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Today's Special - - Delores Fossen's Blame it on the Cowboy Tour

Blame it On the Cowboy
By Delores Fossen
Publisher: HQN
Release Date: September 27, 2016

Every cowboy has a wild side—all it takes is the right woman to unleash it… 
All of Logan McCord's carefully laid plans erupt the day he walks in on his would-be fiancée getting…well, not so carefully laid. Tonight, just once, Logan is acting on instinct. And that instinct is telling him to say "Happy to oblige" to the cute stranger looking for a no-strings fling with a Texas cowboy. 
When chef Reese Stephens made her bucket list, she mistakenly thought she had weeks to live. Not that she regrets her one-night-stand with the gorgeous rancher. But she does regret leaving an heirloom watch as a parting gift. Tracking Logan down is easy. Walking away again is another matter. Because Reese's crazy past and Logan's battered heart are no match for the kind of chemistry that could turn one night into the start of a passionate lifetime.

Logan McCord has never taken a walk on the wild side. He leaves that kind of behavior to his twin brother, Lucky. Logan is the consummate businessman who walks the straight and narrow and has kept the family business prospering since their parents' tragic deaths years ago - deaths for which Logan blames himself. But when his marriage proposal to his long-time, perfectly respectable, cultured, rich, cool, and collected girlfriend goes horribly awry and it all unfolds in front of his family, he takes himself off to San Antonio to get perfectly drunk. A pink-haired, tattooed, turtle shirt wearing woman is in the same bar Logan lands in, with the same goal in sight but she has one more goal in addition to getting drunk. Chef Reese Stephens thinks she's dying and she's systematically checking items off her bucket list. Next up: one night of no-names, no-strings sex with a hot cowboy and, oh mama, does our Logan fit the bill. Of course, she's gone when Logan wakes the next morning but she leaves behind an antique gold watch, her most treasured possession.
After discovering she received someone else's diagnosis and isn't really dying, Reese is determined to track down her mysterious cowboy and retrieve the watch that belonged to her grandfather, the only person in her life who truly cared about her and kept her safe. She finally finds Logan and takes a job as a cook at the diner in his small hometown. To say he's less than excited to see her would be a vast understatement. He doesn't trust her and thinks she's there to ruin his reputation and possibly shake him down for money. He wants her gone but she's given her word to the diner's owner to stay until the owner's wife recovers from surgery. In the meantime, she and Logan keep being thrown together and the sparks from their first meeting keep flying. But, more than that, as they spend time together, they gradually begin to know - and like - one another. Could it be that this woman who never unpacks her suitcase and moves every six months to stay ahead of the secrets of her past might be the one to finally claim the heart of the oh-so-proper Logan McCord or when those secrets come to light in a very public way will it turn Logan against her and send Reese running once again?

I've enjoyed all of the books in Delores Fossen's McCord Brothers series but this one is my favorite. Logan has been the buttoned-up brother throughout the stories and I've been waiting to see him unravel and show us all those layers beneath his stoic exterior. To give him a heroine like Reese, with her multitude of emotional (and legal) baggage, so far removed from the perfect life he's carved for himself, is brilliant. He needs someone to shake him up and Reese needs someone to give her the confidence - and support - to take a stand against her past. Their relationship is a messy roller coaster of emotions, with plenty of twists and turns, ups and downs, humor, sizzle, intrigue, and coming to terms with who they are and what they really need to finally claim the happiness neither of them ever really thought they deserved. I was with them every step of the way and thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

While you could read this as a standalone, to better understand Logan and the McCord family dynamics, I would recommend at least reading Logan's twin brother Lucky's book, Lone Star Nights, before Blame it on the Cowboy


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  1. It is so fun to read a series where the books just keep getting better!
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