Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Review - - Snowed in for Christmas

Snowed in for Christmas
by Jaqueline Snowe
Publisher: Forever
Release Date: October 3, 2023
Reviewed by PJ

Sorority mom Becca Fairfield is used to guys 
not taking her seriously. She’s too blond, too quirky, or Just. Too. Much. So she’s ditched dating to focus on her job and a house filled with drama and plenty of tea. Now with the holidays and a major blizzard on her doorstep, Becca has everything she needs to survive the next two weeks on her own. Hot cocoa, plenty of books . . . and the memory of a steamy kiss with a certain sexy, grumposaurus next-door neighbor to keep her warm.

Only Becca’s seriously underestimated this Snowpocalypse. So when the power goes out and Harrison Cooper—football coach, master crank, and the guy who acted mega-awkward after said steamy kiss—offers her shelter, it only makes sense to accept. They’ll just be Blizzard Buddies. Hang out, stay safe, and maybe indulge in a little R-rated cuddling
. Becca knows that Harrison isn’t the dating kind, and what happens during the storm lasts only as long as the storm. But are they keeping warm . . . or playing with fire?

PJ's Thoughts:

In the mood for a snowed-in, forced-proximity, sweet and steamy, grumpy-sunshine, holiday romance? Have I got the book for you!

I loved this story. It's funny, awkward, emotional, sexy. It gave me so many feels on so many levels. Becca is a quirky, out-of-the-box character who is humiliatingly aware that some people find her annoying and "too much." Shoot, Harrison (who ghosted her two years ago after one date) admits he did so because he thought she was high maintenance. Also, because his head wasn't in a good place at the time but still...he ghosted her! Kudos to the author for not glossing over that. I loved how Becca held him accountable for it, how they brought it into the open, how they communicated, that Harrison owned up to his behavior and sincerely apologized. There were many behaviors (between the main couple) that I was happy to applaud in this story. 

This book has all the ingredients for a light, fun, steamy rom-com - and there's plenty of that - but Snowe takes it deeper and I am here for it. I love Harrison's growth, the fact that he becomes open to it, in both his personal and work life, and that it's initiated by the time he spends with Becca. I appreciate the time taken to show the toxic results of actions by certain members of his family and the changes that occur when he finally stands his ground. Becca is a character I admired and happily cheered on. She readily admits she's not everyone's cup of tea but I found her endearing, admirable, and bubbling over with life, love, and the right priorities firmly in place. These two match like the last two pieces of a puzzle. They just needed a "snowpocalypse" to force them to look below the surface of who they thought the other was and discover the endearing complexities that make them the perfect fit for each other. 

I had not heard of Jaqueline Snowe before reading Snowed In for Christmas (twice) but you can bet I'll be checking out her back list immediately. I love her writing voice and am excited to read more of her work. This one has my enthusiastic recommendation. 


  1. This sounds delightful, thank you for the recommendation!

  2. Thank you for the recommendation PJ! It sounds like a really good book!

  3. Sounds like the perfect holiday read. A new for me author!

  4. Sounds like fun. Thank you for the review.

  5. Thanks for the introduction to another new to me author. This does sound like a fun read and you have made the two lead characters sound like people who will be interesting to know. As always,, Thank you.

  6. Thanks for the review! I will check this one out!