerva Spencer, if you’re looking for excellent and sexy historical romance!

Where are the best places for readers to catch up with you online?

My website and newsletter, or my facebook readers group—Clan Kendrick is where my readers come together to discuss all things Highlander, Regency, and historical romance. We have a lot of fun!

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us today and congratulations again on the release of The Highlander's English Bride. Is there anything you’d like to add? Would you like to ask our readers a question?

I’d like your readers to know how much I appreciate their support, especially during these difficult times. Romance readers are just the best! And I’d like to know what readers are doing to bring some joy into their lives. Reading? Gardening? Crafts? Cooking? What’s working for you?

Readers, in addition to the tour giveaway below, Vanessa has graciously offered a second giveaway. One randomly chosen reader who posts a comment before 11:00 PM, May 29, will receive two of Vanessa's books (reader's choice). If a chosen book is out of print, Vanessa will substitute a Kindle copy. 

The Highlander's English Bride

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Vanessa Kelly is a USA Today Bestselling, award-winning author who was named by Booklist, the review journal of the American Library Association, as one of the “New Stars of Historical Romance.” Her Regency-set historical romances have been nominated in a number of contests, and she has won multiple awards, including the prestigious Maggie Medallion for Best Historical Romance. Her books have been published in nine languages.
Vanessa’s first Clan Kendrick book, The Highlander Who Protected Me, was a USA Today, Barnes & Noble, and BookScan bestseller. The Highlander’s Christmas Bride, her latest book, hit the top 50 on both the Barnes & Noble mass-market bestseller list and on BookScan. The Renegade Royals Series was a national bestseller, as was The Improper Princesses Series. My Fair Princess was named a Goodreads Romance of the Month and is a USA Today and BookScan bestseller.
When she’s not dreaming of plots for her next Regency novel, Vanessa is writing USA Today Bestselling books with her husband, under the pen name of V.K. Sykes.
You can find Vanessa at or at For all of Vanessa’s latest news and contests–and to receive a free story–please sign up for her newsletter on her website.


  1. I'm a few chapters in to The Highlander's English Bride and loving it! I'm totally addicted to Clan Kendrick and Vanessa's other books!

    1. I smiled so much through this book. What a great pair Graeme and Sabrina are!

  2. When it comes to Highlanders I'm all in. Enjoyed the review and can't wait to read it. Love Vanessa's books.
    Carol Luciano

    1. It's such a fun addition to the Clan Kendrick series. Hope you enjoy it, Carol!

  3. I always love Vanessa's books and have read the other books in the Clan Kendrick series. Thank you for the chance to win.

    1. One fun part of this book for me was the additional page time for Ainsley and Royal. I was not her biggest fan and seeing more of her, and more of her and Royal as a married couple, in this book left me liking her a lot more and firmly in their relationship corner.

  4. Coloring and knitting and some DIY house projects

    1. I was sheltering out of state for 3.5 months but now that I'm home I'm diving into de-cluttering and other DIY projects. Each one I cross off my list gives me such a good feeling.

      What are you knitting?

  5. Thanks for the wonderful 5* review. I do enjoy Scottish heroes.

    Activities: My husband and I have been getting two townhouses ready to rent: maintenance, painting and cleaning. Luckily, one recently rented. The other is still available. Bad time with loss of jobs and so much uncertainty.
    I'm also getting my yard ready for planting. I finished collecting winter debris and raking. Hope to buy plants next week.
    I'm reading and really trying to write more reviews.
    I'm swimming and walking as I seem to be eating more.
    Finally, June 6th I'm finally going to visit 4/5 of my grandchildren. I can't wait to see their smiles and receive their numerous hugs and kisses. I love reading and playing with all of them!

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  7. Thank you for the wonderful review, PJ! I'm so thrilled you enjoyed the book!

  8. Thanks so much for this great review & interview, PJ! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it!

    HF Virtual Book Tours

  9. I am reading and doing little projecets around the house. I am also helping to take care of my toddler granddaughters while their parents work from home.

  10. I can't wait to get to this book. I loved the first two in the series.

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  15. This one sounds great! I've been trying to get rid of clutter in my house and reading and planting flowers. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. Enjoyed reading the interview and love that the heroine gets to save the hero in the story. Reading and cooking have been bringing me joyful distraction in these unusual times.

  17. I have this series on my TBR, I have to get to it soon! I have been reading and cooking and also tried painting, all are fun :)
    Thank you for the giveaway

  18. I've been reading like crazy. I have had to go back to work but not my full hours and I can't visit my mom or my grandchild so reading it is!

  19. I have been spending lots of time outside with my daughter and husband. She loves the pool!

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