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Nine Years and Counting - - Roxanne St. Claire (2014)

Roxanne St. Claire has been one of my favorite authors since discovering her back in 2008 when I won one of her books at another blog. Whether she's writing action-packed romantic suspense (Bullet Catchers), sizzling contemporary, mature "silver fox" heroes with age appropriate heroines (Barefoot Bay), or heartwarming, family-focused stories with characters (two and four-legged) that I adore (The Dogfather), she never fails to immerse me in a good story and leave me with a smile. The post below is from September 26, 2014. 

Today's Special - - Roxanne St. Claire

I'm delighted to welcome New York Times and USA Todaybestselling and Rita® award winning author Roxanne "Rocki" St. Claire to the blog today.  I'm a long-time fan of Rocki's books and, in my opinion, her current Barefoot Bay series is some of her best writing.  I highly recommend all of the books in the series.  In addition to being a terrific author, Rocki is one of the nicest people around and an author who greatly appreciates her readers. 

You can find information about Rocki and her books at herwebsite and connect with her online at Facebook and Twitter.

Welcome, Rocki!  I’ve been enjoying your Barefoot Bay books so much.  Each one makes me laugh, makes me cry and touches my heart in a profound way but your newest, Barefoot in Lace- book 2 in the Barefoot Bay Brides trilogy - has set a new standard.  In fact, it may just be my favorite of all the books you’ve written. Please tell our readers what they can expect from this book.

Wow, thank you! Barefoot in Lace was not an easy, breezy book to write (though I hope it reads that way!) so that compliment means the world to me.  Readers can expect a trip back to Barefoot Bay, my fictional island on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  Like every book in the series (loosely broken into three “sub” series – the original Barefoot Bay quartet, the Barefoot Bay Billionaires, and the Barefoot Bay Brides), this novel stands completely alone as a romance about two damaged souls who are healed and made whole by love.  Readers can expect an emotional ride, some laughs, some tears, plenty of romance, and visits from characters they may already know and love.  Oh, and a few lovely chapters in the south of France, just to liven things up a bit!

Gussie and Tom are both weighted down by emotional baggage.  What is it about these two that convinced you they could overcome their obstacles and find a happy ending together?

They “got” each other from the very beginning.  These are two people who, on the surface, are not at all what they seem to be.  Gussie is a wedding stylist who works for the Barefoot Brides, the destination wedding consultants based in Barefoot Bay, and she longs for a family to replace one she lost when her brother left home years ago.  Tom, an elite professional photographer, has experienced exquisite sadness and loss, but has coped by draping himself in a shroud of solitude.  When he’s given the guardianship of his twelve-year-old niece, he finds himself in an impossible situation – unable to reach her, unable to leave her, unable to return to his life alone.  Enter Gussie, who needs a wedding photographer ASAP, and seems to have a natural rapport with Tom’s niece.  They strike a deal, get very close, and begin to peel off layers (and clothes!) to discover…oh, you know.  A happy ending!   But it’s a tough road to getting there, I promise.

A tough road it may be but well worth the journey!

I’ve shed a few tears in more than one of your books but this story had me sobbing like a baby.  Do you have the same emotional reaction when you write the stories?

I’ll be honest – if I don’t shed a tear while writing a book, something is wrong.  Yes, I have an emotional reaction.  There are two scenes in particular that always make me tear up, no matter how many times I polish and revise – and in the course of writing a book, I can read (and rewrite and revise and improve) a scene at least twenty times!).  I’ve been getting a lot of email about those scenes, so I know my reaction matches readers, which is so reassuring!

Let’s talk about you a bit.  We’re just about to kick off the new fall TV season.  What new – or returning -shows are you looking forward to watching? 

OUTLANDER!!! I am absolutely breathless about the new series on STARZ.  I can almost not talk about how amazing it is.  I’d never read the book (not a huge historical fan – at least I didn’t think I was) but I heard some buzz about this show and was delighted to discover we actually have STARZ on my TV. (Who knew?) I watched about five minutes and was immediately invested.  After the second episode, I bought the book and DEVOURED it.  I watch every episode at least twice and each time I’m more blown away by this incredible storytelling.  The production is stunning, the acting superb, the writing perfect, and…Jamie.  Sam Heughan is all of the above. 

Like you, I hadn't read the books either but I've fallen in love with the STARZ production of OUTLANDER.  It's exquisite!

I love to be surprised by characters in the books I read.  What would readers be surprised to learn about you?

That’s a tough question, since I’ve been an “open book” for ten years, sharing much with my readers. Oversharing, perhaps.  Maybe they would be surprised to learn that one of my hobbies is taking sunrise pictures and turning them into “inspiring” wallpaper that I give away for free on my website! Go to this link and be inspired by the breathtaking sunrises I enjoy every morning.

What beautiful photos and how generous of you to share!

I’m a huge fan of college football and here in the south, tailgating is an important part of the experience. Let’s say you’re hosting a tailgating party and can invite ten couples from your books, who would you choose and why?  What favorite dishes would you serve?

Well, first of all, it would not be a tailgate party and it might not be a football game.  I’m not really a fan (though I am a Gator Mom and there are fans around me) but we love to host barbeques – and that counts as a southern tradition, right? I would be tempted to invite all of the Bullet Catchers and their beloveds (there were eleven books in that series, so we’d have to make room for an extra couple and, by now, a few babies).  That way, we could PLAY football (there’s often a game of touch football at Lucy Sharpe’s estate on Sundays, readers may recall) and admire teams up close and personal.  There are TEN Barefoot Bay books (or will be when the third in the Barefoot Brides comes out early next year) so that would make a very fun party, too.  On the beach and barefoot, of course!

