Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today's Special - - Beverley Kendall

It's our pleasure today to welcome Beverley Kendall back to The Romance Dish!  We first met Bev as the creative force behind the successful website, The Season and then as a talented author of historical romance.  Bev is with us today to talk about historical heroes and about her new e-novella, ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND SEDUCTION.  Welcome back, Bev!

With her seduction she hopes to gain his affections

For Miss Elizabeth Smith, sharing her first kiss with the charming Lord Derek Creswell is nothing short of a dream come true...that is, until she is spotted by one of the most influential gossips of the ton. With scandal nipping at her heels, to avoid total social ruin, Elizabeth must present a fiancé by the end of the Season. But when the viscount proves reluctant, Elizabeth is forced to employ a seduction of a different sort...

With his seduction he is determined to ruin her

Viscount Derek Creswell believes Elizabeth set out to trap him into marriage. After all, her sister attempted the very same thing with his brother six years before. Now the delectable Miss Smith expects a betrothal and a ring, while Derek finds her ruination infinitely more appealing...

But as Derek sets out to seduce only her body, Elizabeth is intent on claiming his jaded heart.

The Ten Ways Historical Heroes Most Differ from Contemporary Heroes

I love a great hero. I like a hero with a bit of an edge. Even better if he’s ostensibly cold because then you know the heroine is going to thaw him well and good.

Although I started my romance reading life devouring contemporaries, historical romance heroes have a special appeal. Perhaps it’s because they do not have to be politically correct. Or perhaps it’s because despite their gender and societal advantage, they all manage to treat the heroines as their equal.

Who can resist a man born in a time when women and children are considered property but who treats the like the treasures that they are? A man who isn’t expected to abide by such terms as fidelity, but gladly does for the woman he loves?

I can’t. And that’s why I write about them.

But here are five ways historical heroes differ from their contemporary counterparts:

1. The London Season made wife hunting like shooting fish in a barrel.

2. They have titles.

3. Having another man dress them is considered normal.

4. They still manage to be uber-masculine while not holding down a job or having a notable career.

5. They can manage ‘tight’ breeches with aplomb.

So what is it about a historical hero that appeals to you? Comment and enter to win a digital copy of my new novella, ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE & SEDUCTION—I’m giving away 3 copies. You can choose from mobi (Kindle) or ePub format.

Also, one winner will receive an entry for my grand prize drawing to win an iPad 2.

I’d like to thank the fabulous ladies on The Romance Dish for having me on their blog. PJ it was great seeing you in NYC. Looking forward to seeing you all in GA in October. 

Thanks for being our guest today, Bev!  Find out more about Beverley and her books at her website, on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also check out The Season Blog here and follow them on Twitter.   

ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND SEDUCTION can be purchased at The Season for $0.99 or for $1.49 at Barnes and Noble here and at Amazon here .


  1. An historical hero lives by a different set of rules. They are bound, or not, by the conventions of their time. Fabulous when they conform, even better when they break from convention.

  2. I never thought about the appeal of the historical hero as opposed to the contemporary one. For me, I think it's that they usually start off as distant and then as they start falling in love with the heroine you begin to see their true character.

  3. Hi Bev! Welcome back to the Dish!
    I have All's Fair in Love and Seduction on my Nook and can't wait to read it. :)

    I'll be away from the computer all day so I won't be able to play but I'll check in tonight when I have access again.

  4. Thanks so much, PJ! I'll be popping in myself today--that darn day job. LOL.

    Hi Marybelle and Maureen. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

    Marybelle, that's what I love, when heroes break convention for the love of the heroine. Even better if he does it kicking and fussing just a wee bit.

    Maureen, sounds like you like them like I do, a bit cold, masking a lot of themselves. Like I said on the post, there's nothing better than the thaw. :)

  5. I'm with Marybelle. My fav thing about historical heroes - esp the Regency males - is their sense of honour where women are concerned. Even a rakish hero eventually admits to being just as bound up by his honour and integrity when it comes to the woman he loves.

