Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quick Six

We were supposed to have a book review posted today but I've been working a lot of extra hours this week and just flat ran out of time.  So, instead, I'm turning things over to you, dear readers, with apologies as I once again run out the door to work.  Let's play Quick Six!

1.  What are you reading?  Have you discovered any books that I should add to my tbr list?

2.  Did you go anywhere exciting this summer?  Have any trips planned for the fall?

3.  Since fall is right around the corner, what do you most enjoy about that season?

4.  We're gearing up for apple harvest where I live.  What's your favorite way to eat apples?  Have any recipes to share?

5.  I'm a life-long, card-carrying, rabid college football fan.  Are you?  What's your favorite team?

6.  I just bought a smoothie blender.  Do you drink smoothies?  What's your favorite smoothie recipe?

BONUS:  Julia Quinn is the keynote speaker at this year's Moonlight and Magnolias conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  (October 5-7)  Are any of you attending the conference?  Coming to the public booksigning?

I'll go first:

1.  I just finished Sweet Deception by Heather Snow.  (Loved it!)  A review will be coming just as soon as I get a day off.

2.  No exciting trips this summer but I'm looking forward to a long weekend at the beach in September with five of my best girlfriends.

3.  I love the crisp mornings and the clean, fresh smell of fall air.  Love the disappearance of summer haze that once again reveals the beauty of the centuries old Blue Ridge Mountains that surround me.

4.  Apples are one of my favorite fruit.  I eat them raw, in salads, in pies, in cider...just about anyway I can get them. :)

5.  For me, the four seasons of the year are winter, spring, summer and FOOTBALL!  I cheer for Michigan State (my alma mater) and Florida State (where my siblings, niece, nephew and sis-in-law went to school)

6.  Love me some smoothies and can't wait to try out new fruity recipes!

BONUS:  Andrea and I will both be attending the Moonlight & Magnolias conference.  We'd love to meet you in person if you plan to attend either the conference or the booksigning!

One randomly chosen person leaving a comment today (U.S. addresses only) will receive a box of books from my romance stash!  



  1. 1. I just finished Awkward, a YA novel by Marni Bates. It was really great!!

    2. I got to go to Anaheim for RWA-completely exciting and my first time in California. :)
    3. I love the crisp weather and the colors of the falling leaves. Always makes me a bit nostalgic.

    4. I love apple cider, and I love eating fresh Fuji apples with peanut butter.

    5. Not a football fan (or a big sports fan in general unfortunately :( )
    6. Love smoothies. My favorite is strawberry, apples, and oranges.

    Bonus: Unfortunately, won't be attending the M&M conference but I am so looking forward to next year's RWA in Atlanta! :)

    1. I love eating fresh Fuji apples with peanut butter.

      Me too! It's one of my favorite snacks. :)

  2. 1. Touch of a Scoundrel Mia Marlowe 2. went nowhere, unless you count frequent trips to library cooling down a bit so can walk more 4. apple pie al mode 5.Arkansas Razorbacks, and Tulsa Hurricanes 6. I like smoothies okay, but dob't drink them very often
    bonus Not attending M&M but love Julia Quinn, got to meet her in June

    1. I have Touch of a Scoundrel on my tbr. How is it?

  3. 1. I am reading A Thread of Grace by Mary Doria Russell. Great.
    2. We went nowhere due to health issues.
    3. The weather is lovely now and cooler.
    4. Apple cake.
    5. Not a football fan or sports either.
    6. I like Mango smoothies.
    I cannot attend the M & M conference due to serious health problems.

    1. Traveler, I'm so sorry about the health issues you are facing. Sending healing thoughts your way.

      Apple cake sounds like something I'd very much enjoy. Do you have a recipe?

  4. 1 - I am always reading several books - LOL - included are "Inside" by Brenda Novak - "Mine to Possess" and "Bonds of Justice", both part of Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling series - "Tempted by the Highland Warrior" by Michelle Willingham and "The Laird's Forbidden Lady" by Ann Lethbridge.

    2. Didn't go anywhere exciting this summer but am hoping to go to Ocean City NJ, even for a day!

    3. Fall is great - love the changing colors and Halloween, especially since my birtday is just three days beforehand - I always had a Halloween birthday party when I was a kid - black and orange decorations and black and orange icing on my favorite cake, an Italian Rum cake.

    4. I don't have any apple recipes - I love them plain!

    5. I am not much of a football fan (yes, I am a heathen - LOL) except if the Philadelphia Eagles are doing well - more LOL

    6. I love smoothies and used to make them a lot - love strawberry and banana smoothies and always love to try other combinations!


