Monday, October 25, 2010

Review -- Firewalker

Stormwalker Series, Book 2
By Allyson James
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Release Date: November 2, 2010

Janet Begay's Crossroads Hotel has attracted the supernatural from the day it opened. Witches, Changers, and a mouthy magic mirror have decided to make it their home. But a new, dark power is rising---this time inside Janet herself.

Janet is searching for her boyfriend, Mick, an ultra hot and sexy dragon shapshifter, the one the Navajo call Firewalker. He's missing, and Janet soon finds out that he's in trouble and she's just the girl to help him out. But she's knows she can't do it on her own, so she ask Nash Jones, local sheriff and pain-in-her-butt, for help. Nash is a magical "null", he can absorb and withstand any magic thrown his way. Which makes him a sort of magic shield for Janet. Handy, that!

Janet and Nash find Mick in a cave in the middle of Death Valley, and manage to rescue him, but trouble is never far behind. Janet is part Stormwalker, part hell-goddess, and her magical abilities are vying for dominance. The good versus the bad. After a corpse is found (completely turned inside out--yuck!), Nash suspects that Janet's Beneath powers are taking over and that she has something to do with it. Mick must help Janet find out the truth behind the murder before it happens again. Add to that, another pesky little detail: Mick must stand trial before the dragon council. The charge? Letting Janet live when his mission was to kill her....years ago when they first met.

"You said you changed your mind when you saw me fight," I said. "When I didn't try to kill those assholes in the bar."

Mick lifted me into his arms and cradle me on his lap, his jeans rough on my naked backside. "I was ready to kill you without thought. I admit that. Until I saw you standing alone against those idiots in that bar. That was the moment my world changed. You were the most amazing thing I'd ever seen."

"That's why you let me live?"

He kissed my hair, lips so gentle. "I realized that the dragon council were fools. They're arrogant and ruled by their egos and their fear. You are astonishing, Janet. You're something to be treasured, and I wanted to protect you for as long as you lived."

Firewalker is a thrilling read that is filled with non stop action, mystery, and sizzling romance. The same quirky cast of secondary characters, which first appeared in Stormwalker, is back: Coyote, the sassy bi-sexual magic mirror, Changers, and the human citizens of Magellan. But now there are more dragons, a new wolf Changer, kachinas, and a surprise character (can't tell you!) that makes me incredibly anxious for book 3 (Shadowwalker/ June 2011).

This is one of the hottest paranormal series on the market, and Allyson James continues to prove that she has the creative talent and fertile imagination to keep going straight to the top. The sky's the limit!

~ Gannon


  1. Great review, Gannon! This one sounds like a wild ride. Does Firewalker stand on its own or should I read the two books in order? You know how I am about reading a series out of order! ;-)

  2. PJ, I'm the same way you are about reading a series in order. While you could probably read Firewalker on its own, I would read the series in order. Stormwalker is a phenomenal book, as well, and you learn about Janet, her powers, and the various secondary characters.

  3. Great review, Gannon! And I sure do like the covers for this series!

  4. Thanks, Andrea! I love the cover, too. They really "pop."