Monday, November 15, 2010

Hot Dish for November

Boy have I got a guy for you this month!!! Thanks to a recommendation from one of the party girls (aka one of our followers) during our anniversary celebration week, I did a little research on this guy and found him to be worthy of this month's HOT DISH.

Words just aren't needed this month.

Just a few fabulous pictures and your imagination!

I give you the HOT DISH for November -- model Jed Hill.

Do I really need to say anything else?

~ Buffie


  1. Buffie

    It is really already hot over here in Oz at the moment without making me hotter LOL.

    What a hunk

    Thank you so much

    Have Fun

  2. LOL, Helen! Yeah, I think Jed is a hunk too!

    I'm off to work on this rainy, cold Monday. I'll be back later in the day to check in and see what others think of Jed.

  3. Dianna, are you at a loss for words honey? Hehehehe!!!!

  4. WOWZA!

    Thanks, Buffie and a BIG THANK YOU to whoever suggested Jed! WOW!

  5. Nice! I think I just drooled on myself. :P

  6. HOLY SMOKES!!!! He is just...WOW!! Coherent thoughts fail me. LOL

  7. LOL! Upon looking at the other comments, I believe WOW just might be the word of the day. *vbg*

  8. I'll echo what everone else said. Wow! Great pick, Buffie and good call taking the recommendation! :)

    P.S. Does this mean I may see McSteamy (Eric Dane) as a Hot Dish soon? ;) lol

  9. WOW... hot or what... He will make my hot flashes even hotter...

  10. Oh my goodness...words do not do him justice! Nice pick!!

  11. LOL @ everyone's comments!!!

    Isn't he just fabulous?

    Thanks for the suggestion Karyn! He is definitely worthy of the HOT DISH title!!

  12. P.S. Does this mean I may see McSteamy (Eric Dane) as a Hot Dish soon?

    Lisa, you just never know . . . ;-)

  13. Ooh, yes! Jed Hill is my second fav (after Paul Marron). Jed is on J. K. Beck's Shadow Keepers series as well as Shayla Black's DELICIOUS. But his best (so far) is still Jaci Burton's THE PERFECT PLAY.

  14. Buffie said...
    Dianna, are you at a loss for words honey? Hehehehe!!!!

    I might mention that doesn't happen often either...LOL

  15. It seems that Jed is also on DEMON'S FALL by Karalynn Lee; it looks a lot like the cove of DELICIOUS.

  16. Oh my, hot, hot, hot, where to gaze first, lol.

  17. One word...YUM... :)
    Beautiful thighs.
    Carol L.