    1. Great list of books, Felicia! I don't think I've ever had an Italian Rum cake but it sounds delicious!

  5. 1. I am currently reading "Kat Attalla Special Edition", collection of three of her stories (Code Name Romeo, Murphy's Law, and Homeward Bound).

    2. I have been nowhere and have no plans to go anywhere...except in my mind, I've been to Regency England, Scotland, spent a little time in Waterloo...

    3. The cool mornings and easy sleeping at night - especially after the scorcher of a summer we had here in the northeast.

    4. I love carmel apple rustic tarts!

    5. Not a fan of football.

    6. Not a fan of smoothies either...actually, I think I like football a bit more than smoothies...sorry, I know people love their smoothies, I just can't get past the floaty little bits.

    Bonus - no I am not attending :(, as you can see from question #2 I don't get out much...

    1. I have been nowhere and have no plans to go anywhere...except in my mind, I've been to Regency England, Scotland, spent a little time in Waterloo...

      I was watching Jeopardy the other night and knew the correct response to a clue about a country I've never visited...except in the pages of a romance novel. Love that we can travel the world in our minds through the pages of our favorite books.

  6. 1. I'm reading The Importance of Being Wicked by Miranda Neville. It features an improper heroine and a most proper hero, and I'm loving it. It's definitely one you 'll want to read, PJ.

    2. No exciting trips for me this summer. I hope to get away to the mountains for at least a long weekend in October.

    3. Fall is my favorite season. I love the lower temps, the turning leaves, the smell of chili cooking slowly, the festivals and arts and crafts shoes--all the sights and sounds and scents of autumn.

    4. I love apples, but I prefer the tart to the sweet. My favorite apple treat is fried apple pies, which I resist 99% of the time. Instead I'll eat them in other favorites--Waldorf salad and chicken salad with apples, grapes, and sliced almonds.

    5. I'm a football fan too. I'll be cheering for Georgia Dawgs and Auburn Tigers until they play one another. Then, I'll refuse to watch and prepare for the gloom that will emanate from either my family or a large number of my friends, depending on the outcome. I'll also be hoping for wins for two little league teams, a middle school team, and the Falcons.

    6. I love smoothies. Banana Berry is my favorite, but I like apple cinnamon too.

    BONUS: I can't make M & M, but I hope to be in Atlanta in July.

    1. Adding The Importance of Being Wicked (Nov. 27) to my must buy list. Miranda Neville is one of my favorites and if you're loving the story, Janga it's pretty much guaranteed that I will too.

  7. 1. I just finished Lisa Kleypas' Dream Lake. I'm trying to branch out and read more contemporaries. So although I've not read a lot of them, this one was enjoyable.
    2. No, vacations are not in the budget right now but I have a lot of wonderful memories of ones taken in the past.
    3. Getting together for Steeler football games and my bowling league starts up again.
    4. We have local farms and I like eating them just as they are.
    5. I'm a Penn State fan and I think it's going to be a rough year (sigh).
    5. Don't drink smoothies. I'm more of a coffee or wine fan lol.
    Sorry, but I won't be attending. I hope to some day.

    1. Did you read Rainshadow Road, catslady? I loved both that one and Dream Lake. Of course, I pretty much love everything Lisa Kleypas writes. ;-)

  8. 1. I'm reading One for the Money by Janet Evanovich and having a blast! It's a hoot. I finished the 2nd in Jennifer Ashley's Highland Pleasures series, Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage, and it was awesome! I highly recommend that series!

    2. We went to New Orleans! It was the first time in many years, and we had so much fun! Though it was so very hot, we had to spend most of our time indoors. The malls, though! They have so many malls! My sister and I went into one that was three stories, more stories of parking and on the 11th floor was a hotel. Yowza! We rode up there and by the time we made it our knees were just 'a knockin' ;-)

    3. I enjoy the COOL WEATHER! I loath being hot a sweaty!

    4. Love caramel apples! Apple pie isn't so bad either-- well, except for my hips...

    5. What is this 'sports' of which you speak?

    6. Smoothies! Oh, Smoothie King. How I wish we had one of you in our town... Strawberry is my favorite :-)

    BONUS: Nope, but all who are, HAVE FUN! :-)

    1. I love the Stephanie Plum series! I tore through the first seven books in about three days. lol!

      Yep, caramel apples are pretty awesome. If I'm feeling really decadent, I'll dip them in chocolate after coating them with caramel.

