Friday, October 13, 2023

Review - - Sister of the Bride

Sister of the Bride
by Lauren Morrill
Publisher: Yellow House Media
Release Date: September 12, 2023
Reviewed by Santa

A romcom retake on Father of the Bride about letting go, falling in love, and a whole lot of lasagna

For someone who doesn’t do well with change, Pippin Marino sure is dealing with a lot of it. First her twin sister returns from Europe with a fiancĂ© and a plea for Pippin to plan the wedding. Then her mom announces plans to sell the 100 year old family restaurant that Pippin has been running since her father died.

But at least there’s one good development in Pippin’s life. After eight years on the west coast, her best friend Toby Sullivan surprises her by moving back to Boston. Having him back is the one bright spot amidst her summer of panic, especially when he offers to help her plan the wedding.

But then one kiss changes everything.

And Pippin Marino does not do well with change.

Sister of the Bride is a steamy, slow-burn friends-to-lovers romcom with wedding planning, pasta, a Grey's Anatomy-loving Nonna, and a guaranteed HEA.

Santa Says:

Sister of the Bride by Lauren Morrill is a five star read that is not to be missed. This is her debut foray into rom coms for adults. She is a successful YA author. Given how good this book was, I am sure I will be reading her other books, as well. 

Pippin Marino likes things just the way they are, thank you very much. It turns out the universe has other ideas for her. It’s one thing to have her twin away in Europe but now she’s engaged to be married and has asked Pippin to plan their wedding. No problem since she is running their family’s restaurant. At least that is a constant until her mother announces that she is going to sell it. It is a legacy that Pippin has been struggling to maintain in her father’s memory but her father never intended for her to feel tied to it. Now Pippin is adrift in so many ways with the future seeming so uncertain. 

The only silver lining for her is that her best friend Toby has moved back to Boston to pursue his medical career. Pippin is ecstatic to have Toby back into her life. He has even agreed to help her plan the wedding. But Toby’s feelings for Pippin go beyond the bff stage and have for many years. Pippin is unaware that his feelings run deeper and they share a kiss that changes everything! There’s that word again - change. 

Pippin has a lot on her plate. Will she be able to come to terms with the sale of her beloved family’s business? Has she always had stronger feelings for her bff? Pippin learns that change is not a four letter word when you learn to open up to the people in your life who will always be there through it all. Maybe change is not such a bad thing after all. 

I really enjoyed this book! I found it funny and poignant. The characters were lively and the dialog on point! I think you will enjoy it, too!


  1. Thanks for the review. A new to me author and the story sounds charming.

  2. Thank you for the review. This sounds like a book that is good at exploring change and the impact it has on people. It should be a good read.