Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Today's Special - - J.L. Saint

We're happy to welcome J.L. Saint back to The Romance Dish!  J.L, who also writes under the names of Jennifer St. Giles and Jennifer Saints (and is known to the Dishes as Jenni), is currently working on a terrific military romantic suspense series.  The second book in the series, Tactical Deception was released in March.

Jenni is one busy lady.  In addition to her writing, she's also a surgical nurse, mom, vice-president of a charitable organization that helps women's and children's causes and, if that isn't enough, she also writes screenplays!  To find out more about Jenni and her books, visit her website and catch up with her at Facebook and Twitter.

Welcome, Jenni!

What drives your day?

Through many of the difficulties that I have recently navigated, there are certain truths which stand out in my mind.  One of them is that every person, no matter how young or old, needs to have, a motto.  A few simple words they put into their mind at the start of the day that fuels and directs them through the challenges they face.  Mine center around what I’ve come to understand as the true measure of success.  It is not financial gain, though for a writer to be able to prosper greatly from their work is a beautiful thing that I hope to one day enjoy.  To me the true measure of success is touching the lives and hearts of others.  So my motto that drives me every day, my motto that drives every story I write, my motto that defines the direction of my future can be found in these six words.  Dream, Believe, Create, Inspire, Love, Heal.  Dream:  In dreaming of all of things possible a person fills their heart with hope. Believe:  In believing all things are possible a person becomes a dynamic force of forward moving energy. Create:  In creating a person taps into the wellspring of one’s heart and shares something that no one else on this earth can share because each person is an individual. Inspire:  When you dream, believe and create, you inspire others around you. Love: Inspiring others is the best way to love another person. Heal.  Love is the great healer in life.

I write romance because to me romance is dreaming, believing, creating, inspiring, loving, and healing.

What drives your day and your life?  Please share so that someone else might be inspired, feel loved, and healed. 

Now that I have been all serious, I am going to go crazy on you.  I’ve often said that writers don’t develop split personalities, they acquire pseudonyms.  I have three.  Jennifer St. Giles, JL Saint, and Jennifer Saints.  They all sort of came into existence in order to fit the genre I wrote from historical gothic to military thriller to sexy contemporary romance.

Today, I hope I don’t make your head spin, but I am going to be all three of my personalities because I have something great happening in each of the genres I am currently writing in.  (We won’t mention the fact that I have several stories on my computer just waiting to be finished that don’t fit in the three categories above.  When I get them done I will have to close my eyes and play eeny-miney-moe to pick which one I will publish the book under because I promised I would not take on another name.

As Jennifer St. Giles, the re-released trade paperback of Darkest Dreams (sequel to Midnight Secrets) will hit the shelves on July 3.  The third book in the Killdaren trilogy, Silken Shadows, will be re-released in e-book form on July 10th.  The covers are amazing!

As Jennifer Saints, I will be releasing the third book in the Weldon Brothers Series, Hard Irish around the first or second week in July. 

Hard hat in hand, Jared Weldon goes undercover.  But the answers he finds at McKenna Construction.  Leaves him drowning in passion and hard up against a killer.

( Ahem, I had promised myself and my readers that I would have it done by June 30th, but alas I must not be as young as I once was.  Life has intruded, and my ability to write all night and work all day is gone.  But I want the story right so, please be patient as I get Jared Weldon and Rocky McKenna hot and steamy on the page).

Lastly, as JL Saint, I hope it is okay to share some exciting news. Romantic suspense author, Cindy Gerard and thriller author, Andrew Peterson gave me quotes for the cover of Tactical Deception, the second book of my Silent Warrior Series.

"TACTICAL DECEPTION is razor sharp, smart, and smokin' hot!  I loved it!" -- Cindy Gerard, New York Times Best-selling author

"J.L. Saint's Silent Warrior series is teeming with breathtaking emotion and explosive action. Thoroughly entertaining!" -- Andrew Peterson, author of Forced to Kill

A shout out to both of these great and gracious authors. 

So all of you out there reading this blog today, find the motto of your heart, but until then, remember to dream, believe, create, inspire, love, and heal.  Then you will have truly succeeded in life.

Jennifer St. Giles aka JL Saint aka Jennifer Saints.


Thanks, Jenni! So, dear readers, what drives your day and your life? Please share!


  1. While it may corny, it's true that happiness at being alive and able to do pretty much what I want every day is what "floats my boat." Being retired means I can plan to do what I want which is not sitting in my rocking chair and knitting. (OK. No ugliness meant to people to like to do that!) My husband and I are summering in the mountains of NC, hiking most days and exploring new and exciting places. Of course, we have a bit of down time in the evenings so we can read and continue to learn! Life is good!

  2. Connie, that is exactly how my dad has felt since he retired several years ago. He retired a little earlier than planned because my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer (she is now doing well!). He loves being able to do anything he wants when he wants. :)

    Enjoy your summer!

  3. Welcome back, Jenni!! What a lovely and inspiring blog! I'm so happy that you were able to use these tools to navigate through those difficulties. Thanks for sharing them with us. I wish you much success with EVERY name you use! (((hugs)))

  4. I've only read you under Jennifer St. Giles and enjoyed your stories and I've found once I like the voice of an author, I enjoy it no matter what the genre. You've given me some new reads to look into :)

    1. Glad to hear it, catslady! I've enjoyed her Jennifer St. Giles books, too. ;-)

  5. Okay Ladies, have lost my mind... work went extra long in the surgery center yesterday and I came home and fell asleep. Woke up late, ate dinner and went back to sleep, without ever remembering that my blog was up at the romance dish. I did have an OS moment this morning as I was rushing to work. I posted but now that I am home for work, I don't see my post so I obviously did something wrong then. LOL Thank you all for your encouragement. I hope that my words inspire and that my love stories do too.
    Andrea and Patty your southern hospitality at the dish is incomparable. I wish you had a real restaurantLOL