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Review -- A Midnight Dance

A Midnight Dance
by Lila DiPasqua
Release Date: August 2, 2011
Publisher: Berkley

As young girls growing up behind the scenes of her father’s prestigious theater, Sabine Laurent and her twin sister Isabelle enjoyed watching the comings and goings of the aristocracy and dreamed of finding their own Prince Charming. Sabine’s interest was always drawn to the tall, dark and handsome man she adequately nicknamed her Dark Prince. Years later, after the death of her father and the disappearance of her sister, Sabine is weighted down by her father’s overwhelming debt and the excessive taxing by the aristocracy. Determined not to end up in debtor’s prison or worse, Sabine decides to take her (and her family’s) future into her own small hands by stealing a large supply of silver from a band of thieves by tainting their drink and seducing their leader.

During the Fronde (civil war in France during the Franco-Spanish War), the head of the Moutier family was executed and all of the family’s lands and possessions were stripped away. For the last five years, Jules de Moutier has been doing everything in his power (including piracy) to gain silver so he can buy back his family’s land and restore the family’s dignity. Transporting his latest booty through the French countryside, Jules and his band of merry men stop to make camp for the evening. As the evening grows darker, Jules is surprised when a beautiful young woman wonders into the camp offering herself to the leader in exchanged for food and shelter. Immediately drawn to the young woman’s lovely golden hair and shapely body, Jules quickly agrees and finds himself in deeper than he expects.

Sabine is shocked to find out that the leader of the band of thieves she is planning to steal silver from is actually Jules de Moutier, head of the aristocratic family who is ruining her own family and, more importantly, the tall, dark and handsome man she remembers from her childhood. Her own Dark Prince. Torn between the hate and bitterness she feels for the Moutier family and the yearnings and dreams of a young girl, Sabine decides she can allow herself the pleasure of one night with Jules … as long as she leaves with enough silver to return wealth and status to her family. But can one night of passion with her Dark Prince be enough?

“She wrapped her arms around her legs and gazed up at the stars twinkling in the blackened sky. Though it was a serene sight to behold, she didn’t dare derive any tranquility from it. How could she? He’d be back at any moment, and the man had the devil’s touch. He’d made her scream in ecstasy. Scream. Her. She was practical. Levelheaded.

She could quash any emotion, control every reaction – except when he neared. Or when he touched her. “

I have been a huge fan of Lila DiPasqua since the very beginning. In fact, she is becoming one of my favorite authors. Her two previous books, AWAKENED BY A KISS and THE PRINCESS IN HIS BED, were anthologies of fiery tales, novellas based on famous fairy tales but with a fiery twist. A MIDNIGHT DANCE is Ms. DiPasqua’s first full-length novel and is based on the fairy tale of Cinderella. Full of rich imagery and tantalizing scenes, Ms. DiPasqua is like a master artist painting a beautiful mural, taking care to show every nuance and detail. The loves scenes are spicy, sexy and oh so delicious! But the emotional journey for Sabine and Jules steals the show for me – each struggling to restore their family but also trying to grasp their own happiness.

Simply put, this is one fabulous book!

~ Buffie

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  1. Great review! Based on your review, Buffie, and what I've read about the book, this is a very interesting and original take on Cinderella. I will keep my eyes on this book.

  2. That's a fulsome review. I had to laugh at the 'hero' on the cover with his shirt just draped over his arm. What would his Mother think??

  3. Fantastic review Buffie I am sooo looking forward to reading this one and I love Cinderella stories

    Have Fun

  4. Buffie, excellent review! I will standing in line for this one. She had me at the novellas!!

  5. It has been quite awhile since I have read such a delicious review and teaser. This sounds like a very good book and I certainly look forward to reading it.
    Connie Fischer

  6. Yes, Antonia, this is not your normal Cinderella story! I think everyone would enjoy this book.

  7. Marybelle, actually the cover is very apropos ... Jules seems to always have his shirt off when Sabine is around ;-)

  8. Thanks, Helen! You are going to just love this book. It's just as good as Lila's others.

  9. She had me at the novellas!!

    Me too, fsbuchler!! You won't be disappointed

  10. It has been quite awhile since I have read such a delicious review and teaser.

    LOL, Connie! Yes, I am such a tease ... just as the hubby ;-)

  11. Great review, Buffie! I am so looking forward to this one!

  12. Wonderful review, Buffie! I look forward to this one!

  13. Thanks for the intro to Lila's books. These all sound yummy!

  14. Great review Buffie! I hang my head in shame and confess that I have yet to read any of Lila's books, but I think it's time to start! I enjoyed Eloisa's take on Cinderella in A Kiss at Midnight. I'm very interested to see Lila's take and interpretation of the story.

    I've also been enjoying her blog where her husband Mr. DiPasqua has been interviewing RHs (Romance Husbands)!

  15. I haven't read any of her work yet either. That can and will be remedied. I do love fairy tale interpretations.

  16. Thanks, PJ & Andrea!

    Laurie G, all of Lila's books are yummy. I hope you pick them up!

    Thanks, Lisa! And there is no shame in romance!! Just be sure to get a copy of the book and enjoy it. Yes, Lila's hubby's blogs have been fabulous!

    Dianna, you really need to give her books a try. I think you would really enjoy them.

  17. Great review! Sounds like an amazing book.

  18. Virginia, it is an amazing book! I hope you get the opportunity to read it.

  19. What a great review, Buffie! I'm definitely getting this one. Very pretty cover, too.

  20. Fabulous review! I thought it looked good, but always nice to have another opinion!

  21. Great Review Buffy. I love Cinderella type stories. I have never read any of Lila DiPasqua books. I had never even heard of her until this review but I am going to have to check out her books now.
    Thank you!

  22. OK, after reading this review I have to read "A Midnight Dance".

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