    Today's men - even heroes, alas - seem more likely to let a door slam in a woman's face!

    Though I like writing Regencies where the ladies give as good as they get. So maybe that's the modern me showing through the historical sheen.


  6. Can I be horribly shallow and say that it's the clothes that attract me to historical heroes? Well, it's a lot more than that, really, but I'm a sucker for frock coats, waistcoats and immaculate neckwear. Also top hats and sticks... :)

    Even the best dressed guys today don't have quite the scope for looking fabulous that their counterparts from my favourite era did ie. late Victorian gentlemen.

    And I too have All's Fair in Love and Seduction already. It's waiting on my Kindle for me to enjoy.

  7. My favorite historical hero has a knowledge of and (perhaps) respect for society's conventions but then totally goes around them in order to win the heroine. I also have All's Fair in Love and Seduction but would love another entry in your sweepstakes!

  8. All's Fair in Love and Seduction sounds delicious. I look forward to reading it.

    I agree that the lack of political correctness is a significant part of the historical hero's appeal. I know I accept with a smile behavior in historical heroes that would make the book a DNF if a contemporary hero behaved in such a fashion.

  9. I love the historical hero who thinks his life is complete in his quiet home with his own routine and no one to "mess that up." So when a lovely heroine comes along to mess up his routine and concentration, it makes me smile. The way each author handles the plot to make the hero melt for his heroine and they live happily ever after never grows old for me. I've added your book to by TBR list but would love to win a copy! Thanks!

    Connie Fischer

  10. Hi Beverly! Please don't enter me in the contest as I have all of Beverly's books....I'll definitely be remembering the five reason's historical heroes differ post!

  11. Welcome back, Bev!! Congrats on this new release and its beautiful cover. It sounds like a story that I would really enjoy. And I looooove the name Derek. ;-)

    Can't wait to see you at M&M!!

  12. Hi, Bev! It's great having you with us today. I'm really looking forward to reading ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND SEDUCTION. I'll be getting it on my Nook ASAP. :-)

    I have to admit that the clothing historical heroes wear is vastly appealing, especially when they shed said clothing. *g*

    Of course, historical heroes are allowed to behave like jerks and I'm (usually) okay with that. I wouldn't be as forgiving with a contemporary hero doing the same thing. Or my husband, for that matter. LOL

  13. Hi Beverly!
    I too am drawn to historicals, and seem to have been on a historical kick for quite awhile now.

    I think what appears to me about historicals is the complete escapism to a different place and time, and seeing how the hero and heroine navigate the social mores of the times. But what I like about historical heroes is even though they have all the power and privilege in the society they live in, they learn that when it comes to love and the woman they fall in love with, all the power, money, and prestige in the world means nothing-they still have to surrender their hearts and prove themselves worthy of the heroine's love.

  14. I'm ducking in here between running tests for my day job. :)

    Elizabeth, I love a woman who gives as good as she gets.

    Hi Portia, I'm thrilled that you have my novella already. :) Thanks! And yes, I have to say, a well dressed Victorian man is swoon-worthy.

  15. Bev, congratulations on your success as an author and on The Season website!

    You summed up a hero well. He has to be kind and honorable. His heroine/lady love is the most precious treasure of his life. Of course, he doesn't realize this until he has a ton of bricks fall on him when he realizes he loves the heroine. ;)

  16. Hi Susan!!! I just love to hear readers already have the novella. I'm just vain that way. hehehehehe

    Here's to you winning an entry into the Grand Prize drawing. Can I just say HOW MUCH I love my iPad 2? That would be very much. :)

    Janga, I'm with you. Sometimes there is just tooooo much PC for me. It's like always crossing 'Ts' and dotting your 'Is', it can get exhausting and sound so disingenuous.

    Hi Connie, thanks for stopping by. I like a HEA that both h/h have to work for. I say yes to conflict every time.

