Sunday, July 11, 2010

Review -- The Wild Irish Sea

The Wild Irish Sea
By Loucinda McGary
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: July 6, 2010


The telepathic image of her twin brother fighting for his life sends Amber O'Neill rushing to the rocky shores of Ireland. Desperate to find him, she turns to reclusive local inspector, Kevin Hennessey.


His past full of pain, Kevin has withdrawn from the world. But when the rain-drenched American appears on his doorstep with her wild tales of danger, something more than her sensuous beauty makes it impossible for him to turn her away.

The wildness of the sea, the mystery of a selkie prince, and a dangerous band of ruthless smugglers bring two lost souls together in a connection of mind, body, and spirit that can't be denied...

The rugged beauty of Ireland has always called to me, whether in books, movies or photos. So when I learned that it was the setting for Loucinda McGary's latest story, I was "in like Flynn", ready to be swept away....and that I was.

Amber O'Neill and her twin brother, Parker have always shared a special bond: the ability to communicate telepathically. So when she sees an image of him struggling and crying out, Amber heads to Ireland, where Parker has been on holiday. Amber heads for the village of Malin Head on the Donegal coast, and she is told by the locals at the pub where to find a policeman to aid her in her search for Parker. On her way to his cottage, her rental car gets stuck in the mud during the rain storm from hell, so when she arrives on the doorstep of the house, she's wet, bedraggled and ready to drop from exhaustion. Not exactly an ideal meeting.

Kevin Hennessey likes the seclusion of his late father's house, not having uninvited guests. When a pounding on the door shatters his preferred silence, he only has one thought:

"What feckin' neddy would be out in a storm like this, then?"

The last thing Kevin expects is a drenched, but very beautiful, voluptuous American standing at his door. He's instantly attracted to Amber, but finds her story about her brother---and how she knows he's in trouble---more than a little strange. But soon they have a unique connection of their own: one of mind, body and soul. Kevin must learn to trust Amber and let go of the pain from his past if they are to find and save her brother....and themselves.

Ms. McGary combines romance, suspense and a wee bit of magic to whisk her readers away to the rocky coast of Ireland. If you fancy a journey (and you don't want to worry about flying), pick up a copy of The Wild Irish Sea and get lost in the magic and wonder that is Ireland.

~ Gannon


  1. I have read several reviews and an excerpt of this book and I am sold. It is just my type of story.

  2. I liked reading about the telepathic angle, but then you wrote: "But soon they have a unique connection of their own: one of mind, body and soul." NOW I am sold!
    Thanks for sharing! You've done a great job of "hooking" me!

  3. Great review, Gannon. I love Loucinda's books.

  4. Terrific review, Gannon! This one is near the top of my TBR mountain.

  5. Librarypat, TWIS has been garnering very good reviews---all well deserved!

  6. You've done a great job of "hooking" me!

    Thanks, Laney! I hope you enjoy it.

  7. Jane, Loucinda writes a great story, doesn't she?!

  8. Thanks, Janga. It's nice to know there are so many of us with TBR "mountains." *g*

  9. I love Loucinda's stories...and especially her sexy Irish heroes! Thanks for the review, Gannon!

  10. Check back tonight to find out who won a signed copy of The Wild Irish Sea from Friday's interview with Loucinda!

  11. PJ, you've gotta love a sexy Irish hero!

  12. I'm looking forward to this one Gannon! I am really in need of being swept away . . . especially to Ireland ;-)

  13. Great review Gannon I loved this book I read it in one sitting couldn't put it down

    Have Fun

  14. I am really in need of being swept away . . . especially to Ireland ;-)

    Buffie, this book is the next best thing to actually being there. :-)

  15. Helen, I loved it, too. Keeping my fingers crossed that Parker may get his own book someday.

  16. I love your blog!!! Especially since I am a lover of romance (literally, I swear that what I love to read) I also enjoyed reading this review, sounds way good!!! Something that I would enjoy reading!!

    Feel free to stop by my place at Addicted To Romance

    Happy Reading!

  17. Lover of Romance, thanks for stopping by our blog. We're glad you like it! I'm going to head over to your blog and check it out. :-)