Friday, October 2, 2020

Review - - Christmas on Reindeer Road

Christmas on Reindeer Road
by Debbie Mason
Highland Falls - Book 2
Publisher: Forever
Release Date: September 29, 2020
Reviewed by PJ

Can the magic of mistletoe bring together two busy single parents?

Mallory Maitland knows all too well what it's like to feel abandoned, which is why she's sworn never to give up on her two stepsons -- her late husband's children. But when the teens land in hot water, she's got a whole new problem: how to resist the caring and incredibly hot Chief of Police Gabriel Buchanan. All Mallory wants is to give the boys a magical holiday. She doesn't need the distraction of wondering what it would be like to kiss Gabriel under the mistletoe.

After his wife died, Gabriel left his job as an adrenaline-chasing New York City homicide detective to focus on raising his three sons. But back in Highland Falls, he doesn't have to go looking for trouble. It finds him -- in the form of a beautiful neighbor and her troublemaking stepchildren. With Gabriel's mother-in-law looking for any excuse to gain custody of his sons, Gabriel can't risk getting involved with Mallory, even though she's the only woman capable of making this Christmas -- and all the rest to come -- his best ever.

PJ's Thoughts:

If this book doesn't put you in the holiday spirit, nothing will. It's like a cozy blanket, twinkling Christmas tree, and mug of hot chocolate - with marshmallows - all wrapped up in one delicious bundle. I adored every single word. 

Mason has populated her fictional community with a plethora of characters ranging from quirky to mischievous to downright meddlesome. I loved some and wanted to kick others off the nearest cliff but isn't that the way in most small towns? I really enjoyed getting to know Gabe and Mallory better, learning their back stories and watching them navigate the numerous - and often hilarious - pitfalls awaiting them. It was also fun to catch up with Hunter and Abby from book one, Summer on Honeysuckle Ridge. And then there were the boys. They made me laugh, made me cry, broke my heart, then filled it with happiness. I fell for all five of them but Gabe's youngest, six-year-old Teddy? He's something special, one of my favorite kids in a romance, ever. He stole my heart...and every single scene he was in.

There's so much emotional depth in this story. It has *all* the feels. Honestly, I just wanted to wrap my arms around these characters and hug them tight. I loved them so much. But, along with the emotion that accompanies some serious issues, Mason has also laced the story with a heartwarming, lighthearted touch. She's an author who transitions seamlessly from heart-wrenching to hilarious while immersing readers in the lives of her vividly and realistically depicted characters. She had me sobbing on one page, snort-laughing on the next, and eagerly looking ahead to whatever awaited me around the next turn. 

I've been reading Debbie Mason since her debut and more than a few of her books have been 5-star reads for me but this one, this one is special. I had already pre-ordered Christmas on Reindeer Road in e-book (because I have limited space) but after reading it - twice - I ordered another copy in print. It's joining my holiday shelf, the one containing those books I can see, touch, and curl up with in front of my Christmas tree every year as I once again revisit beloved characters and lose myself in their journeys to a happily ever after.  

I highly recommend Christmas on Reindeer Road for your holiday romance reading. As Teddy Buchanan says, "This is what love looks like on Reindeer Road." 
Do you have a shelf of holiday romances you reread every year?

What are some of your favorite Christmas romances?

Have you read Debbie Mason yet?


  1. Alread on my list. Thanks for the review.

  2. Alread on my list. Thanks for the review.

  3. Going on the wish list! Loved the review.

  4. I got this as an ARC and then I reread it when it downloaded onto my Kindle. Teddy just wormed his way into your heart and never let go.

    1. Isn't he just the sweetest kid ever? I adored him!

  5. I have a collection of old Signet anthologies, as well as a few other single story Christmas books. I am a sucker for Christmas stories.

    Another new to me author and this story sounds like one I will enjoy.

    Thanks so much for the review. I hope everyone is taking care and staying well.

    1. I hope you like her, Annette. She has a great backlist of books from her Christmas, Colorado and Harmony Harbor series!

  6. I love the extra dose of warmth, hope, and good cheer in Christmas stories. I usually start reading them in mid-November, but given the depressing year we have had I might start any day now.

  7. I have a bookcase of Christmas books. I try to reread as many as possible every year, but so many good new ones come out, it is hard to keep up. this one sounds like a definite keeper. I will just have to be a bit more selective of what I keep.
    I have quite a few Christmas anthologies. During that time of the year, they are perfect for grabbing a quick, good holiday story. I have enjoyed Debbie Macomber's Christmas anthologies featuring her 3 angels. A Christmas book I have enjoyed is Christmas Moon by Elizabeth Lane. It combines several tropes I like including time travel. It is firmly on my keeper shelf.
    Thank you for the review. Stay safe and healthy.
    I have several of Debbie Mason's books on my wish list.

    1. I haven't read Elizabeth Lane. Will have to check that one out.

  8. I do enjoy Debbie's books.

    I have books I bring out at Christmas and reread or just display.