Monday, January 2, 2023

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, Dish Readers!

My knee replacement surgery was a success and I am now working hard on rehab. I'm not back to full speed - that will take several weeks - but I am making progress and for that I am very grateful. I didn't read much over the holidays; you kind of lose your focus when they take you off pain meds while your pain level is still high. Ouch. I still have pain but it's becoming much more manageable so I hope to dive back into my stash of books soon. There are several new ones that have caught my eye. 

If you follow me (PJ) on Facebook, you know that I have chosen a watchword for 2023. My word for this year is kindness. Kindness has always been an important part of my life going back to my earliest years and the treasured teachings of my grandmother. She was a woman who felt strongly in living your life according to the Golden Rule. For myself and all of you, this is what I hope we all will manifest this year: May you extend kindness to others. May you receive kindness from others. And, when in doubt, may you always lead with kindness in your heart.

I hope to be back at some point this week with January Coming Attractions along with two reviews. One of those reviews is Nice Earls Do by Susanna Craig. If you have not yet discovered this 92-page novella (December 27, 2022), I enthusiastically recommend it. It's a heartwarming, quick-read, prequel that launches Craig's upcoming Goode's Guide to Misconduct series and it gave me all the feels. 

The second review to watch for is Jayne Ann Krentz's Sleep No More (January 3, 2023). This launches Krentz's The Lost Night Files trilogy and once I started reading, I could not stop. If you enjoy romantic suspense with paranormal overtones, do not miss this book! 

So, that's the update from me. Though the rehab and pain are not fun, I'm deeply grateful for the medical team who guided me through a successful surgery and continue to guide me as I slowly regain strength and flexibility. And I'm doubly grateful for my brother and sister-in-law who have been my dedicated and untiring emotional, and physical, support through this process. 

I'm entering 2023 with hope in my heart and joy in my soul, eager for new adventures on the horizon. I wish the same for each and every one of you.

How were your holidays? 

Have you been reading any good books? 

Any special plans for 2023?

Do you choose a word for the new year? Make resolutions or set goals? 



  1. Sorry you're still in pain. Hope that passes quickly and your PT goes well. Hugs.

    No word or big plans for 2023 other than to keep writing.

  2. I'm glad you are recovering but sad that the pain is still so high. Take care of yourself!

  3. Glad your surgery was a success. Happy New Year.

    1. I am happy your have such good help with your recovery. Hoping p/t does its job and fast. LOL. I have read a lot of good books lately: Rachael Bloome - The Hope in Hot Chocolate; Kay Correll - Memories of the Beach; Lisa Hepner - The Christmas Checklist; Nancy Naigle - The Wedding Ranch; Holly Jacobs - Christmas in Cupid Falls; Kristin Harper - A Letter from Nana Rose and Jane Porter - Oh, Christmas Night. Covid delayed our Christmas Celebration to the following week due to covid. Happy New Year to one and all - and and healthy one.

  4. So glad everything is coming along nicely! I'm pretty much taking this year a day at a time.

  5. I am sorry the pain is still high for you. A friend is still recovering from knee replacement surgery and it takes awhile. So, hang in there, my friend. I think my favorite read recently is Karen Menuhin's A Wreath of Red Roses. Not a romance, a mystery, but a great deal of fun. I am in a severe reading valley of death right now, hope to climb out eventually. Take care and you are in my prayers.

  6. I am so glad surgery went well and you are on the mend. Hopefully you will be comfortable enough to be able to relax, enjoy reading, and get back to a more normal routine.
    The holidays were enjoyable if out of the ordinary. We celebrated Christmas on the 26th because of our grandson's work schedule. In the middle of dinner for 10 the city water quit. It was out until late Thursday and we had a boil water notice until yesterday. Great fun when you have company.
    I haven't had much time to read plus eye issues make it a bit difficult at times. I only managed 2 books all month.
    We hope to take a couple trips this year. Much will depend on the outcome of medical tests. (I am trying to ignore my knee issues.) There are many options for travel, it will just depend on when we can go. We try to avoid busy tourist times.
    My word is kindness every year. My companion word for this year is healthy. I hope to get some problems taken care of, one of which apparently was a misdiagnosis made 4 years ago. The treatments have been expensive and had undesirable side effects. It will be nice to get it all straightened out. Then it will be time for an adventure or two.

    Take good care of yourself and have a wonderful, kind, and healthy 2023.

  7. Yay! Happy to hear that all went well and you are on the mend!
    Hope you enjoy a fabulous 2023!

  8. Owie! I hope your pain level recedes every day. We visited the Grandkids for several weeks that included Christmas and New Year's. We both caught the RSV that is going around from oldest grandkid. He was quite sick, but for us it was a mild cold. Watchwords for this year: Good Health.
    Not much reading during that time, so I'm catching up with the anthology: A Yuletide Kiss. The e-book was recently reduced in price.
    Susan in AZ