  9. 1. I'm reading Jill Sorenson's "Caught in the Act."
    2. We went down to Philly, but it wasn't a vacation. No plans for fall yet.
    3. Shopping for Halloween candy and decorations.
    4. I like apples plain.
    5. Not a college football fan, but I'm a NY Giants fan.
    6. I do enjoy smoothies, but never made them myself. I like mango and strawberry.
    Bonus: I wish I were able to attend.

    1. I like the Giants! Did you hear that Michael Strahan is likely going to be named Kelly Ripa's permanent co-host on Live!?

  10. 1. I'm reading Tempted At Every Turn by Robyn Dehart.
    2. Went to St. Augustine, FL. this summer and in a couple of weeks going to New Mexico to visit family.
    3. Love the cool weather that comes with fall. It has been horribly hot this summer.
    4. I like to eat apples raw.
    5. Not a football fan.
    6. Don't drink smoothies.
    Bonus: No, but hope you have fun.

    1. Did you like St. Augustine? I lived about 20 minutes from there for several years. So much history there.

  11. 1. I am currently reading Tempest's Fury by Nicole Peeler and Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz (I'm weird, I'm always reading at least two books at a time). Just finished Moonglow by Kristen Callihan... definitely in my top 20 for this year!
    2. I have done diddly squat this summer. It's been the summer of hellacious work schedules and all I've done is work, work, work. Luckily there's an end in sight and I can drop down from 60 to my normal 40 a week... bleh
    3. I love the sight, sound, and smell of fall! I love being able to wear light jackets and sweaters and watching the leaves change.
    4. I love carmel apples :) and Apple cobbler and pie! I wish I could cook, but I've been politely asked not to :)
    5. I'm.... indifferent... to college football. However, I live in a state where normal folks, live, breath and die college football. I can fake it pretty good :)
    6. I love starbucks berries and cream smoothies! Again, why make when you can buy... lol...
    Bonus: No... but I wish I could! Have fun!!!

    1. Thanks for the Kristen Callihan rec. I've had my eye on that one.

      I live in a state where normal folks, live, breath and die college football. I can fake it pretty good :)

      LOL! That's pretty much the kind of family I was born into. I now live in the South where football is just about as close as a sport will ever get to being a religion. ;-)

  12. 1. My recent favorite reads were Brenda Novak's novella When We Touch, and Katy Madison's poorly titled All About Seduction. Both were great.
    2. No summer trips this year. We've been happy not to have a wildfire threaten our house this year.
    3. Seasons? What are they?
    4. Apple coffee cake. Lots of recipes around, the Motts applesauce site has some good ones.
    5. Don't follow sports. at. all. (blame the ex-husband)
    6. Smoothies are great at airports -- you can carry them around and drink at your own pace. Recommend you invest in plain, unsweetened yogurt for a filler; smoothies can be addictive and you don't want to exacerbate any osteoporosis by neglecting dairy products. A friend did that and she got a nasty compound fracture in her leg that laid her up for 8 weeks. Without the osteo problem, it would have been a sprain. BTW, she was in her early 40's when this occurred.

    Susan in AZ

    1. Susan, I'm very happy you've escaped the wildfires also!

  13. 1. I am reading The time in Between by Maria Duenas which is memorable.
    2. the beach.
    3. Weather is perfect.
    4. Don't watch sports.
    5. Smoothies are rereshing and cool - lemon.
    I cannot attend due to work.

    1. I've never tried a lemon smoothie. Will have to look up a recipe.

  14. 1. The Last Renegade by Jo Goodman. PJ, you will want to add this one to your list! So good!
    2. As you know, we went on a cruise this summer. Loved it!
    3. I'm a summer gal, but I like the fall because I get to wear jeans. Plus, see #5 ;-)
    4. I love apples with peanut butter and apple cider.
    5. I prefer pro football...the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, baby! Hopefully they'll have a good year. :)
    6. I love strawberry, blueberry, and grape smoothies. Yum!
    BONUS: Yes! Can't wait for M&M!

    1. Andrea, you know me. If it has Jo Goodman's name on it, it's pretty sure I'm going to love it! :)

  15. 1. I'm reading the thriller Stirred by J.A. Konrath and Blake Crouch (Kindle) and Julie Anne Long's Since the Surrender (paperback.)
    2. I'm currently traveling in Pennsylvania and have a fall trip planned to Los Cabos, Mexico.
    3. What I enjoy most about fall is celebrating Halloween with the grandkids.
    4. I like apples all kinds of ways. My favorite is a biting into a crisp, cool Red Delicious all by itself.
    5. Love, love, love college football. My favorite team is (obviously) the LSU Tigers, but I do faithfully pull for lots of teams in the SEC. Still, GEAUX TIGERS! (Can't say that enough.)
    6. I don't drink smoothies much.
    BONUS: Nope, I'm not attending the conference, but it sure sounds like fun.

