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Review & Giveaway - - The Sweetheart Crush

The Sweetheart Crush
by Miranda Liasson
Blossom Glen - Book 3
Publisher: Entangled:Amara
Release Date: October 3, 2023
Reviewed by PJ

Photographer Viv Montgomery’s dreams were bigger than her small hometown of Blossom Glen. Following them meant leaving everything and everyone behind—including her sweet and funny best friend, Logan Matthews. Now, twelve years later, the town’s “sweetheart” is back, broke, and…well, working in the town’s famous Christmas store until she figures out her next move.

Enter her former best friend who she hasn’t seen or talked to in years. Only the cute, funny guy she remembers is gone—replaced by a famous, bestselling author who seems aloof, jaded, and is much, much hotter than any book nerd she’s ever seen. Seeing him in the news is one thing, but up close and person? Whewf, it’s warm in here.

Now he’s offered her a job she desperately needs (blissfully free of Santas), and suddenly it’s like no time has passed at all. Their friendship is just like it was…with one very unexpected difference. Because somewhere between the blossom festival and snuggling in front of a crackling fire, their friendship is definitely turning into some more. Only, Logan’s been hiding the secret of his enormous success…and the sweetheart of Blossom Glen is about to read all about it.

PJ's Thoughts:

Miranda Liasson has taken two of my favorite tropes - second chance romance and friends to lovers - and molded them into a charming, heart-tugging journey to love for youngest Montgomery sister, Vivienne and her former best friend, Logan. 

It's hard to say which of the books in this trilogy I've enjoyed the most. Each brings its own special flavor to the page but what they all have in common is the strength, support, and love of family. In this one, it's both families - Viv's and Logan's - who play roles in the evolution of both characters as well as their romantic relationship.

Another facet of their story that I enjoyed is the friendship upon which their love is built. Yes, they've been estranged for twelve years but that foundation that was carefully built from childhood through high school still exists, lending critical support to the deepening feelings between them. There may be cracks here and there but love, growth, and communication go a long way in repairing them and moving their relationship forward. 

The sense of community is strong in all three books with the author evoking a spirit that is easily relatable, whether you've lived in a small Midwest town or not. Secondary characters bring additional texture, conflict, humor, and emotion to the page, blending seamlessly with Viv's and Logan's journey without detracting from it. 

If you're looking for a low-steam contemporary romance with plenty of feel-good charm and emotional depth, I recommend giving The Sweetheart Crush a go. It stands well on its own (Logan isn't introduced until this book). It's my opinion that you'll have a greater appreciation for the nuances of the Montgomery family dynamics as well as the growth of the Montgomery women and their partners if you read the three Blossom Glen books in order, however, wherever you choose to begin you'll find a heartwarming journey worth taking. The Blossom Glen books, in order, are: The Sweetheart Deal, The Sweetheart Fix, and The Sweetheart Crush. All three are available for purchase or to download from Kindle Unlimited if you're a subscriber. I loved them all. 

Have you read Miranda Liasson yet? Any favorites?

Are you happy jumping into a series at any point or are you a "must read in order" person?

What's your favorite romance trope?

One randomly chosen person who posts a comment before 11:00 PM, October 25 will receive a print copy of The Sweetheart Crush.

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*Must be 18


  1. I have love all of Miranda's books. I am not a read in order person. I love a rich man poor girl trope, love lost come back, neighbor next door, so many tropes I love.

  2. I have not read any of Ms Liasson's books yet. But, it does sound as though she writes my kind of stories. Thanks for the review and introduction to this author. I like reading a series in order, but can live with the idea of jumping in the middle. As for which trope is best for me, I like well developed characters, so if they are well done and people I like I am all in to the story.

  3. I haven't read Miranda's books yet, but her stories look like the kind I enjoy - she is definitely on my reading radar. I do like to read series in order from the beginning.

  4. I generally like to read a series in order but am not opposed to jumping out of line if the series allows it. Thanks for another great recommendation!

  5. Haven’t read her yet but this story sounds good. Want to read books one and two after reading this blurb. Glad you do not have to read in order!

  6. I ve read too of Miranda s prior books! I dont have too read in order. I love many tropes. Thanks for the chance!

  7. I love Miranda’s books & would love to add this one to my collection. I like to read in order & my favorite trope is Second chance love 💕

  8. Loved it and put my review up on Amazon today. Thanks Miranda for another great book.

  9. DeeAnn Kraft. Added my review to Amazon today in Miranda.

  10. I have read 7 books by Miranda liasson.
    I have read this series well except this book.
    Loved each book I have read by Miranda liasson. How ever I have read books in the middle of a series.

  11. I love Miranda’s books & would love to include this one in my collection. I usually prefer reading in order & my favorite trope is second chance romance

  12. Miranda's novels are captivating and special. I like to read a series in order. Tropes which are enjoyable are mature individuals finding love, a chance meeting, second chance at love.

  13. I have not read any of her books yet but they sound like fun stories. I read series in order, most of the time.

  14. I absolutely love Miranda Liasson books! I like to read in order, but I can and have jumped into the middle of the series. One of my favorites is The Sweetheart Fix as it is a second chance story and it is my favorite trope.

  15. Hi PJ! I loved the first book in this series, The Sweetheart Deal! I haven't gotten to the 2nd yet, but my preference is to read series books in order. Friends to lovers is my favorite trope & this sounds really good!

  16. Haven't read any books by her. I don't necessarily have to read in order. Beauty and the Beast and friends to lovers are my two favorite tropes.

  17. Love this series! Hopefully will start tomorrow. Love second chance series!

  18. I do have a book or two of hers in my TBR mountain, but haven't yet read her. I do prefer to read a series in order, but have enjoyed books I've read not realizing they were part of a series. It does make the reading experience richer if the series is read in order.
    Favorite tropes are Beauty and the Beast and wounded hero/heroine. They are rather similar.

  19. I love Miranda's books! I am one of those readers who prefers to read a series in order, however it isn't a hard and fast rule. My favorite tropes are friends to lovers and beauty and the beast.

  20. I don't mind starting a new author mid series, but if I like it I try to go back and read the first ones too.

  21. Patricia Bennett BarberOctober 25, 2023 at 6:09 PM

    Yes, I have read and loved her books. And I'm the person that has to read in
    And I love second chance books
    Good luck everyone!!!