Sunday, October 3, 2010

Review - - Seduced by a Highlander

Seduced by a Highlander
By Paula Quinn
Children of the Mist - Book #2
Publisher: Grand Central - Forever
Release Date:  September 1, 2010

Where have I been that I haven’t read a Paula Quinn novel before now? I love medievals, especially those set in Scotland. I love deeply emotional stories, simmering with passion, heart-felt romance and delightful humor, a heroine who will fight to protect her family, a hero who will go to any lengths to surround her with his love and clan feuds that threaten to tear them apart – all key elements in Seduced by a Highlander, a superbly written story by my newest “go to” author, Paula Quinn.

Tristan MacGregor adored his uncle, Robert Campbell and grew up wanting to be honorable and chivalrous, just like his uncle and the knights of old in his stories. He never imagined that a youthful scuffle with Alex Fergusson would lead to Robert's death, a dark moment that broke Tristan's heart and changed the course of his life.

For ten years, Isobel Fergusson has hated the despicable MacGregors, ever since they avenged Robert Campbell's death by murdering her father and leaving Isobel and her six brothers orphaned and penniless. When she and two of her brothers travel to England for the Duke of York’s coronation, the last thing Isobel expects to find is romance. She’s much too busy caring for her family to be bothered but a chance encounter with a charming rogue leaves her enchanted…until she discovers that the rogue is a member of her family’s most hated enemy…the MacGregors. But Tristan is equally enchanted and determined to convince Isobel that he’s not the enemy.

     “My name is Tristan,” he said, wanting her to see the man she had seen in the garden when they first met. “And if we had no’ been interrupted the other night, I would have told ye that I dinna’ approve of what our kin have done.”
     She laughed, but the sound of it left only anger drifting across the damp courtyard. “Ye are the son of the Devil.”
     “But I was reared by another man.”

Returning home to their small farm, Isobel tries to put Tristan out of her mind but he, and the single kiss they shared, refuse to go away, especially when Tristan arrives at the Fergusson farm determined to convince Isobel to give them a chance despite the many obstacles in their way. Obstacles that include the six Fergusson brothers, especially the youngest brother whose mischievous ways just may end up killing Tristan before he can prove that he means them no harm.  I love the interaction between Tristan and Isobel's brothers where Quinn uses the humor and determination of young boys to show us the type of man Tristan is beneath the carefree, charming rogue. Rather than detract from the story, the brothers add another dimension that only makes it more satisfying. 

Will Tristan and Isobel find a way to heal one another’s hearts? More importantly, will they succeed in healing the deep hatred between the families that are so important to them or will one of them be forced to turn their back on their own clan in order to claim the love that is more important than their next breath?

Paula Quinn has created a deeply romantic, sweeping story of Highland feuds and everlasting love that went straight to my keeper shelf.  I have no doubt though that it will be pulled down many times for re-reads over the years to come, if for no other reason than to visit with Tristan, a hero who makes my heart sigh.  Who wouldn't love a man who says to his heroine...

     "Lookin' at ye is like baskin' in the summer sun after a long, cold winter.  'Tis like seein' home after a battle that's left ye empty and alone."  He kissed her mouth, her nose, her eyes.  "I dinna' know how 'tis possible, but each time I see ye, ye grow more beautiful to me."

If you want a story that will touch your heart, tickle your funny bone and leave you sighing with pleasure, pick up a copy of Paula Quinn's Seduced by a Highlander!



  1. "Lookin' at ye is like baskin' in the summer sun after a long, cold winter. 'Tis like seein' home after a battle that's left ye empty and alone."

    I'd buy this book for that line alone. *sigh*

    Great review, PJ! I'm going to the bookstore tomorrow to get this one. Most definitely my kind of book.

  2. I'd buy this book for that line alone. *sigh*

    I know! I can't believe I haven't read any of her books before now. I'll be changing that...pronto!

  3. PJ Fantastic review I haven't as yet read any of Paula's books either but I have her on my list of must get and this review will speed that up I love medevals I have to put an order in this week and I will be getting some of Paula's books

    Have Fun

  4. Wow, this one sounds really good PJ! Thanks!

  5. I hope you enjoy the book, Helen. I have her backlist on my tbr! :)

  6. I have her first book and can't wait to read this one.

  7. Sorry, it's Karyn Gerrard, too lazy to log in under my romance moniker.

    I got this in the mail last week, and thanks to your great review, I just moved it to the top of the TBR pile. I read Paula's "A Highlander Never Surrenders" last month, I highly recommend it!!

  8. "Lookin' at ye is like baskin' in the summer sun after a long, cold winter. 'Tis like seein' home after a battle that's left ye empty and alone." He kissed her mouth, her nose, her eyes. "I dinna' know how 'tis possible, but each time I see ye, ye grow more beautiful to me."

    *sigh* Just from this line alone, I'm off to Amazon for this one too!!! I think I'm already in love with him! Lol!!!