    Hi Maria!! So glad you have them all. Don't you want to be entered for a chance to win the iPad?? But then again, not everyone is a electronic geek like I am. LOL.

  17. OOooohhh, Andrea, you're coming to M&M??? Wonderful. I can't wait to see you there. And yes, don't you love the name. I loved it so much I've used it twice in the same series. Hehehe

    Hi Gannon!!! I plan to buy that color Nook. Sooo pretty. Anyway, I'm not for your husband acting like a jerk. NOOO way. Pls tell him I said so. ;)

  18. Historical heros always demand your respect...but i do love when the get a challenge out of the that makes a great historical...

  19. Hey Bev!! It is great having you back with us! What a gorgeous cover! It's delicious ;-)

    I have to say that I love historical heroes. Something about them being able to say and do pretty much anything appeals to me, especially when the heroine puts him in his place by the end of the book ;-)

    See you in October!

  20. Congratulations, Bev. I think we like the historical hero because he can be an alpha male with some instances of chauvinism. If he were a contemporary hero, there's no way a modern reader could accept this premise.

    Two quick questions: Will Alex's book also be available in print or only as an ebook? Are you still working on a contemporary book? You mentioned wanting to publish one.

  21. Chele, beside every great hero is an amazing heroine. :) I have to say though, I'm all about the hero. As long as I don't actively dislike the heroine, just let me fall in love with him. I'm a simple woman. LOL.

    Deb, thanks so much. And yes, a TON of bricks need to fall on his head to make him realize this. I have to say, Derek, the hero in the novella, has to do some really awesome groveling. He does a spectacular job, I must say in my biased opinion. ;)

    Hi Buffie!!! So happy to know you'll also be at M&M this year. Will see you in October.

    I adore my cover too. Kim Killion is a bloody genius (can I say that?) To me, the HEA is only a HEA when he worships the ground the heroine walks on.

  22. Penfield and that's what I love about historical heroes, that freedom--as long as it isn't overdone--but then, that's subjective too.

    And I could kiss you for your enthusiasm and questions. LOL.

    Yes, An Heir of Deception will also be available in POD (print on demand).

    In terms of contemporary, I do intend to finish the one I started, but I have another historical series I need to write first. It's called the Temptresses and the first book is about Charlotte's identical twin sister from An Heir of Deception and a hunky American.

  23. Congrats on the newest release. A historical hero (particularly regency era) knows how to waltz & make it seductive even in the middle of the ballroom.

  24. The things about a historical hero that I most admire is that so often they are reformed rakes! They have lived life to it's fullest but they fall the hardest. They are independent minded but work for the welfare of others. They also admire a woman who is independent but want to take away all her worries and fears.

    Because a historical hero is so confident in himself he is able to admire a woman's strength and independence of thought and admire her for it but he can also help her to grow and be confident in her abilities and knowledge.

    A true historical hero has faced the hardships of life and it has made him a stronger more compassionate person. He is a whole man with strength, courage as well as fears and misgiving but he faces all challenges with a mind set of seeing love conquering all.

  25. Bev said: Kim Killion is a bloody genius (can I say that?)

    Yes, you can. And yes, she is. *vbg*

  26. I love historical heroes!
    They can be a real gentlemen. It's not just about manners (which is big) but aside from women being considered their property, they took the role of protecting honour and worth of a woman and their own family to heart. Duels, shot-gun marriages were done in the name of the woman. Also, when it came to out of wedlock children men were more likely to marry to save face and give legitimacy to the child. That is if they don't resist not being with a woman before marriage. I love them even more when they go beyond the sense of duty and truly cherishes a woman for what she is worth, regardless of titles, class and conventions.

  27. Historical heroes are always so sure of their masculinity. That makes them very appealing, imo. They still have to follow rules but breaking them is sooo good, too. ;)

  28. I love the historical heroes because as a rule they have all kinds of power and the arrogance to go with it. Then "she" comes into their lives and it just never holds water with her. After getting taken down by the lady a peg or two they are even more lovable.