Barbeques work just fine and I love the thought of all the Bullet Catchers back together! 

As you mentioned above, the third book in the Barefoot Bay Brides trilogy will be out next year.  Will you be returning to Barefoot Bay after that?  I admit, it’s become one of my favorite fictional places to visit!

Thank you so much – you are always welcome to kick off your shoes and fall in love! Barefoot Bay is constantly growing – there’s a minor league baseball team moving in, you know.  And some excitement brewing off shore that could make a splash, too.  I’m definitely writing another trilogy set in Barefoot Bay, and am just now starting to plan out those books for 2015.  Stay tuned!!

Have you discovered Roxanne St. Claire's books yet? Do you have a favorite book or series?

How do you feel about mature heroes and heroines?

Do you enjoy animals who find their HEA along with the hero and heroine? 

One randomly chosen person (U.S. only) who leaves a comment before 11:00 PM, November 3, will receive a signed copy of Sit...Stay...Beg, the first book in St. Claire's wonderful The Dogfather series. I just can't get enough of the Kilcannons and their journeys to love!

The Dogfather isn't just one's a brand new contemporary romance series from New York Times bestselling author Roxanne St. Claire celebrating what she loves most: hot guys, great dogs, big families...and true love. And a portion of the proceeds from every book in the series will be donated to the Alaqua Animal Refuge in the author's home state of Florida! All the "cover dogs" are rescues from Alaqua, where the covers for the series were photographed! 


Garrett Kilcannon, a former dot com super-success who now devotes his life to rescuing dogs and finding them homes, prefers to keep his secrets buried as deep as a dog hides his bone. So when he learns his father has invited a journalist to Waterford Farm to write and produce an in-depth profile on him, he doesn't care that she's a childhood friend or drop dead gorgeous. He has zero tolerance for the media...until he sees a different side when she gets through the walls of a rescue dog who's refused to eat during her short stay at Waterford. Unwillingly charmed and undeniably attracted, Garrett agrees to the interview that could break down a few of his emotional walls, too. 

Garrett might not want to share the story of his colorful former life, but Jessie Curtis has the skills to peel back the layers of this sexy, complicated, caring man. In the process, she not only discovers his secrets, she finds herself falling for a man who touches her heart in a way she never thought possible. Her entire career is riding on this one explosive interview, but can she bear to repay Garrett's trust by selling his secrets? Or can a woman who gave up on happiness a long time ago learn to believe that all it takes to rescue a lost heart is the love of a good man? 

The Dogfather Series 

Daniel Kilcannon is known as "The Dogfather" for a reason. It's not just his renowned skills as a veterinarian, his tremendous love of dogs, or the fact that he has turned his homestead in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains into a world class dog training and rescue facility. Ask his six grown children who run Waterford Farm for him, and they'll tell you that their father's nickname is due to his uncanny ability to pull a few strings to get what he wants. And what he wants is for his four sons and two daughters to find the kind of life-changing love he had with his dearly departed wife, Annie. This old dog has a few new tricks...and he'll use them all to see his pack all settled into their happily ever afters! 

Sit...Stay...Beg - Book One 
New Leash on Life - Book Two 
Leader of the Pack - Book Three 
Santa Paws is Coming to Town - Book Four 
Bad to the Bone - Book Five 
Ruff Around the Edges - Book Six 
Double Dog Dare - Book Seven 
Bark! The Herald Angels Sing - Book Eight 
Old Dog New Tricks - Book Nine 


  1. This is such a fun blast from the past, PJ!! First of all, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to one of my very favorite homes on the internet. What a gift this blog is to readers and writers! Always positive, always fun, always adding to the ever-growing TBR pile. Thank you and I hope you are around for another nine wonderful years. You know what made me laugh in that interview? It's four years later and I am once again BREATHLESSLY awaiting the start of a new season of Outlander. That's where I'll be on Sunday night! Thanks again and I hope whoever wins SIT...STAY...BEG loves dogs as much as you (and I) do! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I've read & enjoyed several of Roxanne's books, love animals in stories, gotta have an HEA & do enjoy mature heroes!

  3. I've not read Roxanne yet! As an older person myself, I'd love to start reading some books with older heroines! Off to look them up! :)

  4. I certainly have read books by Roxanne. I also love reading mature characters when she writes them.And the HEA is the best part especially when the animals also get their happy endings.
    Congrats PJ on your anniversary. I love this blog and that's why I will always come back. Thank you for all the years of your postings & guests etc.
    Carol Luciano
    Lucky4750 at aol dot com

  5. Oh, I had been fond of The Bullet Catchers series with their swoony heroes. I enjoy mature heroes and heroines. Began reading romance when I was very young and it is nice to see main characters more my age now. As for pets finding their happy endings along with the heroes and heroines, that is just a great thing all around. Animals can show different facets of the characters that we are otherwise not exposed to, so add a richness to a story. How could I not be a fan of that?

  6. I am a fur parent to two dogs so I love when authors incorporate animals into their stories.

  7. I love the Dogfather series.

  8. I found Roxi at Read-A-Romance Month and fell in love with her books. It is the same place that I found The Romance Dish. Barefoot Bay is a place you always want to go back to.

  9. I love dogs and would enjoy reading a new series of books with dogs!

  10. Read several of her books, really like the Dogfather ones.
    Nat's Mama (Karen T.

  11. I too love the Dogfather series very much as well as the beach ones.

  12. I’ve read several of Rocki’s books. The Barefoot Bay series is my favorite. I do love pets in books. Thanks for the post and giveaway.

  13. have always enjoyed the Barefoot series