Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review -- Passions of A Wicked Earl

Passions of A Wicked Earl
London's Greatest Lovers, Book 1
By Lorraine Heath
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: October 26, 2010

They are masters of seduction, London's greatest lovers. Living for pleasure, they will give their hearts to no one...until love takes them by surprise.

Reconciliation stories are among my favorite romance plot devices. There's anger, often betrayal, passion, and the promise of a happily-ever-after. It makes this romance lover's heart sigh with contentment. In the first book of her new series, Lorraine Heath has written a reconciliation story that will have readers crying, cursing, cheering, and sighing with delight.

Morgan Lyons, the eighth Earl of Westcliffe, was betrayed on his wedding night three years ago when he found his young bride in the arms of his younger brother, Stephen. Angry and hurt, Westcliffe banishes his wife to his country estate where he won't have to see her and be reminded of her betrayal. He then proceeds to savor every carnal pleasure available, trying to drive the image of his beautiful wife from his mind, even contemplating marrying his mistress.

Claire Lyons was a virginal seventeen-year-old bride who was terrified of the prospect of her wedding night with a man she barely knows. Seeking innocent comfort from her childhood friend---who is not as innocent as she---Claire is discovered with Stephen. No matter how she tries to explain to Westcliffe that things are not as they appear, he sends her to the country. But now she returns to London with a mission: her younger sister must have her season to find a husband. Claire not only needs Westcliffe's help, but she also needs to become his wife in more than name only. Now she's a woman with wants and needs, and she plans on seducing her husband and finally winning his love.

Taking another step, she staggered, grabbed the back of a chair. Westcliffe was immediately out from behind his desk, his arm about her steadying her. Releasing her hold on the chair, she wrapped her arm around his neck and lifted her gaze to his. "You own my heart," she whispered as tears welled. "I can't tell you the exact moment you took possession of it. I only know that I long to hear your laughter, that I constantly listen for the tread of your boots because even if you are not in the room with me, knowing you are near eases my loneliness.

"I am willing to withstand any public ridicule or scandal so that you might find happiness. If indeed you do love her and cannot love me---"

"Claire," he rasped, his large hand cradling the back of her head, holding her tightly. "How can I not love you?"

Her heart swelled.

"You are all that is good and sweet and innocent," he continued. "To consider that you could truly love me---"

"Do not consider it, Westcliffe. Be certain of it."

Westcliffe is arrogant, unforgiving, and of course, sexy with a capital 'S'. But he wears his stern demeanor like a suit of armor to protect his feelings. He has never felt like he was good enough, worthy to be loved for himself. Claire is the perfect woman to show him just how wrong he is. In spite of his treatment of her, Claire is willing to open her heart to Westcliffe and capture his in return.

Passions of A Wicked Earl is a passionate, touching story that shows just how amazing the power of love truly is. This is a terrific start to what promises to be another phenomenal series from Ms. Heath. I cannot wait for book 2, Pleasures of A Notorious Gentleman (Stephen's story) which will be released November 30th.

~ Gannon


  1. Great review, Gannon! I love reconciliation stories, too. It looks like this is going to be a great series. :)

  2. Another good one I have been waiting on. I have read Lorraine Heath and had simply forgotten that she is another with a voice that calls to me. So many great authors, so little time.

  3. Trisha, this is most definitely a fantastic start to this new series. Can't wait for book 2!

  4. I have read Lorraine Heath and had simply forgotten that she is another with a voice that calls to me.

    Dianna, I love Lorraine's voice, too. She's wonderful!

  5. Great review, Gannon! Lorraine Heath is still an auto-buy for me, even though her last two series have yet to be finished. I'm still waiting for those! :)

  6. Gannon, your review reminded me of all I liked--and didn't like--about this book. I'm a Lorraine Heath fan too, and I'm really excited that Always to Remember and the Texas trilogy are going to be available as ebooks so all her new fans can read them. But I admit Passions of a Wicked Earl is not one of my favorite Heath books.

    Westcliffe will be classed with Alex from Eloisa James's Potent Pleasures as a hero that I could not like. Nevertheless, Heath remains an autobuy author for me. I liked Claire, and I am intrigued by the relationships among the three brothers. I'll definiely be reading the rest of the series.

  7. Janga, Westcliffe was pretty much an ass, but there were some moments (particularly those with his dog) where he tugged at my heart.

  8. Gannon, fabulous review! This sounds like a wonderful story and one that I could really get into. I have to say that I love the name of this series "London's Greatest Lovers". LOL!

  9. This one sounds fantastic I never miss a Lorraine Heath book she is an auto buy for me I love her stories, great review Gannon

    Have Fun

  10. Helen, you need to tell me how you liked this one after you've read it. I recently read a reconciliation story and got so frustrated and fed up that I checked the book after I was 1/3 of the way through. I couldn't finish it.

    I'll give this one a try if you think it's worth reading.

  11. Lorraine Heath is still an auto-buy for me, even though her last two series have yet to be finished. I'm still waiting for those! :)

    Andrea, hopefully Lorraine will get to those. :-)

  12. I have to say that I love the name of this series "London's Greatest Lovers". LOL!

    Buffie, it's definitely an eye-catching title! *g*

  13. Helen, if you're a fan of Lorraine's then you are sure to enjoy her latest!

  14. Daz, I think you'll enjoy this one.

  15. Glad to hear this is a good one. I just picked it up at Borders yesterday.