    Your book sounds great, right up my alley.

  29. I always tend to think that historical heroes are gentleman and show such chivarlly and yes the tight pants and boots go a long way in helping LOL.

    Beverley love your stories and I look forward to reading this one as well

    Have Fun

  30. I like how the hero acts aloof, but he's actually got a tender side that you eventually see.

  31. I love seeing the different customs and societal rules of different periods and cultures. I like seeing how the hero can go against some of the societal norms and appreciate a woman who is independent thinking and bends the rules so that they are more equal.

  32. What appeals to me about a historical hero is the challenges they face when trying to woo a young lady. So many rules to follow, it was hard to even get a lady alone - but of course they always manage somehow. I love the manners, the clothes, and society in general, the hero can't flout convention too much, or he'll never win a lady's hand.

  33. Hi gamistress66! Thanks so stopping by. I agree, a historical hero knows his way around the dance floor.

    Jeanne M. I agree with you wholeheartedly. What I like is that we the authors, make them JUST that way. It's a lovely fantasy, rewriting history like that and wishing that in reality all the men WERE exactly like that.

    Andrea, I'm glad we concur on that. :)

    Na, ANY man that goes beyond the call of duty, especially in the name had me at Good day, my lady.

  34. ClaudiaGC, I'm with you. I'm all for the rule breaker. LOL.

    Dianna, thanks so much. I hope you get a chance to read it. :) A man taken out by love, is my kind of man.

    Hehehehe. Helena, to me historical heroes are the ONLY men who can get away with tight breeches in that respect. Oh, and look GOOD in them. And I'm so happy you're enjoying my books.

    Jane, you and me both.

  35. Stephanie, that's why I read romance. Seriously.

    Barbara, can I tell you that's the HARDEST part about writing historical romances. I've really come to despise the word 'chaperone'.

  36. I have to agree with Portia about the dashing clothes historical heroes wear (that's why I love to watch period dramas). There is something about the kind of clothes they were that always made them look so neat and formal, in addition to giving them good form. Plus I like the dialogue in historical romances better. Contemporary dialogue is always so jarring to me, even though I engage in it....

  37. I not only adore Beverly's books but The Season is what I consider my personal "guide" for making up my TBR list! Anyone who doesn't know the site should be sure to make it a daily stop!

    To me a historical hero is a man who is strong in his commitment to his country and his title but also recognizes those less fortunate which many nobles didn't recognize as necessary during the that time period. They also nuture the strenth of the woman they fall in love with and even though before they are married they may be rakes once web family is the most important thing in their lives. They not only defend their country whether by serving their country in the military or the House of Lords but also recognize their responsilities to the villages where they live but the other less fortunate in their country. They are strong individuals but let their weaknesses be shown and understood by those they love.

    In my mind for them to be a true historical hero they need to be able to not only talk about what they believe but to be true to the beliefs that their importance in society is to show others by their actions what is the correct thing to do.

    I love Beverly's books and can't wait to read All's Fair in Love and Seduction on my Kindle (which my husband is always disappearing with to read his books).

  38. Historical heroes: usually have a townhouse in a nice part of town, belong to a gentleman's club, hang with a tight group of buddies that get away with wild activities: drinking gambling, whoring (that normally would be looked down upon), usually have property or ties to property in the country (may include a mansion), get into Almack's, are invited to all the important parties,all allowed to be arrogant, austere and remote,look at marriage as a duty to produce an heir, don't believe in love, fight any woman who interferes or challenges any of the above.

    Books sound wonderful! How did I miss you?

  39. Hi Bev! I just finished ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND SEDUCTION last night and can I just say that was amazing!!! The wait was worth it.

    All that horseback riding gives them drool worthy muscular thighs that fill out those tight breeches so well. *sigh*

  40. I never thought about them quite like this before. Now, I can't get it out of my head. Going to grab an historical now...

    Thanks :)