  16. 1. What are you reading? Have you discovered any books that I should add to my tbr list?

    i'm currently on abigail roux's cut & run series, gabrielle bisset's son of navarus series and sarah morgan's the prince's waitress wife

    2. Did you go anywhere exciting this summer? Have any trips planned for the fall?

    exciting? since i just home from holiday who gone quite smoothly, the drama is only the minimum, i say it's exciting. though i got sunburn and freezed most of the time.

    3. Since fall is right around the corner, what do you most enjoy about that season?

    i live in two-season country, wet/rainy season and dry/sunny season. we have no fall and winter here..

    4. We're gearing up for apple harvest where I live. What's your favorite way to eat apples? Have any recipes to share?

    i just eat them as they are :)

    5. I'm a life-long, card-carrying, rabid college football fan. Are you? What's your favorite team?


    6. I just bought a smoothie blender. Do you drink smoothies? What's your favorite smoothie recipe?

    not a big fan of smoothie, cause i rarely drink them :))

    ps, i'm international

  17. 1. I just finished A Lady Never Lies by Juliana Gray and LOVED it! Such a fun story with a little twist with two characters. I laughed so many times while reading and I love when an author brings that out in me. Urging everyone to grab this book and dive in!

    2. Went to Michigan with my Dad for a week to our family cottage on Long/Ryerson Lake. We visited with family and had our annual family reunion.

    3. I also have the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding me. :)
    I love hiking in the Pisgah National Forest (Grandfather District). I love the cooler weater, the beautiful colors as the leaves change and like you mentioned, the smell of it all. There is nothing like it.

    4. My favorite way to eat an apple outside of just right off the core is in an Apple Cake. Here's the quick and easy recipe:
    1 1/2 cup sugar
    3 eggs
    1 cup oil
    2 cups self rising flour
    3 chopped apples
    1 tsp. salt
    1 tsp. cinnamon
    1 tsp. vanilla
    preheat oven to 350*
    combine sugar and oil
    mix in dry ingredients
    add eggs and vanilla
    Blend then stir in apples.
    Bake for 1 hour....I normally use two small loaf pans to cook them in.

    5. I'm not into football but my DH is from Pa. and is a major Steelers fan.

    6. I'm not one for smoothies either. It's something about the texture in my mouth. Same reason I can't eat bananas. Love the taste but can't stand the way it feels in my mouth. LOL!

    Bonus. I wish I could attend a conference. What fun it would be!

    1. I've heard good things about Juliana Gray. Will have to give her a try.

      Thanks for the apple cake recipe!

    2. Hi, Leah! Just wanted to say that I adore apple cake too! I usually put the batter in a sheet cake pan and sprinkle a bag of butterscotch chips over the top before I bake it. It helps to retain moisture, and the sweet, crispy butterscotch is scrumptious! It's even better the next day and the next... :-)

  18. I'm currently reading Roxanne St Claire's Barefoot I the Sand. Next up Mary Jo Putney.

    I returned a week ago from a vacation to visit my son and his wife in Arizona at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Beautiful. We also hit Zion National Park- AMAZING VIEWS and HIKES! Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef and Cedar Break National Monument. Utah had so many places to see.

    I love the beautiful Fall leaves especially the red maple trees. Fires in the fireplace, sweaters and jeans weather.

    Macintosh apple pie right out of the oven. YUMMY!

    I'm an alumni of the University of Wisconsin- GO Badgers!... your rival. I also cheer on the University of Florida Gators as 3 of my sons are alumni.

    I had my first smoothie in Spingdale, Utah right outside of Zion Park. The temps were in the 100's!! I had a strawberry smoothie, my son blueberry pommegranite, my husband peach/mango and my daughter -in-law pineapple/coconut. I liked mine the best. It was fruit puree with water and ice no yogurt.

    Unable to attend the conference.

    1. I love Roxanne's writing!

      Your trip sounds fantastic. That's a gorgeous part of the country.

      You're my rival in two conferences! lol!

  19. 1. I'm reading Tin Swift by Devon Monk. If you haven't read Sweet Enemy by Heather Snow, you should.

    2. I went to California for a week in July, and while there visiting my sister, we attended the RWA Literacy signing, among lots of other fun things. I haven't planned any trips for fall, but possibly this winter I'll return to California.

    3. I most enjoy Halloween, it's my favorite holiday and my birthday is the next day. I always have pumpkin pie instead of cake, it's my favorite dessert.

