Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today's Special - - Dana Marton

Dana Marton is the award-winning author of twenty-three books with Harlequin Intrigue. The latest is The Spy Who Saved Christmas (check out PJ's review here), more of a Die Hard kind of Christmas story than It’s a Wonderful Life. High stakes, instead of fruitcakes. Dana is known for her fast-paced action and sexy, emotional romance. Dangerous men, thrilling women. Connect with Dana online at www.danamarton.com and www.facebook.com/danamarton.

Please welcome Dana as she blogs about one of my favorite topics: sexy men in aprons!


Guest Author Dana Marton on the New Sexy: Men in Aprons

One of the things I love about writing is that I get to test drive every career that piques my interest without actually having to do any work. In my latest book, THE SPY WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS, I played with a traditional gender role reversal in the characters’ professions. Lara is a butcher, and Reid is a baker.

(Well, really he’s an undercover agent on a mission to save the world. Harlequin Intrigue is romantic suspense, after all. But as far as Lara knows when the book starts, he’s a baker.)

Can a man in an apron be sexy? In my opinion, the answer is not just “yeah” but “heck, yeah!” and “hallelujah!”

Commercial baking is a very physical profession. Picture this: A well-built man in a black fitted tee, muscles straining as he kneads a ball of dough. He has powder marks on the back of his faded jeans, drawing your attention to his butt. It’s a good butt. A world-class butt. His dark hair is just a little damp because of the effort and the heat of the ovens.

Then picture this (the opening scene from THE SPY WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS):

His hands were stained and rough-skinned. Large. These were the hands that testosterone hath made, she would think later, when she could think. His grip was all male and possessive. His fingers dug into the pale skin at her hips. … At the urging of the man who was kissing all common sense from her, she lay back on the wood-topped table – flour dust be damned …

Whew! I better stop there. Those large hands could get me in trouble. The Romance Dish is a PG-rated blog, right? You can read the rest of Chapter One on my website, www.danamarton.com.

Contests: I’m holding an ongoing contest on my facebook page, www.facebook.com/danamarton. Every time we reach a new 100-level of fans, I’ll give away an Amazon e-gift card. And as a special contest here at The Romance Dish today, I will send a copy of THE SPY WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS to a random commenter. So speak up for your chance to win!

What do you think of men in aprons? Has a man ever cooked for you? Was it a special occasion or something he does on a regular basis? What did he make? Did his cooking make him sexier in your eyes?


  1. My husband has been cooking since high school. His father died when we were juniors and he stepped up to help his mom. He cooks all the time and not only does he enjoy it, he is good at it.
    His mother really said it best - it was so nice coming home dead tired after a day at work, to pull into the carport, open the door and smell bread baking.

  2. Dana

    I love the sound of this book I have heard so many good things about it YAY.
    I love a man in an apron my hubby cooks dinner for me 5 nights a week because I am at work and he is improving all the time although he is not very adventuress LOL we do tend to have a repition of the same meals but yes I really love the fact that he has given it a try and continues to do it.

    Have Fun

  3. Good Morning, Dana! We're so happy to welcome you to The Romance Dish!

    I really enjoyed The Spy Who Saved Christmas and I have to say that scene in the bakery certainly was inspiring! *grin*

    My late dh was a wonderful cook. I brought baking skills to our marriage but didn't have a clue about actual "cooking." He did most of the cooking during the first ten years of our marriage but also taught me along the way. He loved to experiment with dishes from the different cultures he encountered during a career in the military and opened my taste buds to culinary delights that I never would have tried without his encouragement. I never knew what would be waiting on the table when I got home from work but I always knew it would be prepared with love and absolutely delicious. Some of best, and most fun, times we ever shared were in the kitchen!

  4. Librarypat, my late dh had a similar story. His parents divorced when he was young and his mom worked long hours so he taught himself to cook.

  5. Helen, there's something incredibly sexy about a man who sets stereotypes aside, dons an apron and greets his tired wife at the end of the day with a hearty, home-cooked meal. Your hubby may not be adventurous in the kitchen but he sounds like a keeper.

  6. Hi, Dana! We're glad to have you here today.

    My hubby doesn't cook much, but he has been known to make a few dishes in the past. I think men who know their way around the kitchen are very sexy! ;-)

  7. Good morning and welcome to the blog, Dana! Congrats on your new release! That was a great opening paragraph, I must say. *g*

    My husband is a grill master and makes a mean pot of spaghetti, but that's about all the cooking he does (unless I'm sick-lol). So needless to say, we grill. A lot. ;-)

  8. I love a man who is comfortable in his own skin. If he wants to don an apron and cook more power to him. I enjoy watching Tyler Florence and all the guys who cook on the Food Network channel.

    I wish my husband would cook!!

  9. This sounds like a great book and its going on my list right now.

  10. Hi Dana! It's good to have you hear.

    Unfortunately, I have yet to have a man cook for me. Except for my dad and other male members of my family who really don't count, as much as I love 'em, lol.

    But I have always said that I need to find a man who can cook. Because heck yeah it's sexy! And because my own culinary skills are mediocre at best. I have never had to learn how to cook, but I am learning a little bit. But I have this tendency to leave the burner on high so it'll cook faster. My dad keeps telling me to turn it down so I'll get a juicier and more tender product at the end.

    But A Spy Who Saved Christmas sounds great!

  11. My BF is my breakfast beeyatch.
    No breakfast is better period.
    Love & Hugs,

  12. Wow, Dana! I just got this book, and now I'm especially eager to dig in! I've always loved a man who cooks, but this particular man sounds especially ... shall we say delicious?

