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Review & Giveaway - - The Florist on Amelia Island

The Florist on Amelia Island
by Hope Holloway
Seven Sisters - Book 4
Publisher: Hope Holloway
Release Date: October 6, 2023
Reviewed by PJ

A feel-good family drama full of twists, turns, and true love.

The scent of flowers and change is in the air for the Wingate sisters. With her husband gone for weeks at a stretch, Rose’s unwavering enthusiasm is tested, forcing her to remove her famous rose-colored glasses and face a family crisis. While Susannah plans an anniversary surprise for Rex, Chloe finds the courage to try one more career path, with help coming from the one constant in her life, her precious furbaby, Lady Bug.

Raina's life is in a state of constant change, too, as she cruises into her third trimester. She finds closure and comfort in her new beachfront home, but there’s one big complication…a roommate who isn’t at all the man she thought he was.

When the clouds roll over Amelia Island, the Wingate women learn over and over again that the bond between seven sisters is as strong as steel, as gentle as an ocean breeze, and as lasting as their family legacy.

PJ's Thoughts:

Reading a new book in Hope Holloway's Seven Sisters series is like settling in for a three-hour conference call with a group of your best friends or, better yet, a weekend getaway. There's a sense of comfort, acceptance, and love among these women who are there for one another through life's peaks and, most importantly, the valleys. And, for this reader, there's a warm welcoming into the world of the Wingate family that immerses me into their lives as if I was right there with them every step of their journey.

There's a lot happening in this fourth book of the series with life-altering events in the offing for several of the sisters. Raina's pregnancy continues to flourish as she settles into her new normal but there's a new man causing flutters in the region of her heart, a totally unexpected occurrence. He makes my heart flutter too. Youngest sister, Chloe is taking tentative steps into a new relationship while searching for the right career path. She's figured out where she doesn't belong but will she be able to open her eyes to the calling that's been right in front of her all along? Raina's twin, Rose, continues to struggle with her husband's absence while trying to balance obligations to both her business (the Florist Shop) and her children. Sadie finally returns from Europe, but doesn't want anyone to know. What's up with that? And we finally get a peek into oldest sister, Madeline's life. Could there be a mysterious man in her past...or present?

Holloway handles all of these characters - and their stories - with ease. Transitions from one character's point of view to another (in alternating chapters) flow smoothly, never feeling abrupt or confusing. There's a clear sense of who each character is and how they fit into the tapestry of the Wingate family, how each sister's story interweaves with the other's. For me, the reader, it allows me to get to know these characters as if they were real people. I'm invested in them, genuinely care for them, and eagerly look forward to spending time with them when each new book releases. 

If you haven't yet discovered Hope Holloway's Seven Sisters series, I enthusiastically recommend picking up a copy of book one, The Beach House on Amelia Island and jumping in. This family will give you all the hope, humor, sibling dynamics, life-altering chaos, and enduring love you've been looking for. 

Have you read Hope Holloway yet?

Do you enjoy a family-centric series? Is there one you've read that you would recommend?

One randomly chosen person who posts a comment before 11:00 PM, October 9 will receive a print copy of book one in the series, The Beach House on Amelia Island.

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  1. I have read two books by Ms Holloway, and I enjoyed both. It has been awhile and this review reminds me of what I have been missing. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I haven't read any of her books, but this sounds fantastic! The author sounds like maybe she writes like Sheila Roberts or Mary Kay Andrews and I love their books!

  3. A new author for me. Love family drama series!!

  4. I have read Hope Holloway's novels which are captivating. I enjoy family sagas since they are meaningful and resonate with me. Novels by Rosamunde Pilcher, Belva Plain and Kristin Hannah.

  5. Patricia Bennett BarberOctober 7, 2023 at 12:41 PM

    No I have not. But love finding new authors to me this way. Everything sounds so good with this review that I'm looking her up right now.

  6. I have read Hope Holloway - Santabel Dreams, vg. I love family oriented series books as well as books with a twist.

  7. Yes I like family centric stories

  8. I am pretty certain I have one of her books in my TBR mountain, but I have not yet read her. I do enjoy family centric series and have read several. It has been a while since I read them, but I enjoyed the Sea Haven: Drake Sisters series by Christine Feehan. She also has A Sea Haven series, but I never got to it. It is about women coming together, but they are not sisters.