Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Tour Spotlight - - Never Cross a Highlander

Never Cross a Highlander
by Lisa Rayne
Publisher: Entangled Amara
Release Date: December 27, 2022

Ailsa Connery has waited three long years to finally escape her enslavement at Stirling Castle and reunite with her clan. But her carefully laid plans are completely destroyed by the arrival of the infamous Highland warrior known as 
Dubh Mahoun, the Black Devil...who has plans of his own.

Kallum MacNeill's fearsome reputation has long allowed him to keep hidden his secret double life of freeing enslaved captives across the land. It's only when he kidnaps a servant lass—quite by accident—that he finds himself facing a wee predicament. He must accompany the lass home or risk her exposing his true identity. It'd be easy enough...if the feisty hellion didn't fight him at every turn.

As they make their way to the Highlands, the perils the two must face are surpassed only by their constant sparring. Soon, their heated sniping sparks heat of a totally different kind. The kind that ignites a hunger that could consume them both. Yet the difficult journey is no match for the dangerous secrets they're about to uncover.

About Lisa Rayne:

Lisa Rayne is an award-winning author and an advocate for mainstream multicultural fiction. An avid reader, the only thing she likes more than curling up with a good book is writing one. She provides readers with romantic fiction and edgy thrillers featuring smart, sexy characters of diverse backgrounds.

PJ Says:

I've not yet read any books by Lisa Rayne but the premise of Never Cross a Highlander - along with the main characters - sound intriguing. I've downloaded it from Kindle Unlimited and am looking forward to diving into Ms. Rayne's historical Scottish Highlands. 

Have you read any of Lisa Rayne's books?



  1. Ms Rayne is a new to me author. Like you, P J, I like the sound of this story. A hero who is rather like a mystery man - what's not to love. Thanks for sharing with us today.

  2. She is a new to me author. I notice she only has 3 books on Amazon and they are all very different. I really like the sound of this one. Secret identity, medieval, road trip - many of my favorites.

  3. I read this one and liked it, it was my first by her. Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours

  4. Prior to reading your introduction I had not heard of Lisa Rayne. I do like Highlander heroes. The Black Devil with his double life sounds intriguing!