    4. I love to just cut up the apple and eat it in pieces. My favorite apples are Gala apples, they have such a great flavor.

    5. I don't follow any sports, so I don't have a favorite team. If I had to choose a college team, it would probably be something like UCLA because I'm from Southern California.

    6. I do drink smoothies, it's my favorite breakfast on the weekends. My favorite is orange juice, banana, and mixed frozen fruit (strawberries, pineapple, grapes, cantaloupe and peaches), it's yummy.

    BONUS: I'm not attending the conference, but I wish I were.

    1. Barbara, I loved Sweet Enemy! Just finished reading Sweet Deception this week. It's another winner!

      Hope you had a fabulous time at the RWA signing!

      I love cantaloupe but never thought about putting it in a smoothie. Thanks for the tip!

  20. 1. At the moment I am not reading anything. I finished a forgettable anthology and haven't had the time to start anything else. I don't have a "job" but am swamped all of a sudden with about 4 volunteer projects.
    2. We started the summer with a week in Cape Cod for ourselves. On the way up, we visited my sister in VA and my brother in CT. After Cape Cod, we visited my husband's cousins in NH and MA. We then spent a wee in Northern NY with the rest of my family and attended a mini high school reunion. We have another trip planned the beginning of October. I thought hurricane season ended Oct. 1 and my husband who is from Florida never mentioned I was wrong. We now have the first week of in Orlando visiting his family, the second week of Oct. in Puerto Rico, and our first cruise scheduled the third week of Oct. All right in the middle of hurricane season. I am a Red Cross Disaster volunteer, but don't really want to spend my vacation in the middle of one.
    3. Fall is my favorite season. I love the crisp, cool air, the change of the leaves, and watching the birds fly south. I miss Fall in the Northeast, but the Blue Ridge Mountains come in a close second.
    4. I grew up in the middle of apple orchards - literally. Great to walk out, pick and apple, and eat it while doing my homework. I love apple pie. When I make them, I always use a deep dish so I can cram in as many apples as possible. Sometimes I will substitute maple syrup for some or all of the sugar and add walnuts. I usually make two pies so we can have apple pie for breakfast a few days.
    5. I have always enjoyed football. Professional teams lost me a long time ago. Too rough and too much money involved. I still enjoy most college games. There are a few teams that lack the sportsmanship that should be taught and followed. We live deep in the heart of TN Vols country and my husband is a Florida Gator, their most hated rival. We tend to cheer for whomever is playing against TN. We cheer on the Gators. We lived in Colorado Springs and used to go to the Air Force Academy games. They were great fun. I just like to see a well played game with good officiating. It is so unfair for a team to loose because of bad calls.
    6. We love smoothies, but don't make them very often. I guess an Orange Julius could be considered a smoothie. They are our favorite.

    Bonus - Atlanta isn't that far away. Wish I could go. We will be elsewhere, see #2.

    1. Sounds like you've had some good trips! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your trip to Orlando and your cruise. Some girlfriends and I have five days at a beach house in the Florida panhandle scheduled this fall. I'm hoping we don't get cancelled out by a storm too.

      I never thought of subbing maple syrup for the sugar in apple pie. I'm going to have to try that.

  21. Lori fosters new ones
    No trips yet,
    Football whoo, vacation
    Apples in backyard whoo
    Love all footballs
    Ty for the great prize

  22. 1. Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas
    2. no
    3. changing colors of leaves
    4. covered with chocolate
    5. no
    6. yes, strawberry
    BONUS: no

  23. I have been reading everything I could find by Debora Geary, great writer, found her by accident more or less. She has two series about a Witch Community, I have thoroughly enjoyed them all.

    1. I haven't read her, Dianna. Glad to hear you're enjoying the books!

  24. 1. I just finished reading Christina Brooke's "Heiress in Love." It's a terrific book!
    2. My husband and I have spent the summer in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina where we love to hike and visit with family. We head back to our home in Florida next week.
    3. Now that we live in southern Florida, my favorite thing about fall is that it starts to get cooler so we can turn off the A/C and spend more time on our lanai. Fall is our springtime in Florida, so we're out planting annuals and getting ready for the really comfortable season of the year.
    4. I adore apples and my usual lunch is a sliced, crisp Gala apple with peanut butter. Yummy!
    5. I have never been a huge fan of football. I usually curl up where the game is on, tune it out and read!
    6. I have tried smoothies and they are good, however, I love fresh fruit in its natural way so I feel I don't need a smoothie.
    BONUS: I would sooo love to attend the conference, however, it is impossible for me right now. But, do please post lots of pictures and let us know how it goes, OK? Enjoy!