Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Today's Special - - Kat Martin

We're happy to welcome Kat Martin back to the Romance Dish today.  Kat's newest book, Against the Odds releases today and is already pulling in terrific reviews.  RTBook Reviews gave the romantic suspense story a TOP PICK 4.5 star rating, saying "Martin just keeps getting better and better! Her characters have more depth, and her plots are more sinister, as the Against series continues.  Set in the sizzling desert of Texas and rife with mystery, intrigue and twisted family secrets, this entry is sure to earn a spot on any fan's keeper shelf."  I don't know about you but that sure makes me want to read this book! Thanks for joining us today, Kat!  

Two Peas in a Pod
(or finding the right match)
by Kat Martin

When I come up with a story idea, one of the most import things to do and sometimes the hardest is to find the right romantic match for the hero or heroine.  It was easier in AGAINST THE ODDS because I got to meet Alex and Sabrina in Against the Sun, where they showed up as friends of Jake Cantrell and Sage Dumont. 

I liked both characters right away, but it wasn’t until SUN was well underway that I realized Sabrina and Alex just had to have their own story.  They were both larger than life people and their attraction to each other sizzled through the pages.

As AGAINST THE ODDS begins, Sabrina receives an inheritance from her uncle--an abandoned silver mine in the West Texas desert.  Running out of money, Rina is determined to find the mine and make it productive, even if it means putting up with the cocky jet jockey she is determined to dislike but finds ridiculously attractive.

G.Q. handsome and obscenely wealthy, Alex is a private investigator and an ex-Navy pilot.  Alex is just the man Rina needs to fly her safely into the desert in search of her late uncle’s property.  I knew the characters, but I struggled with the story.  Even half way through, I was still finding my way, trying to figure out who the real bad guy was.

The best part was the story gave me a chance to get to know Ben Slocum (Ben’s the hero in Against the Edge), another character I fell in love with as I was writing Against the Sun.

I hope you’ll watch for Alex and Sabrina in AGAINST THE ODDS.  It’s a sexy tale of survival, murder, betrayal, and intrigue that kept me writing far longer than I should have been.  The book is out December 18th, just in time for Christmas shopping. 

So how did you find your perfect match and are the two of you still together?

Have a wonderful holiday, 

Kat is giving away an autographed copy of AGAINST THE ODDS to one randomly selected person who leaves a comment on today's blog!

Title and author: Against the Odds, by Kat Martin
Publication date: December 18, 2012
Publisher: MIRA
Format: Mass Market Paperback, Kindle, Nook

There's silver out there: Sabrina Eckhart is sure of it. And when she finds the hidden mine on that big piece of West Texas desert, all of her financial problems are solved. That is, if she can find it. The man with the skills she needs is private investigator Alex Justice─a former navy fighter pilot and a current pain in the neck.
When mysterious "accidents" start to plague their search, it seems Rina's multi-acre inheritance might be more of a curse than a blessing. And yet, there's still something sensual about the heat...his arrogance...her stubbornness...being thrust into each other's arms by danger...But the vultures are circling, and if they don't watch their backs, the relentless desert sun could be the last thing they ever see.

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  1. Happy Release Day to Kat. I hope Ben's book is up next.

  2. I haven't found my perfect match - maybe that's why I enjoy reading stories like Kat's.

  3. Happy release day , Kat :D

    haven't read any of your book yet, looking forward to read this book soon.

  4. Welcome back, Kat! Against the Odds sounds terrific! I'm off to work (way too early) but I'll be back to play later. :)

  5. Best wishes on your release date!! ...and Merry Christmas!!

  6. Can't wait to read this, wouldn't mind winning it...Happy Holidays!

  7. I met my husband through a co-worker and we are still together.

  8. Welcome back, Kat! Against the Odds sounds like another winner! And I love the name Alex. :-)

    I found my perfect match at work and we celebrate 15 years of marriage next March!

  9. Haven't found my perfect match yet! :) Although in my mind, I have thoughts about many fictional heros! :)

  10. I'm still searching for my perfect match! The real ones can't compare to those I read about. Congratulations on your newest release!

  11. It took me about 15 years of searching before I found my perfect match! We've been together 28 years next April! hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that you enjoy Against the Odds. love ya, kat

  12. I met mine in high school (he was the new kid in town who had traveled the world while I had never left my hometown). I'm not sure he's my perfect match but we've been married for 42 years lol. I've enjoyed many of your books!!

  13. I haven't found my perfect match yet! But I would't mind to have Alex all by myself :3

  14. I did find my match, but some days he drives me crazy. Love kat's books and love, love this series. I am very excited for ben and alexs stories also. Thanks for the awesomee giveaway.
    Christinebails at yahoo dot com

  15. 42 years! that takes courage. perfect match or not, it's can't live with 'em, definitely can't live without 'em. This is Alex's story. Ben is out April 26. (Against the Edge) Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. love ya, kat

  16. Thanks for the awesome post! Please don't enter me, just wanted to say Congrats to Kat on her newest release :)

  17. I never did find my perfect match. I am now fine with that.

  18. Congrats Kat on the new release. I';m looking forward to reading Against The Odds. Thanks for all the great hours of reading enjoyment you've provided through your stories. :)
    I met my perfect match in Jamie Fraser but he's already taken. lol I thought I met my perfect match twice, but not so. :) And that's just fine. Happy Holidays.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  19. congrats for the release!!

    i'm still looking for my one and only, i hope the meet'll happen somewhere in my near future

  20. I have this on on my TBR pile still reading Christmas books ..How many more are coming? Love the series!!


  21. I met my perfect match in high school but didn't realize it. We sat next to each other in chemistry our junior year and that was all. His dad was in the AF and died that winter. When school finished they moved to Florida and I stayed back in Northern NY. We wrote a couple times a year, as I did with a couple of the other AF "brats." We didn't see each other for 7 years. I was in the Peace Corps and he was in the Air Force. I was coming home for Christmas and stopped at a base in CA where my cousin's husband was stationed. It just happened that my future DH was also there for training. My cousin had him over for dinner, he took us our for dinner the next night, and he took me out to dinner the third night and I headed home the next day. My cousin declared him the perfect match the first night. I was interested, but things don't happen that quickly or so I thought. He finished training and stopped by my family home on his way to his new assignment in Maine. One afternoon of visiting and he was on his way. I went back to the Philippines two days later. 5 months later he came for the village fiesta and proposed. No real dates, only saw each other for 5 or 6 days in over 7 years and we both knew it was right. We just had so much in common and "clicked."

    We got married about a year later - I had to finish my tour and he was shipped out for the Vietnam War. It was meant to be I guess. We celebrated our 40th anniversary this past June, have 3 great children and 2 wonderful grandchildren. We are looking forward to enjoying our time together when he retires for the second time.

  22. I love, love your books and I can't wait to read this one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. I love your books and have been waiting for this release.