  13. Pat and Helen--My husband never cooked before he met me. But he did learn since. Turns out he's a wonderful baker. He can make crusty bread, bagels and dougnuts that are amazing!!!

    Thank you for the warm welcome, PJ!!! I'm so glad to be here. And very happy that you approve of that bakery scene :-)

    Gannon and Andrea--That's mostly what my hubby does. Cooks only if I'm not able for some reason. It's very much appreciated.

    Laurie--I'm half in love with these TV cooks. (in a good way :-) I'd rather watch Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey than just about anything else. And I'm hooked on River Cottage.

  14. Paula--I'm glad the book sounds good to you! I hope you'll enjoy it.

    Lisa--Everyone needs a man who cooks. :-) I wish I could raffle one out. LOL I bet I'd be getting lots of comments on the blog.

    Pam--What's your favorite breakfast?

    JV--Now I'm nervous. I hope you'll like the book!


  15. my fiance is a wonderful man in many ways, but his idea of cooking when i first met him was instant mac & cheese! it certainly makes him appreciative of anything i make - he's still amazed that i can cook without a recipe! he does a decent spaghetti, and he makes way better pancakes than me (i've never gotten the hang of pancakes); he does make a mean matzo egg though! it's very sexy to me - especially if he does the dishes too!

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  16. My boyfriend cooks. Since he's the pickier eater between us, it's just easier to let him cook (since I'd eat anything he makes anyway), not that we're gourmands.


  17. Sounds like a good book! I love it when my DH cooks for me. He is the master when it comes to cooking meat...and I mean the roast, pork chops and steak kind! LOL He always does it to perfection, but then when he's home it's usually on a week-end when he's not rushing to get the kids somewhere. So, maybe I'm not the best cook, but no one starves around here, and nothing is sexier to me than when I see my man slaving away in the kitchen!

  18. My BF likes to cook but unfortunately he loves hot, spicy and I just can't handle it. He is willing but my tummy rebels at hot stuff, other than him of course. We make a good tandem breakfast too, I make the gravy and eggs, me makes some to die for French Toast and omelets.

    This book sounds like a winner to me, nothing sexier than a man in an apron. :-)

  19. Laurie, I love watching the men of Food Network. Very yummy! :)

    Paula, I hope you enjoy the book. I couldn't put it down!

  20. Lisa, thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy the book and good luck with finding that special guy who will whip up something special for you in the kitchen!

  21. Pam, good to see you! So what does the bf make for you? Or do you cook up the goodies together? ;-)

  22. Hi JV! Hope you enjoy Reid as much as I did!

  23. k_sunshine said, he makes way better pancakes than me

    It must be in their genes. One of my brothers is like that - a master of pancakes!

  24. Sheree, isn't it lovely to have someone cook for you?

  25. He is the master when it comes to cooking meat...and I mean the roast, pork chops and steak kind!

    Lucky you, Kellie! There's an art to cooking a juicy, tender cut of meat.

  26. We make a good tandem breakfast too, I make the gravy and eggs, me makes some to die for French Toast and omelets.

    I make pretty good French Toast on my own but I'd be more than happy to have a sexy guy who could whip me up a hot, fluffy omelet.

    This book sounds like a winner to me, nothing sexier than a man in an apron. :-)

    I hope you give it a try, Dianna. As you can tell from my review, I really enjoyed it!

  27. Sunshine--My hubby makes the best pancakes in the house, too!

    PJ--Thank you so much for all your kind words about my book!!!

    Sheree and Kellie--Sounds like you picked the right guys!

    Dianna--I can't do hot and spicey either. I even make mild salsa.

    About Reid, I don't want to mislead any potential readers, he doesn't spend much time cooking in the book. He spends time in the kitchen... just not a lot of cooking ;-)

  28. Men in aprons can be darn cute and sexy. My husband does cook for me on occasion and he really is a very good cook. He likes to make southern dishes for me. He is the oldest is his family of 4 kids and several yrs older than his youngest 2 siblings so he did alot of cooking etc when he was a kid. Every boy should learn how to cook in my opinion.

    Lisa B
    modokker At yahoo dot com

  29. Hey Dana! Welcome to The Romance Dish. It is wonderful to have you visiting with us today.

    My hubby's not much of a cook, but there is one time during the year that he pushes up those sleeves and helps me in the kitchen -- during our holiday baking marathon. We usually pick one weekend and spend the entire weekend baking all kinds of cookies and bars. We have so many great memories of those weekends and now we share them with our children.

  30. Hi Modokker! You said, Every boy should learn how to cook in my opinion.

    I couldn't agree more! My late dh and I taught my youngest brother how to cook (he's 20 yrs younger and spent lots of time with us when he was a kid). I think it's a necessary life skill.

  31. Buffie, I think it's great that your dh pitches in on holiday baking weekend. As you said, you're making wonderful family memories.

  32. I love a man in an apron. My husband cooks sometimes for me.
    My home economics teacher (way back when) always let us girls know that a guy would be better at cake decorating because they have a stronger grip to hold the decorating tube. That is so true.

    Now I can put a face to the author when I read your books and I have read many of them over the years.
    The Spy who Saved Christmas sounds like a great book. I can't wait to read it.

    I am not a fan of face book so I won't be visiting there for your contest.

    gigihicks at windstream.net

  33. I wish I could see my hubby in an apron! He is absolutely helpless in the kitchen.

  34. Thank you so much for stopping by and all the fun comments!!! DH threw his back out and can barely stand so I suppose I won't be seeing him in the kitchen anytime soon. Now it's my turn to make his favorites and spoil him a little.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful October, with great weather, lots of fun and time to read!!! Oh, and someone to prepare a great meal for you!